"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."

Thomas Moore

Saturday, March 5, 2011

What one Jenny has been doing while the other Jenny is off with the girls....

With the other Gum Tree Designers are walking the red carpet of Brisbane, I needed 'stuff' to do here at home to keep me busy while I waited for their daily phone calls (and let me tell you they have eaten enough chocolate between the four of them to completely empty Brisbane's supermarket shelves of the delectable sweet for the next six weeks! But don't tell them I told you that....).

I remembered I bought this pack of craft magnets to make fridge magnets...
...so I made a yo-yo style before digging out some bright red buttons, then adding some vintage white buttons, ribbon, and a glass button to make even more! Glue guns are wonderful things. :-)
I recently used the last page on my magnetised shopping list, so more magnets were added to the back of this gorgeous notebook that Fee made me for my birthday, a pencil attached, and a new shopping list maker joined the fridge magnets...
Next it was time to finally (after 3 years) make a noticeboard to hang above my desk. Take one cork board...
...make a padded cover with a favourite fabric (you all know by now that I love bird fabrics, right?)...
...and pop in a beautiful cross-stitched birthday card sent from Canada by my dear friend, Darcey. :-)
Before I cancelled my trip to Brisbane I had finished this birth notice for Fee's new baby grandaughter, Isabelle...
It is a cute Natalie Lymer (Cinderberry Stitches) design that appeared last year in Homespun magazine...
....and I also finished this new version of my Oopsie Daisy Table Runner design, which will be winging it's way to a special friend on Monday. 
I have some Show & Tell photos to share, but will do that later next week, when I also share the next part of my "Give Thanks" BOM. 
Have you been to visit our Gum Tree Designers blog in the last day or so? You should...you can see what my alter ego, "Jenny"....
 ...has been up to with the girls!! Be prepared to laugh, A LOT! I will be giving her a big talking to when  she arrives back home (hopefully with some of those chocolates the girls are gorging themselves on! )
And my last bit of news for today? Mr E and I have been off shopping for a new, bigger, RED bike...

...next Saturday can't come fast enough. :-)



  1. Jenny, I really do enjoy your blog. You make the most beautiful things and have a heart of gold.
    Take care

  2. Jenny, your Brisbane Jeneny had a great time - I personally didnt see her eating any chocolate but she did certainly enjoy all the other treats out on display today - and there was some healthy stuff - but by the end of the morning her little tummy was bulging a bit! You have certainly achieved a lot of the last few days - a lot of enouragement for us to get our act together!

  3. Hi Jenny, You really must talk to the other Jenny - she did get up to some "naughty" antics this morning. Must have been the influence of certain Nutters!! I am sure you didnt teach her any of those things.
    Sure did miss you today, but as you will see, you certainly werent left out of anything. The little green Jenny was involved in it all.

  4. Hey sweety...glue guns are magic things aren't they????? LOL I love what you've done with the magnets and in my fave colours too!!!! What good taste you have!! hehehe.
    I know those gals are missing you something shocking...you'll have to make it an annual event and we'll go together next year!!!! Whadya reckon??!!!!
    I think I can take some ispiration from you with that pinboard...that birdy fabric is fab and your's turned out just beautifully.
    Racy red bikes go faster....you know that don't you??...LOL....you'll be able to visit much quicker now!!!! hehehe
    XXX love ya girl
    hugs and kisses
    Wendy :O)

  5. Wow! You have been busy and creative. I love your shopping list idea. I have a very boring magnetic hanger for my shopping list. It may need a bit of a facelift. I also love your new notice board. Much more stylish. It sounds like the girls are having great fun with your "Mini Me". She is very cute. Keep us posted on the bike front. How exciting.

  6. Of all the prettiness you just shared I cant keep my eyes off the sweet button magnets!

  7. Love the gorgeous wall hanging you have made for Isabelle.
    Love the table runner and the button magnets too.

    OH!! You will be able to go faster on the back of the new red bike. Enjoy.

  8. Jenny,
    Can you tell me what issue the Cinderberry stitches wall hanging was in? I have a new niece and would love to do this. Being in the US a subscription to Homespun is cost prohibitive, but I can spring for one!
    Thanks for your help!

  9. Oooooooo, you have accomplished so much and everything is beautiful! I'm sorry you couldn't make the trip with your friends but the little green Jenny is really having quite a time! Can't wait to see pics of your new bike and hear about all the fun you are having.

  10. When my children were 18,14,12,4 and 2. I bought my husband a moter cycle. We called it Pams dream machine. Even when we went somewhere as a family. The oldest drove all the kids and we went on the bike. We got a little trailer and even went as a couple on amazing camping trips. You are right there is something magical about sitting on the bake of a bike with your arms around the man you love. ENJOY.
    Pam at powensctr@gmail.com

  11. Laura, it is Homespun Issue 89, Volume 11 No 10.
    There is a boy's version as well. Both are just gorgeous!

  12. Jenny , You do our ceative jearts good with all the scrumptious treats you share with us. I wont mention that red bikes go quicker.

  13. Hi Jenny,

    You have been busy (both of you)...I don't know how you do it.
    I love what you have made. I particularly love your new version of your table runner...what is that gorgeous red fabric. I love red LOL
    Enjoy your red motorbike.
    Hugs, Sharon

  14. Jenny, such a shame you couldn't be with the girls but things happen don't they. You have certainly been keeping yourself busy. Your wee magnets look fabulous. The wee birth sampler is a sweetie and yourm Ooopsie Daisy table runner is stunning.
    hugs Deb
    Be thankful all of that choc is not going on your hips!!

  15. OH Jenny, that Oopsie Daisy table runner is breath taking!!! Would you mind if I saved a copy of the photo to my computer to refer to when I make mine? I won't be able to sewfor a few weeks but when I do I will be making a couple of them. I will be stitching though and I can't wait to see your next Give Thanks verse. Hmmmm...that doesn't look like a Goldwing in that photo Jenny...LOL. Have fun shopping. I'm jealous because my hubby will be riding solo for the next two months while I recoup. *sigh* You know, once you get to the motorcycle shop, it's hard to walk away when you spot one you love, LOL. Hugs...

  16. Did I tell you our Goldwing is Candy Apple Red??? LOL Hugs...

  17. Love your magnets, Jenny! What a neat idea. Your inspiration board is gorgeous - I might need one of those too. Love the table runner too! Your alter ego is really having a wonderful time, lol, the girls are too funny!

  18. Red......because they go faster??
    (we have a red car)

  19. Your Pinboard is Gorgeous Jenny I just Love that Bird fabric...
    Your wallhanging for Isabelle is so Pretty as is that New Bike...OMGoodness no wonder you are excited...
    pop on over to my blog I have done a little video of pics from yesterday...You were there in Spirit...

  20. I've been reading about your alter ego and nearly died laughing!
    Red bikes are rumoured to go faster :P. Remember to take your camera on your road trips.

  21. Hello,
    Yes, Mascot Jenny (alter ego)is quite the rave of Brisbane! She is adorable too.

  22. Jenny!
    love the new shiny red toy!


  23. Lovely creations. I Love your table runner


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