Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quilt finished, plus some Christmas placemats!

My spur of the moment Layer Cake quilt is finished. :-)

I quilted wiggly lines down the length of it, and used spotty Woodland Bloom in turquoise for the backing. I think this is the first time I've made a quilt using just one fabric range!

I still have some more of the Layer Cake, a jelly roll, and some yardage left, so I'll make another quilt from then - that will give me two new lovely bright quilts in the living room.
Do you remember I signed up for Di's Christmas in August Challenge?
I thought it was to make presents, but it was to make Christmas decorations - silly me, didn't read the fine print! ;-)
Never mind - I was inspired yesterday to make up a set of festive place-mats. When I received my Christmas in July parcel from Jacquie she had used this BEAUTIFUL fabric for some of the items she made me, and I was able to get more from the States thanks to her.
I mixed and matched 3 fabrics and 2 trims to make the place-mats, and I quilted swirly trees on two of them, and curved stars on the other two, as well as stitching in the ditch along each seam and then around the entire 12in mat.

Aren't they gorgeous!!?

I am definitely a vintage era girl at heart...whether it be Jane Austen's England, or June Cleaver's 50's, I love old and simple.
Speaking of vintage and the 50's I have signed up for my first ever Block of the Month! I do some of the free ones that wonderful designers share through their blogs (and I share my own BOM with all of you) but I have never yet found THE block of the month I loved enough to commit to financially every month for a year. I think that is because this is only my 4th year as a sewer and my style is still evolving as I go. What I liked two years ago I don't like as much anymore....but this is a BOM I know has been, and always will be, *me* - "The Sewing Circle".

I made Raspberry & Choc Chip muffins for breakfast today, but they never last long enough to photograph. Sorry! :-) I do however have two large punnets of strawberries in the fridge that I plan to use later today...just not sure what I'll make yet, but I'll be sure and take a photo for you.

Apart from the free BOM's available on the internet, are you doing a BOM at the moment?
If so, why did you choose that particular one?

Now I'm off to make two more Christmas decoration projects to fulfil Di's Challenge before midnight Monday!!

PS: You only have two days left to make that Sewing Machine Cover August Challenge!!


Allie said...

It's gorgeous!!!! And so perfect for your new tropical home - I love it Jenny! And I love your place mats, oh my golly I'm all about the 50's - I'll have to see if I can get some of that fabric.

Your BOM took my breath away. Sure wish I lived in Australia, lol. I started a BOM years ago, but hubby got laid off and I couldn't finish. They're still in my sewing room somewhere. It was going to be a quilt for Sam - a monster quilt - he was quite young.

Not going to have time for a machine cover - off tomorrow again and Monday. ARGH!

Deb said...

Hi Jenny, your quilt is lovely. Thise christmas placemats are simply gorgeous, what is the name of the fabric, and do you know if it is still available?
The BOM you have signed up for is lovely. I have just finished getting "Over the River" , by Crabapple Hill. Must admit though I haven't started it yet. (shhhshhh)

Maggey and Jim said...

Oh Jenny, that BOM is so sweet.. and what size did your quilt turn out to be? Placemats are really cute and good stitiching on them..You have had a good response to the machine cover challenge and what creative quilters.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi Jen! :-)

The material in those xmas placemats is divine! I love the simplicity of your design, too, with just the narrow border and trim. :-)

The BOM you have chosen is gorgeous. I haven't started on any yet, but there are a couple that I adore. One is of sea creatures,in greens, blues and batik fabrics. The other is a BOM of teacups, coffecups etc and is a brown and cream colourway. Sorry I can't find the ads right now to give you their names. They've been in all the craft mags for a while though!

Hugs! Vikki x

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Maggey, the quilt is just a lap one, and measures 43 x 43 inches. :-)

Evas Passion said...

Wonderful things you have done!!!Compliments!!!Have a nice day!!!


Janice said...

Your placemats are gorgeous. There is just something so special about 50's designs.

Also, I have finished my sewing machine cover - just in the nick of time.

