Saturday, September 10, 2016

Run don't walk...

Most seasons we take the stresses of life in our stride.
Then a season arrives where it seems that a bombardment of trials, griefs, challenges and attacks are coming at us from all sides. We feel unprotected, unarmed, and overwhelmed. 
These seasons often hit without warning, like an earthquake, so our 'world' shakes around us and we may lose our footing.
Other times we can see the tsunami of circumstances heading towards us and running to hide is the option we look for.

This past week I've received a number of emails from precious hearts who are struggling with earthquakes and tsunamis in their lives, circumstances that have challenged their present and their future, events that have sent them to the very heart of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

On the flip side, this week I've also received a few emails attacking me personally and professionally, each totally unrelated and on a different topic than the other. Sadly, each one was uncalled for and based on false facts, though nobody stopped to question me on those facts before aiming their weapon and firing.

 I was already overwhelmed by some personal and health issues needing to be faced this month, so these emails knocked me when I was already down. 

But this is life, you know. The unexpected will often catch us unawares, not waiting till we are in a good head space, healthy or spiritually strong.

This is why we need Jesus.
This is why we need the Father.
This is why we need the Holy Spirit.

Who's compassionate heart can understand our troubles and carry our prayers to God? Jesus.
Who can wrap us in arms of love and cradle us close to His heart? Father God.
Who can speak the words of healing and strength from God's Word and impress their truth upon our hearts and minds? The Holy Spirit.

Are you overwhelmed?

"Lead me to the Rock which is higher than I."

Run, don't walk.  Leap into the Father's arms and let His words of light shine into your darkness.

Be blessed,


  1. Dear Jenny, I don't know what would make a person turn on you, you are such a lovely and giving individual, with a wonderful and caring heart. Look after yourself and ignore those individuals that only want to tear down what is good. Lots of love, Guida.

  2. Jenny, it amazes me that anyone would find something about you worthy of attack. You are such a giving, loving and talented woman. Unfortunately, there are those who try to build themselves up by cutting someone else down, jealous of an other's success. Please know that you have many caring souls all around the world who think very highly of you, we know the lovely person you are. Please, believe in yourself as much as we believe in you! - Diane in Minnesota

    1. I agree completely. Jenny is a gentle, caring, giving Christian lady who lives her faith. We love you, Jenny!

    2. I agree completely. Jenny is a gentle, caring, giving Christian lady who lives her faith. We love you, Jenny!

  3. You are not alone.

  4. Jenny,
    I am so happy for this post. It has been a very trying week for me. I'm very blessed by your blog and love all of the beautiful things you post

  5. Jenny,
    Please look past those who criticize you and know that your words and designs bring so much comfort and pleasure to so many, me included.
    Hoping that life gets better for you...

  6. Thanks for this beautiful reminder. I appreciate your posts so much. You are such an encouragement to me.

  7. Jenny, so sorry you have had to face personal attacks, you have chosen to show grace in the face of trial. Thank you for posting such a beautiful reminder that we are not alone in our struggles. May you know His comfort and peace, I have to draw on it each moment as I walk this journey of grief. His mighty, unchanging, all loving and we have the right to call ourselves a daughter of the King.


  8. Jenny, your web site is a blessing to me. I have found comfort in the scriptures you post on so many occasions. Tonight I'm in the emergency room with my mom who is very sick. I went to your site and found the wirds I needed. May God bless you for all you do. With love, Linda

  9. The world is changing. I am so sorry you had to receive these attacks - ignore them and put them in the trash.

  10. Mi querida Jenny, su blog es pura inspiración y una gran bendición para mi! No me explico porque alguien quisiera atacarla, sienta mi apoyo por usted. La admiro profundamente! Sus palabras siempre quedan flotando en el aire y me hacen parar un rato en el dia y me ayuda reflexionar. Un abrazo enorme y muchas bendiciones para usted y su linda familia.
    Vicky Dc

  11. Dear Jenny:
    You are an example to follow:
     Good mother, good wife, good abuela. You are a woman many women make us feel proud to say, "I'm a housewife." Your recipes are shared with love.
     A Christian excellent. With your words we get closer to God a little more each Sunday. You make us reflect on what our life is and should be.
    You are a talented designer, known in many parts of the Earth. And how generously you we gunwales us much of your efforts and your work. With your free designs could adorn an entire house, making a nice gift for a daughter.
    You're a great person. I know because you broke through this computer screen and have come to my heart.
    We all have flaws and make mistakes. Often our families and friends who suffer them and forgive them.
    I find absolutely nothing to justify a personal attack on you. Using e-mail, without asking, without showing their faces. That's despicable.
    I do not fear being wrong if I say that all people know about you sincerely appreciate you.
     The others are just two tiny pebbles placed in your way so you can skip them and move on without looking back.
    Thank you for everything you give us and do for us.
    My heart is full of gratitude and admiration for you.
    God bless you every day. Hugs.

