Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just chatting about this and that...

Thanks so much to everyone for your concern over my hand! I am truly humbled once again by the kindness and compassion of fellow stitchers world-wide. What a lovely community of friends you have become to me!

Well, I thought I'd show you how I chose to display block 2 of Vicki's BOM! You can get a better picture of the fabrics used in the block here, and because they are not cotton I chose to frame the block instead of using it in a quilt or hanging. Unfortunately the photo does not capture the twinkling of the Swarovski crystal on the butterfly as the light catches the frame, but it is so pretty here in my living room!

If you haven't started Vicki's BOM yet, make sure you go to her blog and have a look - the blocks are so pretty!! She has a giveaway at the moment too, so be sure and enter!

Speaking of Vicki, I came across this cute bag she had published in Homespun a few issues back. Did you know that Vicki has had quite a number of her designs published in various Australian craft magazines? She's such a talent! I wonder what she'll design next? She's just begun to sell her patterns and you can purchase them through her etsy store.

I was busy this weekend with a secret project. Here is the tiniest peek...but if you want to see the rest you'll have to wait a few months. It is to published later this year in Country Threads magazine!!

Did you know that you can download gorgeous wallpapers from the Country Threads website? This has been my wallpaper for months now, and I love it so much I can't imagine ever tiring of it. There is definitely a Shabby Roses look and feel about it, don't you think? Suits me perfectly! ;-)

The lovely Deb posted me my missing issue of Homespun a few weeks back and as promised in my original post to whomever could help me procure that issue, I made a little something for her. I wasn't going to show anyone, but she asked if I'd be putting a photo on my blog, so here it is. The Shabby Roses bookmark!

Would you like me to share this design with you? I could do an alphabet too, then you could stitch any name on it.

I'd better go and take my almost 15yo daughter out for a capuccino. She's been working hard doing some autumn cleaning through the house for me and there's nothing like coffee by the beach with your best girlfriend. :-)

Have fun stitching!!


  1. I absolutely love, love, love the shabby roses bookmark! I'd love the design and alphabet...what a wonderful gift!

  2. I agree with Sherri...LOVE the bookmark. Enticing little sneak peek too. Congratulations your project being in a magazine.

  3. Good morning Jenny! :-)

    Ooh, I don't know where to start! First of all - CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so looking forward to seeing your mysterious project in Country Threads!!

    Your shabby roses bookmark is DIVINE! Love it!

    I'm so pleased too that Vicki is selling her patterns, and I have that bag on my "to do" list along with Vicki's BOM! You are both incredibly talented designers, and lovely ladies too! :-)

    Hugs! Vikki xx

    ps. My word verification is "dingizat" - how awesome is that!! *giggle*

  4. Lucky daughter to be spending some precious time with mom. Love the bookmark.

  5. Or perhaps I should have said lucky you to be spending some precious time with your daughter - just you two?

  6. I would love to make the bookmark! You are so kind Jenny! Your work is always lovely and I always enjoy your posts. I'm off to check out the wallpaper!

  7. I really like your bookmark, what a great idea and what a lovely little gift.

  8. The bookmark is really cute. And congratulations with having your project published. I must see if I can get that here:)

  9. Love the shabby roses bookmark. Be lovely to make & give as gifts. Have my wonky house blocks finished.Searching for fabrics to make it up now.Hopefully this week. Making a start on Shabby Roses this week too. Hugs, Jeanette

  10. What a wonderful quick gift your bookmark would make, it's so pretty. Hope you enjoyed your outing with your daughter.

  11. A great present, I would be glad if you published the alphabet, one could embroider for all friends a bookmark.
    I have your three Shabby rose blocks already ready and wait on more.
    Lots of love from Berlin/Germany from Siggi

  12. I'm new to your blog, but every time I come here I'm so pleased I found you. I love the book mark and would stitch it for friends.
    That sneak peek looks sweet, I wanna see more.
    Thank you for being you and I hope your hand is better soon so you can stitch more beauties for us to drool over.

  13. Jen how awesome are you :) Thank you for your lovely comments and also a big congrats on having your beautiful design published. I am so happy for you. I too love your beautiful bookmark and would love to see the Alphabet too. You are so clever!!!

  14. Hola guapa¡¡¡, paso a decirte que ya he bordado el ragalo que me as hecho cn mi nombre, lo tengo puesto en mi blog, espero haber quedado a la altura con el bordado y que te guste, MIL GRACIAS OTRA VEZ Y MIL BESOS.

  15. What a gorgeous bookmark!!! Lovew it. Can't wait to see your project in CT ... congratulations you clever thing :o)!!!
    Joy :o)

  16. You're going ahead in leaps and bounds - from free block of the month to selling patterns to now being published. You'll be famous! I love the bookmark, so simple but really stylish. Congratulations.

  17. Hi Jenny, That is a very beautiful picture in your lounge and also the wallpaper for your PC. I love the bookmark and yes please, I do hope you will share the design and the alphabet. Congrats to you, and enjoy spending time with your daughter, they grow up way to fast. xxx

  18. OOOOOHHHH yes, yes, yes, I'd love a bookmark design for my name too! It's so pretty!

  19. Share away! It looks great!

  20. Jenny that stitchery you did looks lovely in its frame. I can't wait to see your secret project, I'm going to get that magazine if I have to travel to Australia to do it, lol! I adore the bookmark you talented woman you. I hope you enjoyed your time with your daughter!


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