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Thomas Moore

Monday, March 9, 2015

Answering a question...

This is just a quick Monday post to answer Lynn's question which was left in a comment last week about the red KITCHEN hanger that displays my Vintage Kitchen wall quilt...

It's an inexpensive Kaisercraft sign (about $4) used mostly in decoupage and papercrafts, but often painted and displayed as part of a vignette of items on a shelf.
I painted mine red with one coat of good acrylic paint...

...and Mr E used his trusty drill to attach these frame hangers along the back of the sign.

It's wonderfully effective isn't it?!

I have another one I'll be playing with soon...

These MDF words were purchased at my local Spotlight store, but most craft shops will have them, especially paper crafts stores.
The brand in Australia is...
There is a monsoon forming in the Coral Sea and that has triggered another migraine. I'm on day 2 at the moment, heavily medicated, but having a lucid moment (hence the quick blog post) with stronger pills.

A quiet day is ahead, and probably some sleeping.

May your new week overflow with goodness,


  1. Hope your migraine goes away soon! Changes in weather do not seem to impact my migraines, but they do sure increase my body pain! It's tough when you are at the mercy of the weather to determine how you feel. Again, I hope you are better soon!!

  2. Oh, dear Jenny, I hope you are feeling better quickly. I did the same with one of those signs from Spotlight with the word family on, painted pink, to hold a quilt with stitcheries on. Praying.

  3. I am so sorry for you having another migraine. I do know the pain and dysfunction. Healing Energy for you dear. Your "Kitchen" hanger is brilliant. Blessings and I am soon to catch up for being gone.

  4. yep, that kitchen hanger is marvelous! So sorry to hear you're in pain dear one, as always I am praying for you!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Jenny, I hope that your migraine is starting to abate. Migraines are just plain ugly. Your work is beautiful and such a gift. I hope the weather lifts and you are soon pain free.

  6. Dear Jenny - hope you are feeling better and migraine is getting better. You are so creative. Just love getting my daily fix from your blog. thank you for the inspiration you give to us all out here in cyberspace. Thank you. Get well soon. Glenise

  7. Oh Dear and now you are having a migraine. My turn to pray for you. Hugs I hope you feel better soon.

  8. kitchen hanger is a delight to behold...

  9. Hope you feel better soon. Those migraines are awful. I felt one coming on last night but took some pills and it zapped it right away. Love all your work!
    xx Beca

  10. Oh Jenny, I suffer from migraines and mine always are triggered by weather changes, feel better! Thank you for the lovely post!


  11. I hope the meds keep the worst of it off, but here's to a quick dying down of the cylone itself and getting back to better weather. I love your creative effort with Mr. E. =) I'll check at Hobby Lobby for something along those lines.

  12. I love the material you used to back your quilt with. It looks like a 30's print. I was able to get the fabric you used for the panels. Thank you very much for the link. I am going to have to keep an eye out for KITCHEN. Jim would also help me out, as your wonderful Mr. E did. Dearest Jenny I just don't know what to think about your migraines. I know how debilitating they can be. I suffered also for decades. I found relief though. Oh how I wish you could too. You will be in my prayers.

  13. Thank you Jenny--for the kitchen source. Hope you're feeling better!


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