Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Holiday break, a windy hole in the wall, and some reading...

We are on a two week school holiday break now, and though it's lovely to have time off from that daily routine, it seems we haven't yet had the chance to just stop and relax. Each day has had a list of things to do, and nearly all of them are very time (and energy) consuming.

The weather here has become so very hot, and though there is usually a cool breeze to be found under a tree, this old fibro-cement house only absorbs the constant heat. It's a very long and narrow house, the one air conditioner fixed in the wall of the dining room and only able to pump cool air as far as the hallway, so the three bedrooms and my sewing room stay quite hot all day.
My darling husband decided this just wasn't helping me to work at my sewing (nor was it helping us sleep at night) so he bought us another air conditioner at the weekend. Today he and Slicer pulled the window out of our bedroom (right next door to my sewing room) and installed the air conditioner unit. Of course, nothing ever goes normally in our home so we weren't surprised when the massive dust storm that hit the east coast of Australia engulfed our little town and blew straight through the hole in the wall of our bedroom! Hubby had hastily stuck a bit sheet of thick plastic over the window but that dust was so fine it got in anyhow.
Tomorrow the electrician comes to finish the installation and then I'll vacuum and dust away all that mess.

While they played with pulling out windows and driving lessons (did I mention that while the dust storm was at it's peak hubby took Slicer for a driving lesson in a nearby paddock?), I was up to my eyeballs in printing pattern packs for my completed Shabby Roses Quilt. My dear friend Fiona, of Mothers Cupboard, will be selling them from her stand at the Royal Hobart Show next month, and displaying her own version of my Shabby Roses Quilt alongside.

So if you can't wait for the last few Shabby Roses BOM blocks to be shared through my blog, and you're going to the Hobart Show, look for Fiona!! She even has fabric packs all cut and ready for you to make the quilt!

I planned ahead these holidays to read, and on Monday my books arrived from the Book Depository in the UK. I use the Book Depository because I cannot find anywhere cheaper in the world for books - and they post free all over the world! I hope this information helps some of you because I have saved a lot of money using them.
I have never read any of the Elm Creek novels but have longed to, so I bought a bundle and began The Sugar Camp Quilt last night - the idea is to take my chamomile tea and the book to bed each night and read a chapter or two before my eyes close...I just need my eyes to stay open a bit longer than they do OR go to bed earlier! Perhaps I should start the day with the book...mmmm...

Some stitching is needed to be done every day too!
This is a little peek at part of a swap gift I'm making. I love my Oopsie Daisies and I tend to use them a lot in things for others because they make me smile while I stitch. :-)

ATTENTION all those who are part of the Hug Swap that Vicki and I have been hosting.

Don't forget that you are due to post your Mug Hug and your Mug Mat to your partner on Friday 25th - only 2 days away! When you receive it, email them and let them know. Then put a photo on your blog and email Vicki or I so we can link back to you - we'd all love to see the HUGS around the globe!

Have a lovely day for those just rising, and for those who are winding down for the evening, sweet dreams.


Vickie said...

can sympathize with the weather and ac situation we just finally had our ac installed int he lounge room on saturday what a difference it makes...I think lots of patterns will be sold..thanks for the heads up on the books may just have to check it out...hmm stitchin looks great..I mailed my hug swap off yesterday,cheers Vickie

Miriam said...

I hope you didn't get too much dust in your house!!
You will be very happy when that new air conditioner is working.
Good luck with the sales of your pattern at the Hobart Show.

Enjoy your books!!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

I'm up to book 2 in that set...Round Robin...and like you try to read a bit each night before the peepers shut!!!

zetor said...

Hi Jenny, you might like this book
Happy holidays!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Someone is going to love their swap gift!!! I've not read the Elm Creek books but I love the Benni Harper novels by Earlene Fowler.

Tree said...

I love the Elm Creek books - I've read the first three plus Winding Ways Quilt and am now onto the Sugar Camp Quilt. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Lisa at Sun Naturals said...

Hi Jenny,
I love the Elm Creek Books and the Sugar Camp Quilt is one of my favorites. Enjoy with your tea! :-)

Anonymous said...

I heard about the dust storm on the news, here in the UK it is not something we have had to deal with yet, (though as the climate changes, who knows what is coming our way) Hope it didnt cause you and everyone else any permanent damage, only loads of dusting and vacuuming. The book depository is a great place to get books from, quite cheep and no postage to pay, well for me no postage! not sure about the rest of the world.
I've already posted my hug swaps to my partner as I know the Royal Mail have a huge backlog of parcels to be sorted and delivered. Hopefully my partner will get them on time. hugs xxx

Cattinka said...

I hope you can sleep better when the air conditioner is installed. I know what you are talking about when you talk about heat... I used to live in Texas for four years.

Crispy said...

Oh my that dust from sand storms is so invasive, I can imagine the mess.

I love the Elm Creek books too but have not read them all. I need to start collecting them.


Micki said...

I read all of the Elm Creek book and you will love them. Nothing is better than one of the books and lying comfortably in bed.

Allie said...

