Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cleaning inspiration!

It's Friday night, and to celebrate the end of the week I made an apron. My kitchen drawer has a number of boring old striped numbers, way past their use-by date, so I had the urge to make something new and bright!
As I didn't have a pattern I played around with the shape of one of my old aprons - it has always fit like a glove so it was a good place to start.

This hot pink fabric has been in my stash for a while, but the gorgeous paisley print was leftover from my recently made Bohemian quilt top.
I made a little heart flower for the bodice, added lime ric-rac for a stem, and gave it nice big double pockets. This was my first time with machine applique (I always hand-applique) - just right for projects that will be washed over and over.

I asked Blossom to model the apron but she persuaded me to model it for you instead. There's something about a bright, new apron that makes you want to cook and clean. I wonder if I make one for Blossom she'll feel that way too???

I'm thinking of making some more for Christmas gifts - help spread the cleaning bug. ;-) Some matching pot holders, coffee pot cover, or a tea cosy would be cute. Actually, these sort of gifts are so simple really, and they don't cost a lot. But most importantly they are made from the heart!

Here are a couple of my favourite apron blogs :
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God bless, and happy sewing!


Bec said...

woo hoo! I love aprons! Your new one looks great! Your house will sparkle and shine everyday as you won't want to take your apron off! Thanks for the apron blog links - will check them out shortly.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Elizabeth made you model your own apron - you look gorgeous - especially LOVE the slippers!! :-)
Now why only make one for Elizabeth?? What about the menfolk of the house?? I'm sure they would look absolutely adorable in pink aprons!!
Tee hee....
Fiona :-)