Sunday, April 19, 2009

An answer for Judy

Judy in Michigan asked about the silk threads and stitches I used on the original two Shabby Roses blocks (and the remake of the 2nd block in pinks).
I used backstitch, a very simple stitch usually, that was lifted to exquisite when done with silk thread. Here are the threads originally used - Cascade House - but I did find them very difficult to use as they twist constantly so stitching was much slower than when using DMC cotton threads. Then I tried the Edmar rayon threads, and again they look beautiful but still the stitching is slow and fiddly with twisting. I don't know about the weights, Judy, sorry! I picked up the threads from a friend who uses them in her Brazillian embroideries, all because I liked the look of them and wanted to 'play'. ;-)
These threads are definitely made for the much slower and more complicated Brazillian stitches, and I am assured they are beautiful to use in that way. As I am making these blocks (and new ones I've designed) into a BOM quilt for my blog readers I'm switching back to DMC stranded cottons - easy care for washing, not as expensive to use, and much quicker to sew when doing simple backstitch.

I hope that helps, Judy. :-)

I've already finished a new block, with another half-finished! I wish I could show know how it is with BOM's.



Vickie said...

but intriguing minds will also read..ok steaky beaks..nosey parkers..very interesting all the same..gee whizzacz I would be stitchin at a real snails pace if'n I used them fancy threads..I'll stick too the hares pace and me dmc..oh done some more blocks have we hmmmm-that hand betterah still be good tomorrow teeheee teeehee,
cheers Vickie

Judith Tetley said...

I've just had a lovely visit to your blog Jenny. Your work is gorgeous and you are so generous to share your designs.
Many Blessings

Judy in Michigan said...

Thank You Jenny for your answers to my questions. I feel honored to have a blog post with my name on it!! I will absorb your information and work hard to duplicate your beautiful work. Thank you very much.