  12. There are always those who want to bring you down for so many reasons. Feel sorry for them, they must be sad if they want to make others sad.

  13. Quite ofen mediocrity will attack excellence Jen. Its theirs and theirs alone. Sad but take solace that you don't have that in your heart....hugs xxx

  14. I can't imagine anyone wanting to attack you. Just remember that Satan likes to bring us down and you are a child of the King! The devil can't win against God. Hugs to you!

  15. Your blog was the first one I opened. I woke up in the middle of the night because of all of my earthquakes that are happening to me. I thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you so that we can feel His arms around us. I just found you a few days ago and I never imagined that I would be blessed not only with your talent but more importantly God. I was excited when I saw Francis Chan on your website. We attended his church in his early years in Simi Valley CA. What a BLESSING.
    There are so many that are threatened by the shield that God gives us. God is blessing you while others threaten you.
    Thank you for your inspirational words and commitment to the Lord.

  16. Thank you for this lovely post. Yes, the strong arms of Jesus are what hold us tight always - we just need to ask :)! Those awful attacks to you are totally uncalled for and my heart goes out to you. We too often have to 'swallow' many remarks from 'christian friends' no less. Somehow these people never stop to look at themselves. It is sometimes hard to pray for them, but I keep asking the Lord to stand them in front of His mirror, so that they may see themselves as He sees them and their eyes be opened. This comforts me and helps me to carry on.

  17. Good Morning, Jenny! Oh my dear sweet Jenny, I am so ashamed of whoever wrote you emails and made you feel such dreadful heartache. They definitely do not know you and have not read your blog uncovering all of the special messages, life lessons, spiritual leadings and lessons, family unity and times that seem to stretch us apart but are truly tying knots of security of love that can not be undone. Our Lord has chosen you to reach out to so many of us on our daily walk; you uplift me personally everyday, you teach me something everyday about our walk with the Lord our God and how to make that walk stronger. Plus, you share all of your spectacular designs that are so magnificent and again help daily by releasing stress while stitching, creating gifts for loved ones or someone who just needs a special message. Jenny, I send you all of my hugs, love and laughter today and any day that you need some extra strength to get through a time dealing with people such as this. Thank you for sharing everything that you do! Your daily sharing blog touches me and so many others just remember that as you are facing these others. Have a fantastic creative day!

  18. Dear sister in Christ, Be strong and keep doing what is right. This world truly isn't our home. We are just passing through. BLessings to you and your family.

  19. Very well said. I pray all is going well for you!

  20. So love your post. Sometimes it's really hard to remember not to freak out and go directly to Jesus....thanks so much for the reminder. Frankly every time I see your face, post, gorgeous designs, it reminds me to smile. Everything you do is full of the love of Jesus. Thank you for being you!

  21. Jenny, I'm so sorry that so much evil has crept into your life. I can't understand why anyone would wish you ill. We (your blog followers) have been with you through a lot of crisis and also some beautiful moments too, and never once have I heard you say one word against another. I have been a Pagan for most of my adult life, but over the last 2/3 years you have helped me to allow God back into that life and now I can reconcile my worship of Mother Nature and the Lord and can blend them together , and I thank you so much for that Truth.. As for anything else, ignore these evil beings. Stay steadfast in your belief. We all love you and all I can say about any negative messages, is that they must be poor lonely souls, with no-one to turn to- and they are lost in a dreadful wilderness . How sad that must be and feel. One of your posts brought me back to my Father, and I will always thank you for that for my soul

  22. Jenny, as I scrolled down to leave my own comments, I saw some of the others that had been sent. I can only reiterate them. Though I do not know you, nor likely will ever meet you personally this side of Heaven, I feel a kindred spirit with you. Your work and embroidery are beautiful and I enjoy your designs and tutorials. And your sharing of your faith and spirituality are refreshing in my day. Thank you!

  23. Thank you for all you do and share with us. Keep prayers near as they'll help to deflect the arrows. I hope those with hatred will see the error of their ways and apologize. Stay strong with God.

