"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."

Thomas Moore

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fresh stitching...

I've found great comfort in slow and methodical hand embroidery this last week. It's so natural to my fingers that I can lose myself in thoughts and prayers, whilst still bringing needle and thread to life.
Mostly I have worked on this sampler, and as it's not my design, a whole part of my brain has been left to rest and simply enjoy the stitching of something lovely...
Only five and half letters left and it will be ready to frame.
Do you find hand stitching soothing to your soul?
A project for  the next issue of my magazine has all the embroidery done...
...and other projects are traced or appliqued, and ready for my waiting fingers to stitch.
These will be so pretty, and I know you love pretty things as much as I do!
I've also made some projects for other magazines that will be published later this year, but I'll only show you sneak peeks of them.
This one is for Patchwork & Stitching...
On our ride to Cooktown last year we got to know a really lovely couple, Anthony and Helene. They are Kiwis, living here in Australia for a few years, and members of our local Ulysses Club - in fact Anthony was our Club President until last month.
Sadly, they are leaving us to move to Cairns. Boo hoo. :-(
Last weekend they came for dinner, and though Helene is not a stitcher, she took great delight in looking over my sewing room and some of the things I've made...
Helene told me that Anthony's twin sister Vickie is a quilter in NZ, so I want to send a big hello to Vicki and her friend Sue.
Hi, girls! 
Helene wasn't sure you'd believe she was here with me, so we took a photo with my Elefantz banner.
Now if you're ever over my way, please drop by for a visit and some stitching time. :-)
Helene bought me a bouquet of Australian natives, which Miss Sophie thought she's guard. 
She's also decided that my "Things We Love" quilt is her property too!

What have you been stitching lately??


  1. Oooo Jenny I just love your recent designs for the magazine, very pretty, and that alphabet is gorgeous.

    Lynn B

  2. I love your stitching Jenny. I'm glad it is helping you come to terms with the loss of your friend. Still in my thoughts. Hugs....

  3. That alphabet stitchery is just gorgeous! I am so pleased to hear that you found comfort in stitching. Angel hugs.

  4. Your right, it is lovely and so delicate.

  5. Oh yes, stitching is soothing! It helps to calm my spirit and ease the tensions of the day. Sending hugs from across the pond...

  6. You are so right about sewing - it certainly de stresses me most times. Some lovely projects coming up ...

  7. Stitching definitely sooths my soul. To the point that I get itchy when there is nothing to stitch. Even if it is just a little flower.... I've been stitching loads of flowers lately! LOVE the sneak peaks!

  8. Oh Jenny, Your sampler is so beautiful. Everything is gorgeous, how I wish we would get those Australian magazines here *sigh*. Ah well, it's not like I don't have anything to work on, LOL. YES...stitching in my comfy chair or on my deck where I can watch the hummingbirds dance around my feeders puts my mind at rest, it is like a healing time for me when I stitch and when I work in my sewing room. I to lose myself in my thoughts and prayers as I work with my hands. I'm so glad you took time to rest you spirit with some stitching that came with no pressures, just pure pleasure and peace. Keeping you in my prayers, Big Hugs...

    ** I've been going to ask, did Junes issue of Elephantz Home get sent out? I thought perhaps you had not released it yet. More Hugs...

  9. Your stitching is perfection.
    I would definitely stop at your house if I ever went down under. :)

  10. Hallo Jenny, What a lovely visitor and you must enjoy those lovely letters, the colours and the design look are just so nice! Still stitching a quilt by Lynette and finished an embroidery by Marie Suarez, so nice but very small stitches so have to be very focused!

  11. Your alphabet stitchery is beautiful Jenny. I'm looking forward to seeing it when you've finished all the letters. And your coming up roses, is gorgeous.

  12. Ciao cara Jenny, spero tu stia un pò meglio. Questo alfabeto è stupendo e ho acquistato il modello per farlo.
    Grazie per aver mostrato questo lavoro e un anteprima dei tuoi nuovi progetti. Da quello che ho visto sono meravigliosi, aspetto di averli presto! Un grande abbraccio.

  13. Hi Jenny. Your stitching is just amazing - the alphabet is so beautiful. I have seen the design myself but am not brave enough to have a go. Looking forward to seeing it all complete and framed up. I find that any hand work such as stitching, quilting or knitting is very theraputic. Happy Stitching. GB c x

  14. A Beautiful Charming Delightful Elefantz Finish (almost finish)...my version of what A,B,C,D,E,F stands for. :o)

  15. Oh, Jenny! Those letters are just lovely!

    I finished stitching small flowers on a piece of fabric which will be the bodice of a dress for a new baby.