Sunday, August 16, 2009

A little green visitor, a sneak peek, and a GIVEAWAY!

It's VERY hot here today, and I am sweltering in my sewing room...too late we remembered to put the air conditioner on. I am still in shock that it's 32C (90F) in winter! I wonder how many years it will take me to get used to this? How does one quilt a quilt in such conditions?? I think the air-con is definitely going to know it's purpose in this house. ;-)

I've been busy working on the project for February's Homespun issue...there is a lot of embroidery on it, but it's gorgeous. I'm sharing a sneak peek....


As you know my laundry is not really a laundry at all. It's a cement tub outside the front door of the house, and my washing machine sits next to it facing the street. Surprisingly I'm getting used to doing my washing out of doors, but I have also found a good use for the double cement tubs. They are great for leaving pot plants in overnight to soak up enough water for the following week.
This morning when I went to bring a plant back inside I found a little green visitor hiding in the plug hole... seems we have more than one Green Tree Frog making its home with us. :-)
A new book arrived in the mail on Friday...

...I LOVE Tone Finnanger! Her designs are quirky...


...and altogether a picture of simple delights!

I have her Sew Pretty Homestyle and have been waiting to buy this new one as well. It was well worth the wait and I think you'll see a few cows, hens and angels appearing in my blog photos soon. Blossom wants the slippers, I'd love her bags, and I think we're both keen on the little beach houses... there is just so much in this book to have fun with!

SOOOOOOOOOOO.....I had a thought.
Cheryl and I are joining together for the August Sewing Machine Cover Challenge GIVEAWAY, and whilst I knew what Cheryl was contributing it was my own gift to the winner that I was stumped with. But not anymore!

The first name drawn in the August Sewing Machine Cover Challenge GIVEAWAY will win Cheryl's gorgeous pattern for her "Sewing Companions" set...

AND...a copy of Tone Finnanger's "Sew Sunny Homestyle" from me!

Two fantastic prizes!!

Now what do you need to do to be in the draw?

1. You MUST make a cover for your sewing machine by August 31st. No entries will be accepted after that date.
2. You MUST share about the giveaway on your blog.
3. You MUST put a photo on your blog of your cover, with a link back to this post.

ONLY when you've done all that can you leave a comment on this post so we know you're in the draw. Your name will go on my sidebar so everyone can have a look at your sewing machine cover. :-)

The draw will take place on September 3rd.

If you do not have a blog, email me with a photo of your cover, but please make sure the photo is no bigger than 150kb.

Okay, no excuses....go and sew!!!



  1. Wow Jenny - your sneak peak looks so tantalising... LOVE the fabrics and colours... and those -oh-so-pretty shabby roses!!! DROOL! Roll on February so I can purchase my copy of the magazine!!! :-)

    And what a fantastic and generous giveaway you and Cheryl are hosting! I am one project away from starting my cover... I had best get my skates on! The Tilda book is on my wish list on the Book Depository! I have all the other Tilda books - they are so gorgeous aren't they?

    I reckon your Possum buddy has been chatting to the local wildlife and inviting them along! I shall have to start calling you Dr Do-little! he he he...

    Or should that be Dr Sew-Much?!!!!

    Lots of love!
    Vikki xoxo

  2. oh Jenny, you tal about 32`C winter days - what about summer???? Shall we even go there???? I hope summer is bearable for you.
    Love cement tubs, mine are feedingthe stock up the paddock as dh prefers stainless tubs; if they weren't so heavy I would have them back here in a flash, wiht many uses in mind! Love the little frog, we get lots in summer and they are nice to have about.
    How is your wrist holding up with all this stitching? It all looks lovely and I can't wait to see more of you in print....
    Love the Tilda peaks, her books look very enticing....
    I think I had better get sewing on my machine cover - your right NO EXCUSES!

  3. wowisright Jenny,that sewing machine cover looks superb!
    Have been busty thinking about what I might do,and come up with a few ideas, trouble is toomany ideas bouncing around up there,will just have to settle with one and move on I guess.
    Waht a wonderful looking magazine, i have never seent hat one before,must investigate further...
    good luck wiht your little green friends -- err frogs.

  4. That cover is so beautifull. I hate sneak peeks, I'm so curious person and now I have to wait until february (grrrrr ;o) )but it looks delious. I will put my cover on my blog in a few days, I'm going on a trip with a few quilting girls. I love your give away. I'm a big fan of Tilda, so I would really like to win that book.

  5. Hi Jenny
    The weather will only get worse and the only way to quilt is the air-con, I have lived in Cairns more years than I care to remember and the weather is always the same HOT, so air-con is the only way to go and I find that I get so much more done in summer with the air-con going, so I understand. I also picked up Tone's new book on the weekend at the Gordonvale Quilt show what a great book as ll of her books are can't wait to start sewing. Hugs Deb

  6. Thanks for the sneaky peak Jenny!!! I know I'm going to love this new design, just like all your other pretties :o)!!
    How super to find a green tree frog in your tubs!! I haven't seen one around here since, goodness, I don't know when(??).
    Okay .... I'll really make an effort to make a sewing machine cover by the end of the month!!! With tantalising (and very generous) prizes like that how could I resist ;o) -(I love Tilda too!!).
    Try to stay cool!!!
    Joy :o)

  7. I have made my sewing machine cover, I have posted about this challenge and give away, and I have posted pictures of my sewing machine cover on my blog. Here is link to the post
    So now I hope I am in the draw to these wonderful prizes!