  24. Dearest Jenny, when I read your post, my jaw dropped and I called out, "What!?!?" DH was in the kitchen and came flying into our family room thinking something was wrong, that I'd hurt myself. I can't imagine anyone even remotely wanting to hurt you. You are an inspiration to so many. I've been on the receiving end of such attacks and first it upsets and hurts. Then I realize those people must be so very miserable and unhappy, my heart and prayers go out to them. I know you will treat them with kindness and a gentle spirit. Because that's who you are.

  25. Thank you for your thoughts and reminding me of this verse. It's one of those that is the same in KJV, too! It's so easy to get caught up and forget there IS a hiding place, a place of comfort, a place of solace.

  26. There is no understanding people sometimes and I am sorry this has happened to you. I will keep you in my prayers.

  27. I am sorry to hear anyone would think to harm you, I love your posts and am so happy you choose to share your wisdom and love of God with us all. You never fail to uplift me with your beautiful words and your gentle pointing to such important scriptures.

  28. Jenny your blog is so inspirational and you have reminded me so many times of our Saviors love. I am sorry for the negativity you received. Just remember, the enemy is there to criticize and destroy. Just move on and know you are an inspiration and blessing to so many of us. Another sister in Christ, Patty Mc

  29. Dear Jenny,
    I cannot understand how anyone would want to cause you harm. They must be very unhappy people to want to distress you. There seems to be a lot of this going on here as well. Thank you for all the kindness and sweetness you bring to our lives, Jennie.

  30. Hi Jenny

    Reading all the many encouragements from all those who have responded to your blog is an amazing testimony to so many people who have been blessed by your kindness and generosity in sharing of not only your patterns but of the sweetness of your heart.
    Be encouraged that your supporters far outweigh those negative voices!
    It is disappointing to hear of those negative comments but it is good to hear that you have drawn strength from our Saviour and His words which always provide us the strength that we need in negative times.
    May God bless you always


  31. It is tragic that anyone reading your lovely blog would find anything to criticize you about! You are the kindest and most loving person I have ever "met". Please know you are loved by so many and we are behind you 100%. I told you once of a burden on my heart and your response was so kind it brought me to tears. You called me "darling" in your response and it was like I had received a note from my mother who passed away years ago. God bless you Jenny. You are priceless!

  32. I am not very good with words but I just wanted to let you know that I look forward to your inspirational and uplifting words in your weekly post. They are like a quick little sermon that gets me through the week. I am so sorry for the unkind messages you have received. Obviously, these people do not know you well. I thank the Lord that I have found your blog and have been able to learn from you both spiritually and "sewingly". Thank you Jenny for all you do and for being a gracious blog friend. Love you and God Bless you! Wendy

  33. Very unpleasant experience Jenny, makes one wonder why some people feel the need to send such messages as you say they don't know you but it is very obvious you bring so much joy in many ways to many people all around the world with all you share as well as teach. Thank you for your blogs and beautiful designs, so much can be taken/gained from your blogs for so many different readers in all good ways. I also admire your way with words and your beautiful photos so all the best is wished for you Jenny, hope this month is a good one for you and your family, Judithannx

  34. Reading the messages above from those who know you, love you, and even keep you in their hearts and prayers, brought tears to my eyes. The sentiments are so caring and very sweet. There is nothing I can add to them that will bring anything more of value so I just raise my song those already sung and wish you every happiness with your precious family over these next few days. Diane xx

  35. Jenny

    I will use what my dad use to say never let the bastards get you down because if you listen to the rubbish they spin you lose power to them. Gutless wonders who send nasty emails are beneath contempt Jenny. I you admire as a person for your positive life affirming common sense that you put into your blog and I enjoy your designs as I move more into patchwork and quilting myself.


  36. This came at such a time as this.... My mama had a heart attack on September 2nd and slipped away on September 11th. It has been a rough couple of years taking care of her and another family member who died just one year ago. I said to my husband a couple of weeks ago "I'm just so tired of this!" but by God's precious love and strength, I go on. I do what I can and He gives me strength to do way more than I thought I could ever do!

    So thankful for people like you who remind us that there is something so much greater, so much more glorious than this present life. We strengthen one another. Be at peace, my friend, and draw on your Source!

  37. Hi Jenny,
    I thank you that your blog is a source of joy and Christian witness to me and many others. Your work is an inspiration and a practical demonstration of ways we can all share our faith. Thank you and may your work continue to be blessed.

  38. Hi Jenny,
    I'm new to your site, the Lord lead me in the right direction. Your work is so beautiful God picked you to make us ever so happy, And my prayers are with you & family, Keep up this site thanks so much
    Sincerely, Linda Lafayette from Maine.


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