Monday, June 15, 2009

So what did I do while my internet was interrupted?

Goodness me - have I been away for 6 days already!? The time just flew by! And why?
Well, I was working on this....

...and this...

...and this...

...and this!

Yes, indeed, I was a busy girl. I did not waste time but applied my fingers to hard work and my mind to new avenues of creativity. And I loved every minute of it! :-)
I should take a sabbatical from the internet more often - it's amazing how much got finished, designed, started, and finished again!


I decided it was time to give you a glimpse of how I'm going putting together my Shabby Roses BOM quilt. Now, I know you'd like a peek at some of the future blocks, and I'd love to do that, but do you really want me to spoil the surprise?? Of course not. I'm proud of you all for being patient.
So now you understand why I've coloured in blocks 7 and 8 in this top row of the on the photo to enlarge it. It's much easier to see where I'm going with the design.

This is the layout with the blocks in their correct position. Aah!!! I HAVE given away a secret after all - now you know the names of the blocks yet to be shared. ;-)

I'll show the fabrics close-up in the next post.


Here are some Wonky Houses finishes from clever stitchers!!

Terry has hers all stitched now...I love it, Terry!

And Ruth has stitched hers vertically to hang on a narrow wall - it's fabulous!!
(I have edited this as I incorrectly named Ruth as Kirsten, but Kirsten is her sweet daughter)

I promised you a free gift last time didn't I?
Check back tomorrow....



  1. wow you have been creatively busy...
    I love the way Terry has finished of her wonky's they look fab...
    cheers Vickie
    p.s. how's the hand eh?

  2. Hi Jenny, you've been busy on you FABOLOUS work I see. Hugs, Renata.

  3. Oh Jenny...I love your sneak peeks..they look like something that is just going to have to be done. Love the one with the ric rac..mMmm I wonder what you have been up to? the Wonky Houses are looking great too...and I do hope your wrist is going ok and not giving you grief :) hugs hugs Vicki

  4. Busy hands, happy hearts. You really have us on the edge of our seats with your sneaky peeks!

  5. Nice to see you back Jenny. Wow you have been so busy. And those previews are so tantalizing.... I hope your hand is not giving you any pain. xxx

  6. Well haven't you been busy!!! your sneaky peeks look so gorgeous .... can't wait to see the rest ;o).
    Joy :o)

  7. What a busy lady you have been!! I'm really curious about that one pattern with the yellow heart, even with the little peek at it, I know it's a beauty!!


  8. Your little sneak peeks look lovely! I can't wait to see the whole things! And thank you about my wonky houses...I'm so glad I found your blog and the houses! They were so much fun to stitch! Enjoy your week! :0)

  9. Well how busy have you been , all looks great!

  10. Welcome back! I was surprised at the withdrawals I was beginning to have!

    Love the sneak peeks. May need to go shopping for Shabby Roses sashing (wow, try saying THAT out loud) this week.

  11. Thank goodness only your internet had a problem, I started thinking maybe you had been ill. Sometimes I also spend to much time at the computer just like you say, and none of my sewing gets finished.
    Glad to hear from you, your posts are always so inspiring!

  12. Looking beautiful and love the feedback from the other girls!
    Hugs - lurline♥

  13. Patient? ME? Not on your life, girlfriend! I cannot wait to see what you've been up to, the sneak peeks are making me drool already. Darn I wished I lived next door to you. I'd bring you exotic coffees as an excuse to get into your sewing room.

  14. Hi Jenny, what's that?

    My quilt is on your blog... !!!!!!
    Thank you very much for your positive feedback!
    I cant wait to see the whole new pattern with that lovely yellow heart!
    PS: I have only one more thing to say:
    name is Ruth, Kirsten is my eldest daughter, she often helps me to translate my blog because my english is not as good as hers!

  15. Wow you have been a busy lady :-) Thanks for sharing a peek.

  16. Oh but you are a tease today aren't you! lol! What I can see looks wonderful Jenny! You've had some fun on your days away from the comp... Maybe that is what I need to do, to get things done! 8-)

  17. I love your sneak peeks...looks like lots of fun things!!

  18. It is amazing what we can get done when we are not on the computer and your have been really creative.
    What great wall hangings Terry and Kirtsen have done.
    I have finally finished my first three blocks. Check out my blog when you have a minute.

  19. Hi Jenny,
    Oh, thanks for giving us a sneak peek.
    Can't wait to see the rest.

  20. I think we all need breaks from our computers at times Jenny. I love your sneaky peeks, you are such a tease!! lol

  21. It looks very lovely Jenny, the sneak peeks are very enticing! Keep up the great work!
    You go girl!


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