Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bags, bags, bags...such useful things!!

My plan to make as many projects as I could from Amy Karol's "Bend the Rules Sewing" before returning it to the library on Monday came undone on Friday with the arrival of a doosey of migraine, one that left me bed bound for 24 hours. Finally, about 8pm last night it took leave and I set straight away to making these easy, but fiddly, little purses.
The patterns in Amy's book remind me of of the Pirate's Code (if you've seen Pirates of the Caribbean you will know this!) - 'they're not really rules, more a set of guidelines'.
So with guidelines laid out I made smaller purses that hers, cute little things to hold my migraine medication or for Blossom to keep her own personal things; those things that need a safe little place in your handbag, not to be left to float mindlessly along with all the other contents oft forgotten in the depths of a woman's hand luggage.
Blossom mentioned that she has always loved this lime fabric (after the apron, and the bag lining, I still have more!) so I used it for her little purse. The lining is in orange floral btw, but I forgot to photograph it open.

Mine is in black and whites, with just that touch of red ribbon for spunk. This was left over fabric from a quilt I made Blossom for her birthday last May. I used black and white polka dots for the lining this time.

And, indeed, I am totally hooked on the bags from Amy's book! I cut the fabrics for a shabby chic copy of the purple bag I made the other day - I have sweet pink velvet ribbon this time. If I have time this afternoon I'll whip this one up, then I have a couple more to make for friends.

I'm thinking of using these two fabrics for a larger sized one. What do you think? I'm torn between soft and feminine or bold and bright these days!

In the midst of this frenzy of Amy Karol fever I still have Christmas gifts to make....I just keep being sidetracked. Naughty me. :-)

God bless!

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Chari said...

I think I want Amy Karol fever, too! :) I found the book at one of our libraries! I can't wait to see it. Thanks for the recommendation and the three girls are going to love this book.

In Sunny Northern California, USA