Amanda said...

aaaargh! I'd joined the challenge too, and forgotten all about it; I fear I'm too late now. Great placemats and quilt. I've never used a single range before either, as it always seems so expensive, but your quilt certainly looks good. I'm currently doing Natalie Lymer's (Cinderberry Stitches) Tail Feathers as a BOM and enjoying making it, though I don't know whether I'll keep it when it's finished.

Cattinka said...

I think my personal style is still evolving. I started 6 BOMs this year, because I couldnt decide which one I like best. I´m working on a country calendar, ouat, Gail Pans Christmas wish, a flower in my heart, and of course your shabby roses.
I like the way you finished your quilt, the turquoise on the back looks very bright. How big is it?
The place mats turned out very nice also!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Pretty quilt. I love the fabric in your placemats. I went through my stash of those lovely ladies for last year's Christmas Cottage block exchange! Fun. Oh I can't wait to see your BOM. I went to the site and those are fantastic.

Vickie said...

oh my Jenny, your quilt is bloomin beautiful and the placemats will be a delight too any are my rock girl well done, cheers Vickie

Jilly's Space said...

I "heart" everything you do!
I LOVE the quilt..I actually went searching for woodland bloow at the FQS the other day after you posted that fabric and there was none :o(
Your placemats are just gorgeous, I have never seen that fabric. Actually I haven't see alot of the gorgeous fabric in real life that I see on here, lol
oh and you also inspired me to order two of the books by Tilda(I think that's the name, I have it written somewhere) after you posted the other day. I thought well if Jenny says these are good books I best be getting myself some, lol They should be arriving next week..yay!

Louise D said...

I think the combination patchwork and stitchery is great. A stitchery you can bring wherever you go and get it ready sometimes too fast. So this year I began with 2 copies "X-mas wish". And Shabby Roses is almost the first with pure white fabric and it looks fantastic. Already wait for yor next block. Please hurry on and show it so I can go on. Then I have two more BOMs.

Diva Kreszl said...

love them all!!!

Diane H said...

Hi Jenny my new friend, I am now a follower. Your quilt and placements are both lovely. My current BOM's are THREE of the Gail Pan's, yes and I will be glad to see the last block next week and the Bunny Hill Tisket A Tasket.
Enjoying doing them all. Looking forward to your future quilting adventures.

Loralynn said...

Your quilt turned out lovely! I absoluetly ADORE your placemats! They are so darling! I am so surprised that you have only been sewing for 4 years! Your talent is outstanding. You sew as if it has been part of your life forever! You definately found your niche!

Perri said...

Congratulations, Jenny on recent finishes - it is a great feeling!
Was wondering if its not to late to join in on the machine cover challenge?
Happy stitching, P

Lynda said...

Hello Jenny

I think you would love one of the designs in the latest "Homespun" magazine - it's by the designer of the BOM you've joined.

roccagal said...

-the finished quilt is so pretty and i luv the place mat fabric so cute. I checked out the BOM -it is definitely you-I am sure that you will enjoy stitching it.
I am working on a free BOM from Fat Cat Designs called Baltimore Bliss. My friends and I started it in Aug instead of January and are enjoying it even tho there are so many pieces per block. It is applique and we are all doing it by hand.
I am also doing another BOM (scherenschnitte style)hat I found years ago on the web. It was a German site and luckily I copied all the patterns because the link no longer exists. Its very challenging. I am doing this by hand as well. These are the projects on the forefront of my WIPs at this moment.

Chocolate Cat said...

So glad you like 'The Sewing Circle' bom, the designer is a great friend of mine. For more of her designs have a look at

jugglingpaynes said...

I don't know if I could use placemats that pretty! I wouldn't want anyone to spill anything on them. That 50s style print is lovely!

Peace and Laughter,

Crispy said...

Love your little quilt and that new BOM is definately you!!

Sorry for the delay in commenting, I got interrupted and stuck the post in my favs and just found it LOL.


Bec said...

What a fabulous fast finish your Woodland Bloom quilt was! You must be so excited about it!
Love your vintage fabric, I second you - at heart I am a vintage girl too, 1800s or early to mid 1900s.
Congratulations on your BOM! I have eyed this one off a number of times, it is so lovely. Where are you doing it through? I have seen ti advertised with a few places and they all look different due to the fabric choices.
Looking forward to seeing your blocks as you work through it.