Friday, June 26, 2009

7 and counting...

The days are passing. I keep waiting for a natural rhythm to these days but it hasn't appeared and I imagine that's just the way it will stay until we're moved and settling into old and new routines.

Our backs are worse than ever, but God heard our cries and one of the deputy principals at hubby's school came to our rescue with some single bed mattresses, AND....a baby fridge!

Now we can buy milk and yogurt...oh, how I have missed my morning yogurt, and hubby his night-time milk!
The thing about change is that you usually learn something about yourself. At least in my life that's always been the way. ;-)
What I am learning during these weeks of change and separation is that I feel very insecure - insecure in not being surrounded by things that give me routine and a sense of permanency, and insecure in who I am when I'm not a full-time mother. Actually, the mother thing really threw me when I figured it out this morning.
I've homeschooled my two teenagers for going on 10 years, and in all that time I felt secure in my label of 'homeschooler'. It said exactly who and what I was, it explained what I did.
But now the homeschooling will be a closing chapter as my kids enter a different stage of learning that does not require 'me' to educate them. So, who am I now?

This prompted me to go on a journey of discovery and first stop today was a Bible study I can do over the next week or two, in preparation for the life I'll have in Charters Towers. Do you like the title? It sort of jumped off the shelf at me....

I'm thinking I'll call myself a textile designer from now on...but my heart will always be a mother's. :-)
My last ebay auction win to this address arrived in the mail today - 53 white glass buttons. I have NO idea what I'm going to use them for but they were an incredible bargain and I know I'll use them on something special when life normalises again.

Pam asked me how I transfer my designs to fabric, so I thought it best to show her.
I set up the iron in my bathroom this morning...

...and after designing a stitchery in my sketch book I taped the design to a window with masking tape. This allows the sunlight to highlight the lines for tracing.

Then I cut a piece of fabric to slightly larger than the stitchery (I usually allow 1.5 inches around the border extra), ironed it flat, and taped it across the top of the sketch with more masking tape.

Using a Micron 0.1 pigma pen in brown, I traced the design. After removing the masking tape I then iron a piece of Whisperweft across the back and I'm ready to sew!
(Pam, you DO realise that now I have ANOTHER block to add to my already burgeoning pile???) Ha ha ha! I am NOT complaining. ;-)

Terri from California is returning to stitching and has asked me what a BOM is. I'm answering here on my blog because I was once a newbie to stitching and it's wonderful to have explained to you the things many others know and take for granted as common knowledge, don't you think?

Terri, a BOM is a Block of the Month. It means that a designer releases a one block of a quilt per month, over a period of time until the quilt is completed. Some BOM's are for 6 months, some are for 12. Here are a list of a few BOM's available free from fellow designers this year :

Cheryl's "Verandah Views"
Vicki's "On My Heart"
Esther's "Red Delicious"
Gail's "Christmas Wish"
Bea's "Fairy Tales"
Lynette's "Noah's Ark"
My "Wonky Houses"
My "Shabby Roses"

....and there are more out there, but perhaps these are enough to whet your appetite for monthly designs?
Hubby and I enjoyed a simple lunch by the ocean today, but I see the rain clouds returning so I'd best close the doors and prepare to warm the house before nightfall.

Thanks for keeping me company. You're wonderful!


Fee said...

I am still counting with you Jenny - Your parcel will be waiting for you when you get there.

Hugs Fiona

Janice said...

What a journey you are having before undertaking the physical journey to Charters Towers. Thanks so much for sharing this time with us.

Kriza said...

I just looked up where you are moving from where - gosh, this is a BIG thing! I can hardly bear moving from one district of Budapest to another - even though I am from the Austrian border of Hungary originally, so Budapest is not my birthplace -, but this distance is awesome. I've been to Perth and Cairns, and the weather is quite different too, and you are moving away from the ocean - it must have taken time getting used used to the idea.
you are ahead of biiiig changes, I wish all the best to you and keep coming back for your news and lovely designs.
Hugs, Kristina

Vickie said...

awww heart strings are pulling each day with you..and wow reading that they pulled bigtime....
Oh yes textile desinger is apt I reckon -good one-
Boy oh boy looking at that window makes me pineeeee for full glass panes these loover(SP) suk big time..and no matter how careful i am ,I always manage to cut myself when cleaning the horrors....
cheers Vickie

Fee said...

Hi Jen,

That study looks really interesting. I'd love to hear what you think of it once you're finished.

I know all about redefining oneself - it's good every now and then to have a break from "the norm" to really sit and think about who you are, where you're going.... Refreshing in a lot of ways.

Thinking of you as you countdown to begin that BIG drive.

Fee x

Robin in New Jersey said...

It's a joy to visit with you, Jenny! I am working on block number 1. It's slow going.

Praying for you and your family as you count down the days to being together again.

Jocelyn said...

Jenny, I have so enjoyed reading your daily updates. I too homeschooled my children and it is such a feeling of "who am I" when it comes to a close. I have been their Mom, teacher, chauffier, doctor/nurse, lab technician, cook, seamstress, counselor, companion, and I am sure more. It was a full time job, and now I am at loose ends. But like you said, we will always been their Mom :-) Let me know what you think of the study.


Crispy said...

I understand your "identity" feelings. We have so many of those during our longer in school, getting married, having children, becoming empty nesters or the loss of family/friends. I have found that I just try to keep myself busy, wear a smile on my face as much as possible and say "I love you" as often as possible to both family & friends.


Allie said...

Bless that deputy principal - how wonderful!
Mostly what I learn about myself, going through changes, is that I HATE CHANGE. It gets worse as I get older. Something as simple as changes to my email will throw me for a loop.
As a fellow hs'ing mum, I can relate. There's a part of me that's terrified of the future, when they go off and leave - I WANT them to, I WANT them to be strong and independent, but oh I'll miss these days.
Lunch by the ocean - *big sigh*

Cattinka said...

I always love your company, I´m always eager to read about what you have to say.

Loralynn said...

So many changes ahead for you. I am sure you will handle them with grace!

lindsey said...

Thank you for sharing the free BOM's with us. Is it possibl to be able to get the patterns translated from the Bea's "Fairy Tales". I am unable to translate the pages where I am. Has anyone been able to translate these patterns?

Thank you again,


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

We have had some big moves like yours over the years. Hope your final days in your current place go smoothly. Love your new buttons - just gorgeous!