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Thomas Moore

Sunday, October 2, 2016

"Gentle Domesticity" BOM - Block 10...

It's a few days early, but here is block 10 of my 2016 Gentle Domesticity BOM ready for you to download! I'll be offline until mid-week so instead of making you wait until I'm back I thought giving you the design now would be a treat. 

Making time to mend was especially meaningful for me this past month when my dear daughter Anita came to visit with her own little girl, because it had been 14 years since our last embrace. She was a wild and broken 17 year old back then and I was homeschooling our two youngest offspring on no budget while Mr E completed a University degree.
Love had never been our problem, but understanding and taking time to dig deep was indeed the challenge. 
What happened in both our lives during the ensuing 14 years is ours to keep close to our hearts, but the thing we'd both like to tell you is that it's never too late to reconcile, forgive, listen and MEND.
It can be hard, painful, and revealing, but it's also the most wonderful thing to experience. 
Never give up, and always invite God to guide you on the path to reconciliation.  
Enough said. xx

Mr E will spend the next few days setting up my new laptop and transferring all the Elefantz files across from my current "old and rapidly dying" laptop which I will miss terribly as it's been my 'right hand man' for many years now.

But this means embracing Windows 10 as well...oh dear, didn't like the free version and reverted back to Windows 7 on the old laptop but now I have no choice. I have to 'get with the program' asap. Ugh!

So while my beloved sets up a new Elefantz laptop and operating system I shall be putting pencil to paper for some new designs, and begin working on something special for November.

You can download Block 10 for free HERE in my Craftsy Shop.

Craftsy is another thing which has changed, much to my dismay. To find the new block you will need to choose the 'Newest' option on the drop down tab along the top right of my shop page (or scroll and scroll).

NOTE: I'll be removing a number of my patterns (both free and purchase) from the shop once I've got the new laptop up and running so if you see things you'd like now is the time to get them.

 Have a blessed and peaceful week dear friends,


  1. Thankyou so much for block 10 of this beautiful BOM. It is so lovely to know how far you have come with you daughter and that your hearts can now rest easy. It must have been so hard to deal with at the time. Being a mum of 2 daughters myself, I can imagine how awful it must have been for you. Children do not realise how much of our heart and soul goes into mother love and we can only hope that they come to the realisation when they have children themselves. Angel hugs.

  2. Love the birds! I tried for about an hour to download block 10.... No luck! I like the old craftsy.... I will try again tomorrow.

  3. Your little birds are so beautiful, I can't wait to start this block. It's also lovely to hear your story about your daughter. I too have two beautiful girls and we did have some moments while they were growing up. Daughters can be such a blessing so I'm happy that you have found peace.

  4. What a beautiful block.... thank you Jenny! Christine x

  5. Thank you for this lovely pattern. Hope all goes well with your new PC. Guida

  6. So glad you and your daughter had this chance be together, what a hug! Love the new design, they are always such a delight. Good luck with all the new electronics, here's hoping that it is much easier than you are anticipating. - Diane from MN

  7. Dear Jenny

    Thank you for Block 10. So pretty, so "Jenny"! :)

    I thought I was being an old fuddy-duddy, but the "new" Craftsy is not an improvement. It takes a lot more clicking and a lot more time. Why do they always fix things that aren't broken?

    Glad to read of your daughter's visit. Nice of you to share the mending story.

    B from Canada

  8. It's a beautiful block and timely reminder of what's important. I couldn't get the block to download from Craftsy. I hope they fix the problem soon. Good luck with your new iPad.

  9. I suppose it's unfamiliarity, but I'm not crazy about the changes to Craftsy. I can't see my patterns in the same way I used to, but on the plus side, I can click to have just one designer show up - if I scroll through the long list of people from whom I've bought only 1! You are the queen - 188 patterns bought or given by you. Thanks for this latest one, and your words about mending. It just goes right in with all that's been said at the General Conference this weekend.

  10. I can get your block 10 pattern into my Craftsy Cart , but that is as far as it will go .... Can't download and print.....

  11. Thank you for another lovely block.

  12. Thank you Jenny for another lovely design, a wonderful reunion for yourself and Anita, the years pass so quickly and it must have been a very difficult time back then for both yourself and Anita and all your family, and now another beautiful grandchild to cherish as well.
    Wishing you all the best, also with your new computer. Judithann :-)x

  13. I got block 10 to download... Had to use my newer iPad..old one would not work with the new Craftsy. Thank you for your lovely stitchery.

  14. Hmm....verdict out on the new craftsy, but can tell you I don't love Windows 10 but far more used to it now with my surface. Happy playing with your pencils. love the newest block!

  15. Thank you very much for another great and sweet block. Anita is your daughter . And there's always love between mother and daughter. No matter how long you two are away because life is like that. Now, that is better, closer again. I'm glad for the two. God Bless you and your beautiful family. Hugs.

  16. What a blessing that you were able to spend some time with your daughter after so many years. So glad things have worked out for both of you.

    This new pattern is lovely!

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