Saturday, November 1, 2008

Finally finished!

The Christmas Sack is finally finished! It's so much larger in real life than it appears in the pattern can see from Blossom holding it (and she is a good few inches taller than her mama) that it will hold an awful lot of lollies come Christmas.
Can you hear my family whooping with joy!!???

The opinion of the male contingent in our family is that it looks more like an elf's hat than a Santa sack.
What do you think?

I loved the added accents of tiny rusted bells hanging from the prairie points, and the huge (LOUD!) bell at the bottom. No-0ne will be able to steal lollies quietly.

Each year I make one new Christmas decoration and the sack is this year's, but I have a few UFO's floating around that are Christmas themed so I may pull them out and see if I can clear the backlog of partially made items ......orrrrrrrrrrrr I could start something new?

God bless your stitchin'!!


  1. Wow......It looks fabulous.....The stitichery looks great and the choice of fabrics co-ordinates well

  2. I thought you were making a tree skirt out of that!! LOL!!
    That is very cool! I have never seen anything like it!? Is there a story behind such a bag?

  3. I hadn't thought of that - it DID look like a tree skirt at first! idea. ;-)
    Not sure where Helen Stubbings got the idea from, but it's not something I'd ever seen before.


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