Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A pear down, and a pear to go...

In October last year I shared my progress making THIS Pastel Pears table topper, and how I'd fussy cut the appliqued pear blocks...

All the blocks were pieced into the completed flimsy and I was sure that it would be quilted and gracing my table 'very soon'.
But...you know how life steps in, and other projects catch your attention? Well, this pretty flimsy has been patiently waiting for the last eight months so on Sunday, with rain still preventing Mr E and I from embarking on a mountain photo adventure, I got to work!

(a dreary day so forgive the rather dull photo quality, ok?)

Quilted and ready to sew down the binding...

All done!

Those fussy cut pears really added something special to overall finish of the table topper, which got me thinking about a certain Denyse Schmidt fabric I'd used the day before in the 'Wishes' quilt.

I pulled out a piece of old linen and the green floral DS print, found a scrap of red pindot fabric, traced more pears and leaves, then set to work on making four placemats...

I get a lot of lovely comments about my hand stitching skill but I doubt you will be praising me about my first attempt at free motion raw edge applique. Previously I've done a little raw edge, but not free motion. Boy this is different!

I used the darning foot so I could see where I was going, and without the feed dogs to 'grip' the fabric I was away on an unfamiliar journey with my machine! Honest, I laughed and laughed!
For a moment there was the consideration to unpick it and do what I know and blanket stitch applique around the edges by hand for a neater appearance - but then I thought why not leave it as is? So I did, and I'm glad.

Some simple running stitch around the pear made all the difference...

I actually quite like it now! And don't you love the fussy cut flower spray?

Life is about learning, and I have a lot of learning to do when it comes to free motion quilting. 
Of course, it's not a priority for me, but it is something to play with on another rainy day, just for fun.

And now I have three more placemats to finish...and it's still raining...

The birds have taken to perching in a flock all along the power lines out front of our house during this unseasonal wet weather...

Princess Sophie watches them with interest...

...a little too much interest, perhaps...

...and the rain continues to fall.

So I stitch.

The pattern for the Pastel Pears Table Topper is free online HERE at All People Quilt.


jenny x


  1. Wow, I really like your pear creations! I just came in the sewing room to select my fabrics for The Lord's Prayer & now I have another project! Your generosity is exceeded only by your good looks & charm.

  2. Wow Princess Sophie - intense girl - intense!

    Love the fabric for the Pears table topper! - then more fabric love for the placemats!
    So lovely!

  3. I love both of your pear creations.

  4. Really delightful pear of finishes. Princess Sophie is so pretty.

  5. Cute, cute, cute!!! The table topper is adorable - bet it feels wonderful having that finished and ready to be used!! ... And the place mats will look gorgeous all together - very sweet already, but they'll just come alive when all four are ready to use!!! Well done sweet Jen!!! xx

  6. Very cute! Just a little tip - when I do raw-edge applique, I usually go around it twice and deliberately cross the lines. Then people think I set out to make it a little wobbly! Thanks for all your beautiful designs!

  7. Oh, thank you for the pears.....I adore pears. And the view out your window is just lovely. Right now my sewingroom is upside down.....new paint, baseboard, crown molding, shelving systems and when hubby is done it may take me weeks to get everything back to normal. Oh heck.....there is no normal with me......:-)

  8. Table topper and placemats look great! Love the fussy cut pears, it adds that something "special". That is exactly why I don't do free motion quilting. LOL Enjoy the rain while you can. I love to be indoors on rainy days.

  9. FMQ needs practice and practice and ....a an abandoned attitude!

  10. Simply beautiful! I love those pears....and it looks like it was made special for your "make do" pillow :) Princess Sphie is delightful! I love cats :) They're such snooty precocious beings!

  11. Just love the pears and your princess Sophie too :-))

  12. Oh my goodness! The pears are so pretty. Love, LOVE them!!

  13. Jenny, I love the pears!! I really like the green and red ones!!

  14. Look at the VIEW from your sewing table! How amazing. Those pears are gorgeous, I especially love the contrast of super-neat hand stitches and free machine stitches running alongside each other, so beautiful. x

  15. Dear Jenny, I thank you for the things you show on your blog, the patchwork, the colours, the quilts, the pictures of nature, animals, the bird en the cats... and above all your faith!!.... it is all so full of love and that's why I love you.
    Hugs, Rya Lucas, Holland

  16. Olá Jenny seu trabalho é simplesmente lindo !
    Amei essas pêras ,as cores o boradado tudo lindo.
    E também gosto muito quando você mostra fotos de sua casa beijos.

  17. your pear table topper is just lovely! Good for you for trying something new with the free motion embroidery. A little tip on that - if you go round the shape 2 or 3 times, it gives it more of a sketchy quality and the wonkiness of the lines (which happens to everybody) looks more like it's supposed to be done that way.

  18. I love your table topper, so so pretty! I must admit I have never tried free machine applique except on an arty piece in which case the wobbles are deliberate! It takes a lot of practise to keep straight. Love the way the placemat has turned out though. xx

  19. Love both your pear creations Jenny, and love the handstitching around the outside of the machined pears, I think they look great, can see on tea towel too, love the fussy cutting thank you for sharing your work and ideas, more to add to my growing collection. Working on another special 70 next month so thinking of appropriate handcrafts, an abundance of ideas, as well as the mandetory sweet lavender bag, and tote, mmm, endless ideas. Love your photos and the wet and cool so good for indoors and craft, Judithann :-)

    1. The cooler weather certainly gave us a break from about 8 months of HOT, which revives the creative spirit, Judithann. :-)

  20. Love the pear quilt! the fabrics are beautiful, and just perfect for this project.


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