Friday, April 24, 2009

Some yardage for Shabby Roses BOM

I have finished the design for my Shabby Roses BOM! It's very pretty, very feminine...and as some others have commented about the first two blocks, it has a lovely romantic feel to it.

I'm still working out yardage for all the pieces, but I can tell you that you will need 1 YARD of background fabric for the 12 embroidered/applique blocks.
This will be cut into 6 blocks of 8.5 x 11 inches, and 6 blocks of 8 x 8 inches. You will trim the blocks back after embroidery/applique is done.

The finished quilt will be 50 x 51 inches, and this will be an 8-month BOM, starting May 1st and finishing with the last block on December 1st - you could have it all stitched for Christmas! There are 6 large blocks and 6 small, so some months you will receive the design for one block, and the next you may receive two smaller designs.

Now, off you go and buy that background fabric....



  1. oh jenny, I cant wait. xxx

  2. Hi Jenny, I cut the first two blocks 8 by 10.5. On Wednesday's post that is what you mentioned at the end and what you sent me. I have done the applique. Is this size going to be okay or should I start over?

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  4. Quero fazer um trabalho bem lindo!!!
    Obrigado pela sua disposição de dividir!!!!!

  5. It's fine Carrie! You are very experienced and will not need more. I gave the slightly larger block cutting measurements to allow for those who are new to stitching (some followers are) and may pull the stitchery a little tight as they go. Having that little extra size will help them when the block is cut down for stitching into the quilt. Make sense?

  6. ya salgo de compras gracias sos un amor

  7. OK thanks Jenny for the infos !

  8. This is so exciting.... I have to do your BOM, even though I´m already working on 6 of them this year, but the new one will replace "wonky houses" so I should manage.
    Bye for now

  9. Oh my gosh you've been busy! I haven't been able to check up on everyone much this week! 8-(

    Your Wonky Houses look great! very colorful! 8-)

    Love the fabrics you are using for your Shabby Roses BOM! I don't think I've see those here? Blocks look per usual! 8-)
    Sounds like you are all set for this BOM too! Good for you! 8-)

    Happy stitchings!

  10. Guess what I'll be doing this weekend??? Cutting out background fabric of course! Thanks for doing this Jenny.I love the blocks you've already designed and can't wait for the rest :) Barb.

  11. Did I miss the directions and patterns somewhere or are you still working on that? Do you have to sign up ahead of time to do the BOM? TIA, Jeanne

  12. Jeanne, I had already shared the first two blocks as simple embroideries, but was persuaded by these lovely ladies to make it a quilt.
    The patterns for the first two blocks are available through my blog, but I will be re-releasing them next week in the fabrics I am using for the quilt. Hopefully by Monday I'll have the *new* patterns for blocks 1 and 2 ready for downloading.

  13. THAT is what I'll do this weekend. Pick out my fabric. It's too hot to do anything else!

  14. Getting the fabric ready now :)
    We are so lucky for you to be so generous Jenny and thank you for these beautiful blocks and I just know the rest will be as equally beautiful.


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