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Thomas Moore

Monday, June 9, 2014

Making Wishes...

Saturdays have taken on a new rhythm; a relaxed flow that relieves business stress and brain drain, gently refilling my joy-bank.
Mr E works at the dining room table, which is merely steps from my sewing room with it's permanently opened French doors, allowing us to be together yet also doing our own thing. We casually chat through the day, stopping occasionally for coffees and snacks, then return to our individual endeavours.
The fact that it rained the last two Saturdays actually adds to the mellow atmosphere, though it does play havoc with my photos.

This last Saturday I felt like taking a break from hand sewing so I printed up the first six blocks from the Fat Quarter Shop's "Wishes" BOM and dug through my tub of old Denyse Schmidt prints....

Because this free BOM is already half way through I thought it wise to do the simplest blocks first in order to catch up quickly. Four blocks stood out as fitting that criteria, and over the course of an afternoon they each came to life...

"Block 1 - Flying Kite"

 "Block 4 - Broken Dishes" 

"Block 5 - Log Cabin"

"Block 6 - Susannah"

When I was first learning to piece blocks everything I read told me to press the seams to one side as this strengthened the seams of the quilt through years of use and many washes - but last year I began to press all my seams open because I personally find it easier for me to machine quilt later. I know it goes against the 'quilting grain of protocol' but sometimes you need to be brave and do what works with your own needs and skills...

Do you press your seams to one side, or press them open?

The free "Wishes" BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop is over HERE in case you've missed it. All the blocks are available to download from that page.
I love the finished layout...

Whilst this BOM is completely free, there is a donation button in their sidebar because the Fat Quarter Shop are sharing this design as a vehicle for raising funds for the Make A Wish Foundation - hence the name of the quilt, "Wishes".

It's a public holiday in my state today to celebrate the Queen's Birthday, and it's still raining, so I might just head off and cut the pieces for those fiddly blocks 2 and 3.

Have a blessed and refreshed day!

jenny x


  1. I have just started pressing open after YEARS of pressing to one side. It was a hard habit to break! I think it really depends on the block. But I do find my tops are much more even, sometimes that side pressing leaves so many layers in certain spots. Jenny, I don't know how you get done all that you do. I'm excited to start the stitchalong!

  2. Oh what a fun and colorful quilt. Thanks for the info on it. Great job on your blocks. I press to the side as I was taught, but I can see how pressing open would leave less bulk.

  3. love your blocks and fabric choice Jen, I mostly press my seams open, cheers Vickie

  4. Das gibt sicher ein wunderschöner Quilt, tolle Stoffe hast du verwendet.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

  5. Nice blocks Jenny. I always press to one side as when machine quilting I very often ditch quilt though the main lines of the design to stabilise before adding the fancy stuff. Enjoy your day. xx

  6. Your blocks look so perfect! Love them all.

  7. Jenny, I love your blocks and the fabric you chose. I press to one side , because that is what I've been taught to do, too. But, I really like the look of the open seams on yours. I'm sure the block lays flatter that way, too. Your sewing day sounds just heavenly!

  8. Your fabrics look great in your BOM. As for pressing I go to the dark side. I am a handquilter so that makes it far easier for most of the lines. I want to start your Lord's Prayer so I don't dare start this as well..but...
    Have a lovely day.

  9. Look fabulous.Have playing with your fabrics!!

  10. Oh Jenny what fabulous project you are working on. Love the fabrics you are using.

  11. Hi Jenny--wanted to let you know that I finally finished my Shabby Roses quilt top--
    it is pictured on my blog site!!!!
    love the quilt you are working on and those fabrics--
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  12. You are so inspiring - So many things are filling my mind! My dining table is full of scrapbooking and my bag full of sewing and last night I sat down to knit a scarf for a present. Hubby looked at me and just rolled his eyes!

    1. Oh Jenny, I laughed so hard I spilled coffee!! LOL!!!

  13. Thank you for sharing Jenny, your quilt is looking lovely and can take a few more tips from this post, also can see some of the blocks ideal for beginner and to use in smaller projects. Thank you and enjoy your special Saturdays, Judithann :-)

    1. Can relate with Jenny S above post, just like here these days, mind racing with ideas, physically unable to keep up and funny how it all multiplies, especially after sales trips to craft shops and finding must do great ideas on blogs, you and your blogs are very inspiring Jenny . Creativity is that what it is called. Have to laugh. LOL, Judithann :-)

  14. You've made great progress Jenny - and those fabrics are gorgeous - in fact they are Shining!!
    I am currently making the blocks for a Quilting Gallery sampler quilt, some of those seams I am pressing open for the reduction of bulk, others i am simply pressing to one side... it's certainly an issue of clear opinions!


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