Thursday, April 23, 2009

More news on Shabby Roses and Wonky Houses!

What did you decide to make with your free "Mother" embroidery? I finally decided to sew mine into a heat sack cushion - do you have one of those?

Just fill a calico bag, about 4" x 8" with grains of wheat (some people use rice I think), stitch the end closed, then heat in a microwave oven for about 90 seconds. This is where the pretty "Mother" heat sack cushion comes in handy.
* Put the heated calico wheat bag inside the "Mother" cushion,
* button it up,
* and lay it across your weary neck (all that quilting and sewing can give you an aching neck, can't it!?),
* or across the bottom of your back (all that cutting of fabric and bending over can bring that on),
* or under your feet in bed on a cold winter's night....mmmmm...perfect. :-)

And if you keep watch on my blog I'll be having a giveaway for this sweet heat sack in the next week....I might even add in something extra from my Shabby Roses designs stash. ;-)

Did you choose your fabrics for the Shabby Roses quilt BOM yet?
I add a couple more to my pile - what do you think of them? Blossom (who left me with very teary eyes after writing this) doesn't like the bright pink paisley print but I do. I think it adds some depth, and the colours match perfectly with the threads I chose - DMC 92, 99, 471 and 3865.

I've almost finished Block 3 for the May 1st release, but I am re-doing blocks 1 & 2 as well - so that my quilt blocks all make sense. You can see I've chosen the small print from the Flirt fabrics as my applique choice.

And what else have I been doing????

Putting together the Wonky Houses wall-hanging of course! I'm showing you how I will be laying it out in the final month's pattern download (May 9th) but I decided you might like to see a preview now, perhaps helping you choose your colours.
Every fabric used in each border is from a 2.5" strip - so raid all those scraps you've been saving and choose lots of lovely 2.5" pieces and strips. I got to use some bright and cheery Mary Englebreit fabrics with mine, as well as a few snippets of scraps I had that matched.
This afternoon I'll be stitching the words "Home Sweet Home", then quilting and binding in the next day or so.
Now keep watching my blog because I am going to have a surprise Wonky Houses giveaway very soon!

Oh, have a pop over to Jane's blog - she made the first Shabby Roses embroidery for her sweet grand-daughter - it's very pretty!

Have a wonderful day!

PS: Oops, forgot to say, you cut your background fabrics for blocks 1 & 2 of Shabby Roses 8" x 10.5"


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, that is a super idea for a heated sack cover. I had not thought of that. Yes I use one, all the sewing does make my neck hurt. The wonky house design you have made looks fantastic. The bright colours are so interesting. I cant wait to finish mine off. xxx.

Béa said...

Wonderful ! Have you, please the yardage requirement for Shabby roses quilt( at least for background) Thanks Béatrice from France

Vicki ♥ said...

Thanks Jenny...your Mother Heat pack looks just lovely. I love your choice of fabrics too for the Shabby Roses blocks. Very very nice :)

barb's creations said...

I love the fabric you've chosen for your BOM.I'll start organising my background fabrics and fabrics for applique and the threads.So much to do and so little time.I may have to pinch some time from the house cleaning duties......what a hardship that would be but I suppose I'll have to sacrifice it for the good of my health hehehehe :) Barb.

Vickie said...

Oh woman what exquisite work you have is jus sooo very very clever..I love your selection of fabrics for your shabby roses(just wish I could have that kinda stuff-but it just don't go with me).Your wonkies layout look awesome...aww teary eyed indeed what a lovely post Blossom wrote..
hmm no mention of the thumb or the wrist so I am HOPING it is painfree..kinda yeah?
cheers Vickie

Cattinka said...

Thanks for the news, I´m always glad to read a new post on your site.

liloca, liloquinha said...

Não vejo a hora de terminar meus bordados ... E vou fazer a sua colcha com rosas.

Unknown said...

Love your fabrics that you've chosen for the shabby quilt, quick question. The measurements you've given for blk 1 and 2 does that allow for shrinkage with stitching, or will these blocks be cut back later? I can see why you ended up teary, what sweet words from a daughter who obviously loves you.

Susan said...

Thanks for all the lovely boms here. It keeps me inspired. I love your wonky houses and have done all three and cannot wait for the last. Once again thanks for the new Shabby Roses bom, so soft.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Linda, blocks 1 and 2 will be trimmed back to 6.5" x 9.5" after embroidering - this will give you a 6 x 9 inch block after seams allowance. :-)

Bea, I'll have the yardage for the stitched blocks later today. :-)

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi Jenny!
I think that one of your heatpacks would be the perfect Mothers Day gift! :-) What a great idea!

The fabrics for your Wonky Houses BOM are divine. I am loving what you do! :-)

Warm (as a heat bag) wishes!!!
Vikki x

Allie said...

A heat pack, great idea! I've always used rice because, well, I've always had some on hand, lol. I love the fabrics you've picked for the Shabby Roses quilt. I haven't picked mine out yet. I'm still working on my Wonky Houses, I need more floss! I'm going "shopping" at my girlfriend's tomorrow for more. I need to pick my fabrics for the houses too. I love the brights you picked, perfect! I adore Mary Englebriet.

Anonymous said...

So lovely! Love the pinks. And am excited to see the last Wonky House :o)

Simone de Klerk said...

Jenny, the Wonky House quilt looks amazing! I shall really have to start this one! And your Shabby Roses - Beauties indeed. You are so creative and so generous to let us have all those wonderful patterns. We will be celebrating mother's day on May 10th, so maybe a nice present for my own dear mother. Thank you once again!!!

marleen said...

danks voor de bom wonky houses said...

I have just come across your blog and LOVE your little wonky houses.
Where can I find the pattern?
Peggy in NJ, USA