Tuesday, June 16, 2009

For a new baby...

Busy, busy, busy....that's what this week is.
I'm finishing up all my last minute projects that require machine stitching before my beloved old Janome gets packed in just 6 sleeps! Already I miss it...I wonder if it will miss me...dearie, dearie, how pathetic I must sound. ;-)

This is not a recent finish, but a cot quilt I stitched early last year for a dear lady at my sewing group (also named Jenny). She had lost a baby girl in 2007, and her and her husband were praying for another baby when I first met her later that year. I began praying for Jenny, that God would bless her aching arms with another life and bring some comfort to her broken heart. One day I began to form the idea of making a small quilt, using pretty doilies and old white cotton petticoats - I wanted that vintage, always loved, feel about it.

I began to piece it slowly, and added small embroideries and words that express how a mother feels about her child - cherished, treasured, longed-for, blessed, loved, especially ours, gift of God. I hoped and prayed that one day I could give it to Jenny.

Well, a couple of weeks ago Jenny had another baby, a beautiful little girl - Georgia Grace - and tomorrow I'm taking this quilt to her.

God is good, all the time.

Last month my eldest daughter Karen sent me a package of fabrics she'd picked up on sale at her local Spotlight store. She lives out in the country, and that was reflected in one of her choices - it was a large panel with 16 novelty squares all depicting country-style scenes.
She asked for a table runner so I've been playing around with that this morning. I may get it to the stage of quilting and binding and stop so I have it as hand stitching in the two weeks I'm in the empty house.

I'll leave this post now and organise the freebies I have for you...see, I didn't forget.
Check back in half an hour!



  1. The baby quilt is beautiful. What a lovely gift.

  2. Oh my goodness Jen that baby quilt is just lovely. How wonderful that she had a beautiful baby girl and you get to give her the quilt. Its beautiful and I am sure will be treasured by her. I love your daughters table runner..It will look fabulous when finished.

  3. I think that each time a baby borns, this is the sign that God loves us.
    Welcome to the little Georgia Grace: God bless her and her family!
    P.S. The baby quilt is deliciuos :)

  4. What a beautiful baby quilt, Jenny! You are such a talented lady... not to mention kind-hearted! I am sure that Jenny and her little Georgia will treasure it!

    Karen's fabric choices are great too! Love it!

    Ok - off you go - back to your sewing machine... LOL...

    Love and hugs!
    Vikki x

  5. The baby quilt is beautiful..That's a lovely gift..
    You'll off on your trip before you know it Jenny...only 6 sleeps you say.
    Julia ♥

  6. What a gorgeous baby quilt, so beautiful and something to treasure.

  7. Oh Jenny, your story and the baby quilt just brought tears to my eyes. The quilt is so full of love and hope....well done my girl!!


  8. What a gorgeous, sweet baby quilt. What a treasure.

  9. Your baby quilt is beautiful Jenny. You are so sweet.

  10. The baby quilt is so lovely. Love all the details. You are just so gifted.

  11. I'm quite willing to believe your machine will miss you too. *G*

    That baby quilt is achingly lovely. What a precious thing to give to Jenny for her new blessing. A true heirloom, sweetie.

    I love Karen's table runner too - so good to have a mum who will make you treasures!

  12. What a lovely gift you have made for your friend! I'm sure she will treasure it. It is so wonderful that she was blessed with another little one.

  13. Georgia Grace's quilt if just beautiful. I am sure your love will be with her for a long long time. Happy days.

  14. How absolutely delightful... that little quilt has such a BIG story to carry! You're an angel:-)

  15. What a wonderful baby quilt... 8-)

    My cousin lost her baby 2 months ago. He live a day... I'll email you a link to a lovely dedication for him... I am going to her place for lunch tomorrow to see extended family...

    I didn't know you had another daughter... That is going to be a wonderful table topper... He has different taste from her mother doesn't she!?! lol...


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