Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Breakfast anyone?

Good morning ladies :-)

I've sent Bl0ssom and hubby off to school, so I thought I'd share breakfast with *you* today.
We have creamy Greek yoghurt with raspberries and passionfruit...shall I serve you a bowl?

While we're all eating, I'll show you some things my dear friends have blessed me with recently, shall I?

Bec from Oh Sew Busy (don't you LOVE her blog name!?) helped me out just before we moved here with some fabric I was hunting down. I really loved the festive, spotty blue and reds of Lila Tueller's Woodland Bloom and Bec had some that she wouldn't be using so she sent it off with this beautiful rust-red tonal fabric as a gift. Bless you Bec, I love them!

In the mail this week I also received a little gift all the way from the USA. The lovely Anna from Crafty Girls Workshop wanted to thank me for all the bloggers who entered her giveaway via Elefantz (so really, I need to be thanking all of YOU as well!). This cute little handmade notebook is the perfect size for me to carry in my bag to jot down all those ideas that visit my mind when I'm 'out and about'. Thanks so much, Anna! :-)

Then yesterday a surprise package arrived from my sweet friend, Ruth, who sent this gorgeous table runner as a housewarming gift......isn't it beautiful!? She also sent me this exquisite rose candle...much too pretty to light, I think, but I may have to so I can see the little flicker of gold amongst the tightly packed rose blooms. Thank you so much dear Ruth!!

Forgive me while I stray back to food...
In our last home the kitchen was a pokey little ships galley - well, that's what it felt like - and I did not find the culinary arts as exciting anymore. However, this house has a lovely big, airy and bright, kitchen! So I am enjoying playtime with food once again, much to the delight of my family.

Last night we had a lovely fresh fruit salad with a cheesecake cream...

...and simply scrummy Strawberry Coconut Slice for supper.

Remember the tutorial I gave you the other day for the bucket applique from Bucket of Roses?
I had decided not to replicate the roses for this one, but what to do instead...

... I added some of my Oopsie Daisies!

I love it, so cute, and in those lovely burgundy country hues the overall effect is very different to the original blues and yellows of the Country Roses. I think this may end up as a bag...

For those who purchase my Oopsie Daisies patterns on Etsy over the next 7 days I will add the pattern for this little embroidery as a bonus. :-)

Now, breakfast is finished - all but the refresher cup of coffee! - so I'll toddle off to make that before starting on something NEW at my design table...

Have a wonderful day (or evening if that's where you are),


  1. Sounds like you are really settling into your new abode...Friends in Blogland are the Best...Lovely gifties you have...
    Enjoy your Day.

  2. Those are just my colors in the Bucket of Roses applique. And the buttons are the perfect touch. Well done!

  3. Jenny what great blogland friends you have the table runner is just gorgeous did she make it herself?
    Sounds like your pretty settled good feeling huh!!

  4. You can serve me a bowl for sure, it looks wonderful!!! Lovely gifts, that table runner is gorgeous!

    Please stop by my blog and see the July 17th post as there is something there for you!!

  5. Sounds like you are really settling into your new home..wonderful!
    Lovely gifts Jenny...
    Yummy...I'll be right over for breakfast...if only I could !!
    Have a great day.
    Hugs Julia ♥

  6. What a yummy breakfast!
    Helping you out was my pleasure!
    A very handy, and lovely looking notebook.
    Thanks for the reminder on Ruth, haven't been to her site for ages, what a lovely table runner she sent you!
    Lovely country colours for your applique.

  7. I'll skip the yogurt but would love a slice of the strawberry coconut thingy LOL. Lovely little treasures you recieved.


  8. How lovely your Daisy's are Jenny I just had my brekky porrage :( I'd rather have yours lovely gifts that runner is out of this world.

  9. What is green yogurt? Looks yummy. I love the buttons! Perfect. How wonderful to received such lovely gifts.

  10. Ok, I don't think I want any green yoghurt - sometimes mine comes that way if I leave it in the fridge for too many years. You are very blessed, dear Jenny, love all your gifties - light the candle, take a pic, and blow it out, lol!
    I love your bucket with the oopsie daisies! Perfect for that fabric. Excellent dear one!

  11. hi Jenny-I just caught up with you-i have not been on line for awhile and i was so glad to see that your move went well and that your family is now reunited. Your blog is so inspirational-i just love to read it and see what you are up to and what words of wisdom you have for the day and what wonders your creative juices have produced --glad all is well and thanks for the great tutorial on the bucket of roses-roccagal

  12. Lovely having breakfast with you, just before I head off to bed. You are blessed indeed!

  13. Your breakfast looks very healthy, I´d love to have a bowl. What I wanted to ask, where exactly in Australia have you "landed"? If you have warm weather now, are you in the north?
    Your pattern looks nice with roses just like with daisies!

  14. Would love a bowl thanks all your treats...and the button roses are just perfect....

  15. That was a very nice breakfast!!!Where have you been moving?Are you not in the states?
    How nice your brodery!!!!Very nice with the buttons!!!You got a lot of wonderful presents!!!!Have a nice day!!!Greetings from a warm milan (italy)(but i'm swedish....)

  16. Hi Jenny, your breakfast looks much more exciting than mine, I was eating mine on the bus to work yesterday morning. Glad to hear you are settling in your new home, yes a big kitchen is great for stimulating the creative cooking urges. Sadly mine is only a very small kitchen, so no urges here. :(:( lovely gifts and I like the bucket of Oopsie daisies - so cute. hugz xxx

  17. When I saw your breakfast i thougth it was marshmallows and berries - so I just had to read the text. Seems yummy. The flover bucket with the byttons is so cute - I think I like this one better than the original.

  18. Glad to hear you're settling in to your new home.Nothing beats a home cooked coconut slice YUMMY.... How spoilt do you feel with alll the lovely gifts you've been receiving.You deserve every one of them and more.It's nice to know how much you're appreciated and loved isn't it.Take care and hope to hear more about your new home wheen you get the chance :) Barb.

  19. I would love some yoghurt and fruit. What a lovely start to the day!

  20. what lovely mail goodies you received....well now ya talkin my colours girl well done I love know Jenny I can hear the smile in your wors it's fantastic,cheers vickie

  21. Thank you! You brightened my rainy drizzly day! Cathy

  22. Goodmorning! and yes I would love a bowl...looks really good. I agree that a kitchen can be a great deterant to! I love the oppsie daisies!
    Have a wonderful day!

  23. This Georgeous table runner is very lovely. Everything that you post is very beautifull. Kisses

  24. That table runner is outstandlingly lovely! What a special friend! You food looks yummy too! You wouldn't be willing to share the cheesecake cream would you? Great idea with the buttons too...I have a big box of buttons my Grandmother saved and I bet I can find some that would be perfect!

  25. What a yummy breakfast!
    I love the buttons, the flover bucket with the byttons is so cute.
    Enjoy your Day :0)
    Grethe from Norway


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