Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Wednesday already?!

Look who was watching through the window last night when my husband was doing the dishes!

Remember when we first moved here in July and we found a Green Tree Frog living in our toilet? Well, after we spotted our watcher I went outside to get a closer look at our window visitor and discovered the whole family have moved in! They meet in the laundry tubs outside the back door apparently...

...Blossom had to have a play too...

...and there is our little window sitter. He wasn't in a hurry to go anywhere, quite content to watch hubby till the chores were done.

Meanwhile, back in the living room I got Blossom to hold up my FINISHED Shabby Roses Quilt so you could see which binding I finally chose to use. I was a good mumma and listened to my baby girl's suggestion - she was right, the pink paisley looks fantastic. I wish I could show you more, but then I'd be spoiling the surprises of the last three blocks.

Today the mailman came with two wonderful gifts!
This is the giveaway I won a little while back from Amanda's blog. I *love* those Japanese fabrics, and I have some gorgeous new earrings to wear, as well as the prettiest hand dyed Australian cotton thread (you should see the colours for real...beautiful!) as well as a gift voucher from Kelani. If you haven't been to peruse the Kelani store online PLEASE do!!
Thank you so much, Amanda!! Everything is so lovely. :-)

And the 2nd surprise in the mailbox?
I made the cover of Creating Country Threads again!! WOW!!!

This is my Oopsie Daisies wall hanging...I don't know about you but Oopsie Daisies make me so happy when I stitch them. I have another cute Oopsie Daisies design coming out in Creating Country Threads at the end of the year.
For those who cannot purchase this magazine in your country, more of my Oopsie Daisies designs can be bought from my Etsy Store.
Now, a few links to share.
You're all aware that I have begun a love affair with machine quilting? A lovely blogger sent me a link to a free download from Quilting Arts Magazine for machine quilting tips, and another blogger put me on to some free video classes from Patsy Thompson. This is going to help a lot - thank you ladies!
As well as those, I will be receiving in the mail very soon a DVD by Dawn Ramirez. Have a look at her work, ladies, she is so talented!! The lessons on her DVD are for beginners as well as more advanced machine quilters. For now I am the beginner, but maybe this time next year I'll be able to call myself 'mildly proficient'.

Do you enjoy Swaps? If so, have you seen SwapDex? It lists many swaps that cover most crafts.

Lastly, Ky asked me to mention that her and a number of other ladies who do not have blogs have joined together. She invites you to join if you do not have your own blog. The blurb on the blog reads: "This is a place where we share ideas and information, we show and tell what we are working on, and get advice and encouragement. If you have thought about creating a blog but didn't want the hassle or thought you might not write enough to make it worthwhile then you are welcome to join us here. You don't have to know anything at all about blogging, we'll help you out! We are taking new members, just send us an e-mail if you would like to join our group!"
Sorry for such a long blog post! I had so much to tell you and I didn't even mention the new secret projects I'm working on....well, I almost didn't mention them. ;-)

Don't forget to sign up for the Hug Swap by September 4th!



Fee said...

Love the frogs - maybe the watcher wanted to HELP with the dishes?! :-)
Your shabby roses quilt is absolutely gorgeous Jen and congrats on making the cover of the magazine, again! You clever lady you!
Fee x

Denise said...

Again on magazine cover, but it's rigth, your work is fantastic!

Sew Little Fabric said...

Ooh Jenny you nearly gave me a heart attack! I have a completely irrational fear of Green tree frogs! I think it stems from a time one hit me on the bot bot, hahaha. Anyway two covers in a row! You are a clever Lady!!
Hugs Paula

Fee said...

Those frogs are gorgeous. My grandson Tommy adores frogs. Congrats on reaching the front cover - It is a lovely project XXXX

Cattinka said...

This is really a long post.... just wanted to comment on the shabby roses. I like the border you chose and the way you framed your blocks. I don´t think I would have picked such bright colours but it really looks nice, and I will try to do sometzing close to what you did.

Ky said...

Thanks Jenny for mentioning our group blog! I can't wait to see the entire Shabby Roses Quilt!

Crispy said...

Yep that Blossom has a great eye for fabric, the paisley is PERFECT!

Congradulations on hitting the cover again...not a big surprise though, your designs are delightful!


Dolores said...

Congratulations on the cover Ooopsie Daisies project. It's wonderful that you are able to do what you enjoy, share it with others and now, through the magazine publications, share your creativity with many, many more. Good luck to you. You deserve it.

Regarding your froggies, what I would like to know is, how do you do the washing with those little critters in the tub? I do hope the drain isn't big enough for them to go down or to hide in.

Diva Kreszl said...

ooh...can't wait to see the quilt all done, the colors are beautiful!

darcey said...

Good Morning Jenny
Just a note to thank you for mentioning to Katrin of Cattinka's blog that I was hoping to get english instructions for the keychain. She emailed me today and was very gracious about my shabby german grammer....I was thrilled to get her email. Thanks for the help. Very friendly of you!

Allie said...

Love the little froggies, aren't they cute! Your Shabby Roses looks so wonderful Jenny, I just love it - I hope mine looks half as good.
Congrats on the lovely win and of course, making the cover AGAIN! Woohoo! But of course I'm not surprised, your work is fantastic! Love that little wallhanging.
You just HAD to mention secret projects. Sigh. You know how to keep my blood pressure up, you do. *G*

Sarah - Kala said...

Great post. Love your frogs. We currently have a garage guest: a gecko. Those little suckers move really quick - so no pictures yet.

COngrats on the magazine cover and enjoy enjoy enjoy those lovely gifts you got!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, Love your little green frogs, They look so cute.
Your Shabby Rose quilt looks absolutely wonderful.
Congrats on the publication of "oopsie daisies". The wall hanging looks very cute, although I cant get the actual magazine. I have the pattern from you, so I will be doing something similar in the near future. hugz xxx

Miriam said...

Great to see some frogs; we hardly ever see frogs here these days.

I can't wait to see the complete shabby roses quilt.

Congratulations on the giveaway win. A great prize there!!!

Even bigger congratulations for making the magazine cover!

Thank you very much for the machine quilting links! I have downloaded the Quilting Arts information and it looks like exactly the thing I need!!!

Bec said...

Congratulations on a cover shot with Oopsie Daisies! I shall have to keep an eye for it next time I am in town.
The binding is just perfect on your Shabby Roses quilt. The quilting looks gorgeous. Do you have a special label stitched out for the back?????
Enjoy your little frogs! We have one that lives inside a steel verandah post at the top of the stairs, often see him/her poking his/her face out as we ascend or descend; it always brings a smile to my face!

Chookyblue...... said...

yes saw the magazine article in a mag at a friends looks like a nice projects

Also with swapdex - it would be nice if they asked you if they could post about your swap before they did it.......lucky this year they missed my swap........

Anonymous said...

Your shabby roses quilt looks fabulous Jenny. I love having frogs around, but I am not so happy after we have had lots of rain, and they start calling each other. Thanks again for giving us the shabby roses blocks.

Judith Tetley said...

Congratulations on front cover again Jenny. Love how your shabby roses quilt is turning out. Have been away in Sydney for a week so very little sewing has been done here!