Sunday, May 17, 2009

Denise's Wonky Houses!

Don't you just love how Denise has finished her Wonky Houses? She stitched the blocks in redwork, then set the blocks in this beautiful wallhanging as a gift for her mother.

Denise, what a beautiful gift for her, and what a gift to me. To see how others can take an idea I have and make it their own is so special! I love it. :-)

This weekend I have been busy working on a new project, but wouldn't you know it, my hand is hurting again because the tendonitis has returned. I'll finish this project in the next couple of days and then I'll go read a book so I can stop myself from picking up a threaded needle for a day or so. Well, that's the plan. ;-)

I wish you could hear my family in the background - they keep singing the winning song from the Eurovision Song Festival, "Fairytale". Congratulations Norway!! :-)

Did you choose the winner?



  1. Take care of your hand, nothing worse than a stitcher who can't stitch!!

  2. I'm so proud You like it!
    Thanks, thanks, thanks again and again.
    Take care of You, We need to read You!

  3. Take care and rest your hand, xxx

  4. Take care of your hand! We want those projects to keep coming :-)

  5. I´m working on the wonky houses too, not long and I will send you a picture. And..... don´t do to much stitching, it really isn´t good for your wrist!

  6. Your houses look wonderful done in redwork! And I like her layout too...that's kind of how I plan to lay mine out when I finish stitching them. Take care of your hand!

  7. It must be truly special to see other do your work! She done a fantastic job on it! It is just gorgeous, I just simply love it!

  8. WOW! It looks fabulous in the red thread and alternate arrangement!

  9. These houses are so cute. Hope you are taking care of your hand :-)


  10. Take care of that hand. It can so easily turn into a chronic pain so rest it for awhile.

    Blessings Gail

  11. Jenny, you take care of your hand, you don't want to overdo things and mess it up for a long time. Love the Wonky House quilt, the colors are so yummy.


  12. Hope your Hand is feeling Better...Lovely to see someone else's Interpretation they Look Great in the Redwork...
    How's the reading coming along...
    take care

  13. Wow, nice job! They look great in redwork and that fabric is perfect!

    Dear girl, PLEASE slow down - do not do yourself a permanent injury - take a big break, then lots of small ones when you're stitching. We want you well!

  14. Look after yourself Jenny! If you get into the Twilight books then we won't see you for dust for a few days... but then hopefully your hand will be feeling heaps better! :-)

    Lots of love and healing wishes,
    Vikki xx :-)

  15. Sorry to hear about your hand. I can relate! I have looked at the other entries of the wonky houses and they are all so great. Everyone is so creative. Take care.


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