Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What you can do with the Simple Alphabet Sampler...

Next week the members of my Stitchery Club will receive their March patterns, but this month it's a little different than usual because it's one extra large pattern with a couple of smalls that compliment it...

If you look closely you can see that the individual sampler monograms are mostly sewn with backstitch, with scattered touches of lazy daisy, satin, French  knots and running stitch...

There's really no exact way to stitch the letters of this alphabet because if you don't like lazy daisy petals, just sew straight stitches, or continue on with your backstitch (you'll see examples of this further down). 
You see I wanted this Sampler to be simple - the kind of design where even a newbie to embroidery can say, "I could do that!"  and enjoy a wonderful sense of accomplishment as she progresses through the design.

So what can we do with this Sampler?
Well, you could border it like I did and hang it proudly anywhere in your home...


OR, you could use one of the two 'frame' patterns included with Sampler to create a single letter display...

 I used one of my own tutorials (here) to sew a fabric window around the T and made myself a pretty door hanger...

I also have a gathered frill tutorial (here) if you want to make something similar...

Another idea is to embroider the second of my bonus 'frame' patterns around individual Sampler letters before displaying inside a real frame...
 ...or perhaps just stitch a lone initial inside a tiny frame and use as a fridge magnet.
I made this one for Blossom (Elizabeth) as part of a housewarming gift...
Have you a lovely scrap of fabric that could use some embellishment?
I cut a piece of linen from the front of a recycled shirt because it had intermittent patches of white machine embroidery that looked perfect for a family themed project I had in mind!
Scattered amidst the white pattern of the linen are initials of family members, plus small portions taken from the Sampler pattern (like the ladybugs and birds) that added more interest to the piece...

 I displayed my finished stitchery on a padded frame I made a while ago, just pinning it with pretty hearts...

As you browse through the photos below you'll see that I've occasionally used straight stitches instead of lazy daisy for petals, and also straight stitches instead of satin stitch for the small buds on curled stems...

I stitched Mr E and I together... M & J forever...

What about stitching complete words?
Because the style of these sampler letters all blend together they will look beautiful displayed as a name or in fun projects!

I stitched SEW and BAKING.
'Sew' will become a little wall hanger for the sewing room. See how I've added one of the Sampler birds at the start of the word? It gave the completed project that little extra 'pop'...

...and 'baking' has become my newest kitchen towel!

Are you inspired to play with the Simple Alphabet Sampler?!

It's only available to Stitchery Club members who sign up by March 16th HERE.

I will not be selling this as an individual pattern until 2016.

Have a wonderful day!
I'm having coffee with my sweet Blossom-girl this afternoon so I'm already excited about Tuesday...



  1. Hi jenny,
    Is it possible for you to send this months stitchery early as I am going on holidays on Friday and would like to take it with me.
    Jean Nash

  2. Hi Jenny,
    I decided to take the plunge and joined the Stitchery Club.I do a!it of counted cross stitch but very little embroidery. Looking forward to this.

  3. Looks wonderful Jenny! I liked the letter stitched on the gingham background, and I love that you used a piece of linen that was already embroidered and added to it - super.

  4. The Club pattern will not be written, formatted, proof read (by four others) and had corrections done until the 15th, Jean.

  5. beautiful ideas
    thanx for sharing

  6. Hi Jenny, I look forward to receiving this months stitchery patterns - I thought I would love to stitch it as a sampler (for myself) but also make a teatowel for a friend with either "baking" on it or her name perhaps. LOVE it all :-)

  7. Gorgeous work as usual. Love the tea-towel.

  8. Beautiful ideas! My fav is the one on the blue checked background.

  9. Another wonderful embroidery...I'm so glad I found your blog...you've inspired me in more ways than you know. God Bless.

  10. Love the re-use of the stitched cloth! Lovely patterns, hugs

  11. Another beautiful pattern to look forward to this month. Sounds like you are feeling better, hope you enjoyed your coffee with Blossom :)

  12. What fabulous ideas, Jenny! Thank you. I can hardly wait to get my hands on mine! Next Year of Jenny Project.

  13. Very very pretty and sweet.

  14. Hi Jenny,
    I hope you are doing well. I've recently come across your lovely site and I am love!!
    I've scoured the site, craftsy, and the web in search of your "Simple Alphabet Sampler" to download and I haven't been able to find it anywhere!!
    Is this pattern still available?
    Thanks & have a blessed day!
    ~ Jessica

  15. Hi Jessica,
    I'm moving house at the moment, but once we're settled I will relist the pattern in my shop. :-)


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