Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wonky Houses and Shabby Roses updates!

It's only 3 weeks until I reveal the final block in the Wonky Houses BOM (are you excited? I am!), so I thought perhaps you'd like to see the layout for the final wallhanging - perhaps this will help you with visualising how each block will be placed and whether or not you'd like to use your blocks in the same way.

And as a bit of a teaser I am giving you a tiny sneak peek of Block 4.

I am so excited by how enthusiastically you have embraced my Shabby Roses blocks!! THANK YOU ladies!!!
It's a privilege for me to see you make the stitcheries your own, and today I am sharing with you Mila's...

and Amanda's!
Aren't they lovely!!

Now...a Shabby Roses quilt.
I've spent a lot of hours thinking this through and working out the best way I can grant your wishes. ;-)
It seems to me that the best way is to make it a Block of the Month (BOM), and to begin it on the 1st May, then each month on the 1st I will add another block for you to download. I'm not sure how many months yet, but I'll let you know next week when I finish the pattern planning.

Because the original two blocks will now be a part of this quilt I am going to re-stitch mine in fabrics, threads and colours that I want to use in such a quilt. In the first versions of my Shabby Roses blocks I used silk threads (which are so elegant!) but I don't think they are best for a quilt that will be used and washed (as all our quilts are), so I'm going to use DMC threads this time.

For my fabric choice I will be using more of the Michael Miller "Crystal" as the background for the embroideries, and for the applique and other areas where I'll need fabric I will use fabrics from the "Flirt" range by Robyn Pandolph. I've long loved this range and now I can use it for something big.

I used one of the "Flirt" fabrics to re-cover the cushion in this bedroom chair (Blossom painted it white for me) so a quilt to match will be wonderful!

The quilt will be a lap size, but there will be a few smaller embroideries repeated through the quilt, as well as pieced blocks, that you could use again in more rows or borders if you're after a bed sized quilt. Really, you should be able to tweak it to suit your own needs.

Are you excited? I am nervous!

Have a lovely weekend,


  1. Congratulations for your blog. You do a few really beautiful things. To be able to correspond I have had to get into a translator online, since my Englishman is not very good. Because of it I ask for excuses you if not this one written well. I know you for Mila's blog. Already I have put you in my blog to visit itself. Less badly that you have the translator. Kisses.

  2. YOU BET, I'm excited, dear ! How generous and sweet of you. Can't wait starting that quilt ;>)
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart !
    (and DON'T be nervous, dear : you are so much talented!)

  3. Wooo Hooo of course I'm excited!Bring it on I can take it...I can you know!
    Thank you so much for this lovely opportunity to create such a beautiful quilt.I'll have to start going through my stash and heaven forbid shopping for fabric.... LOL what a hardship that will be.Now I just have to extra sweet to my dear friends so they can send me copies of each of your BOM's as they are put on your blog.I have such great friends here in blogland :) Barb.

  4. Hi Jenny, can't wait to start. i love the designs you have done so far. Hugs, Jeanette

  5. no se ingles pero me encantan tus trabajos, quisiera saber como hacer para anotarme en el BOM, mi mail es gracias

  6. Oh goody goody! I look forward to this BOM Jenny! Hopefully I will be caught up on things around here to start... sooner than later! 8-)

  7. I love your idea for setting the wonky houses blocks, it will set them off beautifully. I love the idea for your quilt design - though I will get frightfully impatient I'm sure.

  8. I love your stitchery patterns. I found it interesting that you used silk thread for your stitches. What weight is the thread? and it looks like a running stitch?? Perhaps you could elaborate on your stitching method? Thank you and keep your creative mind humming. We all appreciate your work.

  9. YAYYY!!!!!!! I started my wonky houses [LOVE them] and can't wait to get started on the roses. Don't be nervous - look at all the responses you've gotten, everyone loves your work!

  10. Thankyou so much for doing the quilt-I can barely wait!!!!!Excitement!!!! cheers teri

  11. Wow go girl!! I am looking forward to your beautiful quilt and it will be I just know it :)

  12. oh look at that sneaky peek you cheeky woman...showing them nicely stiched even stitches up soo close-that setting is too straight for wonky houses LOL..good concept you have there...cheers vickie

  13. Jenny, I am worshiping their embroidery, are very beautiful. The cushion was divine.
    Thank you.

  14. Your Shabby Roses quilt sounds so beautiful! Cant wait to get started! Thanks for the patterns!

  15. Yahoo!! I am very excited. I will be looking for some pretty background fabric tomorrow. Thank you so much for sharing.

  16. Hi Jenny
    Great that you have decided to take on the quilt idea. Good on you for giving it a go, even though you are a bit nervous! Are you planning on having a little icon with your block of the month link so that we can put it on our sidebar?
    Now that you have decided to go with the BOM quilt I really will have to go and start stitching them... I will have to catch up on all of my other ones that I'm behind on as well!! I have so much homework to do for my studies at the moment so it may have to wait a little while... but I'm keen!

  17. Hi Jen....I found this blog and they have your Wonky Houses on good is that :)

  18. I love those close-ups. Your embroidery is so fine!


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