  8. I'm in the throes of making a machine cover at the moment, hopefully it will be complete by the time 31 August comes! Your work looks beautiful as usual. Hope you get used to the heat in the tropics eventually!

  9. Your sneak peak looks like it will be gorgeous as usual! I can't wait to see it in Homespun. I love that magazine. I wish we had one like it in America...I am getting ready to start my cover...thanks for the opportunity!!

  10. You really know how to inspire someone to participate in your challenge. But I will resist anyway, you can´t take part in everything, even though I´m watching your posts about the sewing machine covers with great interest!

  11. That book looks great - I just checked and our library doesn't have it, but they do have two more by her. I put them on hold. *G* I still don't have my machine back, so it looks like i'm out of this one, *sob*

    I have no clue how you're going to quilt in that heat. Other than crank the a/c to the max. Cute little visitor, Jenny, I think I'd feel like I was camping to do my laundry outside!

    Yes that project for Homespun looks gorgeous - oh MY!!!!!!!!

  12. We lived in Broome for 4 years and often had little green visitors!! I loved having them except when they were in the toilet! Love your sneak peek, it's a long time until February though!

  13. Interesting!!!I'll try to join the drawing....
    I came back yesterday from Sardinia!It has been wonderful!!!Always nice follow you!!!You're sogood doing the brodery!!!!Have a nice evening!!!

  14. Jen, I live in Florida and we have warm weather almost year round. I lived up north for a few years and believe me it did not take long to love living in the south ;-)

  15. Hi Jenny, how are you! I'm on holiday in a little town situated at about 500 mts and, during the day, it' quite hot here too.
    If you have found a little green visitors, here I found three little visitors: 2 are blac and one black and white. They are 3 kittens!!! They are so cute!
    Have a nice day.

  16. The covers are looking good...
    the color is amazing...

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  17. I would love to make a sewing machine cover but first i have to win the pattern ! LOL
    I also got my copy of the Tilda book...I just love it!
    I have all her books...check out the Christmas one...a must have with Christmas coming !:-)

  18. I think I have done everything now;
    1.I made the cover
    2.I 've posted a picture of it and
    3.I wrote about your giveaway


  19. I was just thinking about the sewing machine cover challenge this morning, will now be starting this afternoon (between everything else). Hope to have it finished by the end of the weekend - maybe!!!

  20. I made one, but it is pretty ordinary, if you read my blog you'll know what I really think of it! I've done a post and linked bak to you. Hopefully I'll win the pattern to make a gorgeous new one!

  21. Hi Jenny,
    I made my cover, thanks to your challenge :) It gave me that extra little nudge to just get it done!
    I posted about it here:

    Thanks for the motivation :)



  22. Thanks Jenny, for the boost to get this cover completed. I was blown away when I read that you were posting a challenge the week I had unearthed my fabrics for the exact same project....well you can see the finished item over here

    I love the look of that book ....fingers crossed I win :)

  23. I have made a little cover for my machine I am adding a link and putting it on my blog now
    hugs Beth

  24. Jenny I have FINISHED my cover! YEAHHHH! Just blogged about it now and linked back to this post. Love it! Thanks so much for being inspiring to make something to keep, even the children commented that it was something to STAY!

  25. Hi Jenny, I just found out about your challenge today from my niece's blog (Melody). I posted your giveaway on my blog and I'm going to try to get one done before the deadline.

  26. Jenny, Enter me in your giveaway/challenge. I made mine this morning. Check out my blog...the pictures are posted. Thanks for the challenge, it sure stirs the creativity pot.

  27. Hi Jenny I am trying to send you an email but it won't come up. Can you pls send me your email. I want to send a photo of my sewing machine cover.

  28. Not sure why my email isn't coming up for you Debbie. I can't email you because there is no link on your profile page.
    Email me at purpleflowerpatch AT gmail DOT com

  29. I finished my sewing machine cover but I'm not sure I linked to your blog right. But please sing me up for the giveaway. Thanks for thinking up this challenge because it got me going to clean and organize and decorate my sewing room!!!

  30. Hello Jenny sweets!

    I have at last finished my sewing machine cover and posted about it on my blog. Thanks for the challeneg sweetie - I don't know when I would have gotten around to making a cover if it hadn't have been for you!

    Lots of love!
    Vikki xoxo

  31. Did I make it??
    Oh dear I have been stitching like crazy to try and get finished in time. :)
    Thank you so much for the challenge Jenny and Cheryl I too would never have finished this without the chance of winning that gorgeous pattern, and the book, Thats just stunning! I want it so badly :)

  32. Silly me, I forgot the link to my blog! haahaha I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on.

  33. Hi Jenny, am i in time???? just finished my sewing machine cover, and posed about it, think I mights put the wrong link back, oh well, late now, hey you have been doing some really stunning work, love it!!