Friday, September 4, 2009

Aaah, the end of the week!

Now, normally I don't give you a sneak peek at my projects until the end of my post, but I'm feeling a bit upside down tonight so I'm sharing that first.
Remember Skating Rosey from my "Christmas Package In Stitches" designs? Well, maybe she has a sister who lives in a warmer climate? We'll see....

As promised these are the goodies we bought at "that shop" yesterday.
A beautiful wooden box with a lift up lid to house all my instant cappuccino sachets (yes, I am thoroughly addicted to them!)....

...and this very pretty, but practical herbal tea steeping cup. You pop your herbal tea leaves in the cermaic strainer insert, put it in the cup and then pop on the lid so it can brew away until you have the strength you prefer. Wonderful for my bedtime chamomile!!

I have made a decision to make at least two churn dash blocks a day for my new quilt, hopefully more, but a minimum of two. I love today's two - the fabric is "Katie Jump Rope" and is my favourite Denyse Schmidt range.

It's Friday night here and time to wind down after another week and ease on into the weekend. I intend to stitch a little, bake a little, and catch up on some housework, but mostly I'm going to enjoy spending time with my beloved husband.
What will you be doing?


PS: I have a new challenge for September! I'm going to work out what I can giveaway then I'll let you in on the challenge.


  1. oh my love it all -gee I'm full of many words tonight NOT,but true I do love it all..oh yeah previous post I typed disappeared into cyber space-I had typed I wish you was my aid in home economics,I too am going to enjoy some hubby time as he has been in Yullara this week, cheers Vickie

  2. Your churn dash blocks look great Jenny! I can't wait for the new challenge as I couldn't take part in the sewing machine cover. Mine already has one I made a while back. Enjoy your day! :0)

  3. Is that Robert Gordon Pottery ??????? - It looks like Liberty pattern? I love Robert Gordon - Have I ever told you that? Actually I am addicted to it - I have lots - LOL

  4. Love the new warmer climate skater (is she on roller skates instead :))and I can't believe another challenge I haven't even started my august challenge, my poor sewing machine still has no dress and my Shabby Roses are done, how ever do you get so much done?

  5. Looking forward to seeing the restof the "sister". How funny, I have just bought 2 of those teacups! Just right for dark and windy autumn evenings. ;)

  6. adorable todo lo que haces, me encantaria aprender la tecnica!!!!! y realizar aunque sea un bloque de rosas, pero me parece que ya esta cerrada la inscripcion no?, llegue un poco tarde a tu pagina, que lastima, tienes un tutorial? cariƱos, y ojala que pueda aprenderla
    aunque sea mas adelante, gracias

  7. Love your new box, I have the cup and am drinking from it right now :-) what could the new challenge be I wonder. have just finished "TRUST"

  8. Your Friday is over and mine is just starting (7:o6 am here!). Friday is house work day for me BUT I am going to hurry through it so that I can quilt!! I love the fabric of your churn dash blocks. Very pretty! Now where is my scrub brush.....?

  9. Your steeping cup is lovely! I can't wait to see the full picture of your embroidery, I'm sure it will be something absolutely lovely!

  10. Is there no end to your talent and imagination? I can't wait to see Skating Rosey's warm weather friend.

  11. Oh I just love your cup!!! Your churn dash blocks are beautiful in orange :0)


  12. enjoy your weekend i will be doing cattle work.......nice clear sky so the job should be on aftre the rain..........

  13. Love the box for the coffee, I am sitting here drinking the Mudcake one as I type. I love robert gordon pottery as well! The factory is 10 minutes from my house and I have so much stuff, even keep some of my craft stuff in Liberty prints tins!

  14. I can't wait to see your new project - love the peek so far! You got some wonderful things at "that shop". I love that cup - I've never seen anything like it.

    Your churn dash blocks are wonderful. Two a day will get you done quicker than you thought. I'm doing that with dh's embroidered quilt - I'm stitching out two blocks a day.

    Enjoy your weekend, dear Jenny!

  15. Hi Jenny--what a cute "peek" you gave us--and I love the cup combo--I need one like that --will have to look around here--WOW another challenge--I am kinda working on another one for my site--but not sure yet???? Congrads on your part time job--now maybe I will be able to catch up---HA HA---have fun this week end--hugs, just, Di

  16. Hi there Jenny! :-)

    I love your beautiful fresh blocks! Oh and as for Rosey's sister.... adorable! Can't wait to see her all stitched up, you talented lady!!! {{hugs}}!

    I also love your teacup... my friend has the complete range from Robert Gordon, it is divine and such a classic. Love it!

    Hugs! Vikki xx :-)

  17. I love your blocks. The box is wonderful, and so is the cup. Thanks for showing them to us.

  18. "That Shop" just sounds delightful and your home is going to be so lovely as a result. The churn dash blocks look so bright and fresh. Looking forward to seeing the finished product, along with your latest stitcery.


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