Friday, May 15, 2009

Amanda's Wonky House Wallhanging

Have you finished all 4 Wonky Houses blocks yet?

Amanda has not only finished the blocks, but finished the wallhanging! Isn't it gorgeous in the purples and blues!?

What colours will you be using in your wallhanging?
Or will you make something different like Bev's funky cushion?

Today I am going to clean up all the mess I've made this last week with stitcheries, templates, patterns, fabrics and threads! This is the downside of some point you have to clean and tidy. ;-)
Maybe I should design some little fairies who love to run around behind me straightening my mess....



Bec said...

They both look fabulous!
Congratulations with your etsy store!
Bec xxx

Bev C said...

Hello Jenny, if those fairys have a spare moment they can come and tidy my sewing room. Have a great weekend.

manda said...

Hi Jenny! You need to go here -

and have a look. To see the cahir backing I'm talking about in the post, just scroll down a few more posts!
Thankyou, Manda. xx

Sew Useful Designs said...

Good afternoon Jenny! :-)

When you're making those little fairies, do you mind if I borrow a couple to help me clean up too?!!

Have a great day - and a fantastic weekend!

Big hugs!!!!
Vikki xoxoxo

Allie said...

Wow, those are both great! I love them! I'm going to stitch some more in a bit, after I finish blogging.
I hate cleaning up. I can never find anything again.

Country Nanny said...

Hi Jenny, I received your Oopsie Daisies pattern. It's gorgeous and I love Daisies very much. They're my favourite flowers.
Thanks to be such a great designer! With your talent (I think It's a gift of the almighty God)you make a lot of people so happy!
Hugh and kisses, Elisa

Anonymous said...

Both wallhanging and cushion are super, I have yet to finish off mine. naughty me, I got sidetracked. Oh and send me those faeries to clean up the rest of my house

Eilleen said...

Thank you for your wonky house. From France

Myra said...

Great finishes! 8-)

If only we could have tidy fairies running behind us.... 8-)

CindyMae said...

They are both great! I love them!

Vickie said...

helllllllllo..woohoo Amanda 's wonky blocks look super...mine are pinned together..hmmm wondering if I may get some time later on to do some more.....need a fairy to come and do the ironing arghhh ok stop dreaming I go..cheers Vickie