Monday, October 27, 2008

It's in the bag!

One of my favourite fabric designers is Anna Maria Horner, and after I finished my Bohemian quilt top I still had quite a bit of her Bohemian range of fabrics to play with.
After looking through a gazillion bag patterns on my shelves I decided to have a go at designing one myself............

I'd never attempted the frill before but today was my day to jump in with both feet and try - I should add that it took me two years to build up the nerve to make a prairie point (!) but that's another story. Today the frill did not defeat me and I'm really happy with my new bag.

Slowly I am working through my drawers (and drawers and drawers) of fabrics. The plan is to not buy any fabric for a long time, and just see what I come up with using what I already have. I even sewed together scrap pieces of wadding to make this bag and you can't even tell!

Happy sewing!
God bless,


Myra said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. 8-)
I found your Disappearing 9-Patch quilt top. It's wonderful...left a comment there too...
I have vowed to see what wonders I can do with my stash too, but first I need to rid myself of all my UFOs...
3 UFOs done, start 1 new project, back to UFOs, and another new project...only problem is, the new projects turn into UFOs eventually!!! LOL! Tis a viscous cycle I tell ya!!! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Joanne said...

I'd love to try prairie points ! Have been for a long time :)