That dust storm was quite impressive - the site I went to had side-by-side pics of what Sydney normally looks like, and what it looked like that day. Unbelievable. I hope you don't have any problems with the clean-up.
I hope your patterns are a sell-out! I can't imagine any being left.
I love the Elm Creek novels. I started with The Quilter's Apprentice [which I later found out was the first] and was hooked. I get them on cd so I can stitch while I "read", lol. Our library has them all.
I love love love the Oopsie Daisies - I'm still planning on putting them on a shirt, have it transferred just haven't found the time to get started! How did you get the design on that dark fabric? It looks wonderful!

Bec said...

I am sure you will get alot of use from the air conditioner.
Go the Elm Creek books! Once you start I don't think you will be putting them down for stitching until they are all read!

Pina said...

Hi jenny
I can sympathize with you on that dust storm, hope it's all settled now.
Do you have an email address I have a question for you which I dont want to post here.

P.S Hope your day is better today

Colleen said...

Heard on the news that you guys were having a massive dust storm. I hope that it has subsided by now and that you have your A/C connected.
I have read all the Elm Creek books and they are among my favorites.
Enjoy your time off.

quiltinbysea said...

Thanks so much for the Book Depository sticker shock yesterday from Amazons new postage rates. Free Shipping from Book Depository makes it a much better option.
That dust is so fine I'm not sure the vac will catch it all.
Best of Luck for your patterns in Hobart

Robin in New Jersey said...

Oh my...did all the dust get in your sewing room?

I have read all of the Elm Creek books by Jennifer Chiaverini. I love them.

I also like to read in bed at night before sleep sets in. :)

Carrie P. said...

I was wondering if you were affected by that dust storm. It was shown on our world news tonight. It was really something out of a movie.
I know you will be glad to have another air conditioner.
Here's wishing you sell lots of patterns.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Gosh Jenny, what a nightmare with the 'removed' window and the dust storm. You poor loves. The photos I've seen on the news have been incredible... like something out of a sci-fi film!

The sneak peek is gorgeous - love the colours! And thanks for the reminder about the hug swap!!

Vikki xoxoxo

jugglingpaynes said...

I seem to know a lot of cyberspace pals who were affected by that dust storm. I hope the dust is too hard to remove! Is it causing any breathing problems for your family?

Take care!
Peace and Laughter,

Judith Tetley said...

Oh it was a bad day here yesterday too Jenny. I know just how awful the dust would have been coming into your house. I used to have louver windows on my closed in verandah when I lived in the Riverina and; the dust used to pour in there when we had a dust storm.
So glad you mentioned the books..I have been wanting to start reading those for a long time. I notice on your posts that the first one is the "Quilters Apprentice", so I will buy one in and take it away with me in November. Thanks for the link.
Hugs Judith

QuiltSue said...

I'm sorry about the dust storm. That made it onto our main national news bulletin yesterday. Surely it's not really the season for them yet?

As for the Elm Creek books, I've read all of them - great light, escapism reading.

Anonymous said...

Hope your new air conditioner is up and running soon, so you will have a cool sewing room to work in.

Maggi said...

Hope you have got clered up after the dust storm by now and also that your Shabby Roses quilt sells well at the royal Hobart show.

Leslie said...

We're dealing with warmer temps here in Pennsylvania, too. Probably not like what you're dealing with but DH ripped the a/c's out Sunday night and we really could have used them yesterday Oh, well...There is no way I'm having him put them back in because I hate that job. He gets so cranky and mean over it every time, complaining about how unsquare the windows are and such. It's great! NOT!

Enjoy your will be over before you know it, I"m sure :)


Searchfamilies said...

My distant cousin had said about a dust storm & all the mess that she has to clean up so i understand
I bet with the new AC will be a great help
Hugs Janice

Anonymous said...

I started reading those books when the first one came out and was hooked right then. I've since bought and read each one as they were available and love them. I prefer the stories set in contemporary times vs the historical ones but I like them all.

darcey said...

Oh jenny, the canadian news was showing pictures of the dust storm last night. oh my goodness, it looked so strange...sort of like another planet. Best of luck cleaning up...I don't envy you. It's going to be a big job. We don't get dust storms where I live, we just get soggy because once it starts to rain in the fall, it just doesn't seem to stop until may...great stitching weather, though.
All the best. Darcey

Anonymous said...

Hope you and family are okay...been seeing (on TV) about the terrible dust storms.

The Elm Creek series of books are a fun read. I've read about six of them!

Take care,

Margot said...

I sent my hug mug today September 24.
Margot of Brasil

Judith Tetley said...

If my husband asks me "why two books have come in the mail"...I'm telling him "you made me do it Jenny"!
mmmmm....your lovely photo's of the books I have been wanting to read for a long time stimulated me to get to it and order them!
"Elm Creek Quilts Sampler" and "Elm Creek Quilts Album" is winging its way as we speak.
Just got to fit in the reading time.

Carol said...

Elm Creek books - fabulous. Elm Creek Quilt pattern books - even more fabulous :)
Hope everyone/thing survives the dust storm. Seen pictures. Quite awe inspiring.