Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All refreshed....

My few days away from the computer were 'just what the doctor ordered', and I am feeling much refreshed. It's so easy to get caught up in the internet world and spend a bit too much time roaming around looking at what others are up to, emailing, or browsing wonderful fabric stores. ;-)
All of it is fun, but there are times when I forget there is a real-life family here that need some loving, a good hearty meal, an ear to listen, and hugs on demand. Thankfully it's not hard to step back and leave the internet world behind for a bit...the rewards of immersing myself into home and family are beyond wonderful.

We had such a relaxing weekend that I let it spread into Monday and Tuesday, but of course there were still things that needed to be done, but other things I could let slide a bit longer.

On Sunday I was able to finally catch up on my Christmas Wishes blocks (from Gail Pan's blog) - now all the blocks are finished, and I can sash them together by the end of the week. If all goes according to plan the quilt will be finished by next weekend in plenty of time for Christmas.

My Prismacolor pencils arrived in the mail so after I went thread shopping I traced the outline for the 1st block in Robyn Allen-Water's BOM, "The Sewing Circle". It's a very large centre block and she gives you the option of simply stitching or adding the colouring from the Prismacolors. I've not used them before so decided to give it a go. I plan to begin stitching this over the weekend, but my 2nd block is due in the mail any day so I'll have to get moving with it if I don't want to fall behind! (Do you have trouble staying up to date with BOMs? How are you going with Shabby Roses?)

Remember I said that I wanted to do some simple home decorating? I've had these fabrics for a while and thought they'd be perfect for new quilted cushion covers.

There has been the prettiest 2 yards of Robyn Pandolph's "Aubrey Rose" sitting in my fabric stash for a year, waiting for me to decided when and how to cut it. Problem solved - I chose to keep it as is and quilted 4 placemats and a matching table runner! Don't they look Christmassey!? I love them, and so did our guests on Saturday night - they only took me a few hours to make. The cranberry binding on the runner made it stand out beautifully from the placemats.

And.....I've been working on some new things too.
Just a couple of sneak peeks.

Have you seen what Allie is doing with my set of "In My Garden" stitcheries, and the larger "Window to My Garden"? She has chosen some luscious fabrics and completely transformed my originals. I Love them, Allie!!! I'm inspired to go and remake mine now!
Go to her blog and have a look at the other blocks...you will be as excited as me. :-)


Don't forget to visit our Gum Tree Designers blog for the 2nd of our free Christmas designs. Joy has made the sweetest placemat you've ever seen!

Okay...it's back to the family for me.
I know you understand.



Crispy said...

Wow that Robyn Allen-Waters piece is VERY intricate. I look forward to seeing it stitched/colored.


Cattinka said...

I can understand that you need a break from the computer once in a while, but please come and visit my blog again, I miss your comments!

Lurline said...

Nice for you and yours to enjoy time together - Blogland is a busy place - missed you!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Country Nanny said...

I agree with you: sometimes we need a break and stay with people we love but it's so beautiful to read you again an look at all the wonderful things you share with us.

Sarah - Kala said...

Again, beautiful stuff. Balance is key with the blogging stuff. Family before blogging.

My back and bum hurt so bad after bending over boxes in the garage (was flattening the moving boxes and paper etc.).

I plan on bending over some cross stitch today.

barb's creations said...

Totally understand about finding a balance between family and computer.Glad to see you back though as I've missed you.
Just a quick question.... Where did you source your prismacolour pencils from as I'd like to buy a pkt? :) Barb.

Wendyb said...

You have been very busy on the homefront, Jenny!....love the ideas for all your pretties for your home too!!...fabrics are delish! Have got to get onto that challenge *oops*
I'd love to know where you got your prismacolour pencils too! been looking locally.....no luck.
great to see you back!
XX Wendy B 'o)

Carrie P. said...

Hey Jenny,
You have been very busy. I have kept up pretty much with the several BOM that I am working on. I am working on your last two so hopefully I will be caught up when the next ones come out. I feel pretty good about it too.
I saw Allie's little project she is working on. It is going to be very cute.

Sew Useful Designs said...

I'm so glad you are feeling refreshed Jenny darling! We will all still be here whenever you are online! Not going anywhere! :-)

OOOOH! I am loving, loving, LOVING the new design sweetie... that evening dress is a stunner!

And Allie's fabric and colour choices for your In my Garden designs are fabulous! Oh, and the placemats too... just gorgoeus, I love how you are creating a homemade home! You're always an inspiration!

Loves ya! Vikki xo

ps. Awwww sweetie - do you know what my word verification is????
"blesse" How's about that?!!!


Hi Jenny--glad you got a break and some rest and family time. Love all your projects and I can;t wait til you show us more on the 2 sneak peaks!!! As for BOMs I did every month right on time until I took Aug to do Christmas projects--now I am behind and then with signing up to the Schnibbles each month hasn't helped---my Shabby rose blocks are prepped--( the ones after the boot--the others are all done)but now there's fall things to make too and list goes on and on and on--no time for me to get bored that's for sure!!!!
Hugs, Di

Terri said...

I'm glad you're feeling refreashed and back to visit with us. We all need a little break.
I's like to know a bit more about those prismacolour pencils.....

Allie said...

SO glad you had a refreshing break, dear one. What with starting the Gum Tree Designers and blog and all the designs you've created lately, I can see where you would need one!

Your Gail Pan looks great, and that Sewing Circle looks AWESOME - I love Prismacolor pencils, markers, all of them. I can't wait to see how this turns out.

I need to work on my Shabby Roses - I have three to finish up, had to re-do one as I used the wrong color on it. But then I got sidetracked by your garden designs *G*
LOVE your new cushions and table runner and placemats! You're going to have the prettiest little nest in all Australia.
Love your sneak peeks too!

marina said...

Your sewing circle block looks challenging-can't wait to see your start on it. I usually don't like to work on more than two months at a time or it becomes a bit daunting. I love to keep up.
Love your decorating!

Searchfamilies said...

Lovely work but especially love the placemats & runner really nice
Hugs Janice