Friday, October 16, 2009

My Christmas Wishes quilt is finished!

After a few hours working through ideas for the finishing touches I came up with something I was happy with...

I'm not a big fan of many Christmas-style fabrics, mostly because they can tend to date quickly and many have a loud 'gaudiness' to them. I like to choose fabrics for Christmas that will still look lovely twenty years from now, and as you'll see in the fabrics used for this quilt none of them are Christmas ones.

I chose a fabric from RJR's "Momma's Apron Strings" for the binding, and then covered 4 buttons with the same to bring a bit of uniformity to the quilt top. The colours in the fabric matched beautifully with the colours used in the embroideries. I'm really happy with how this quilt has turned out! :-)

What are your favourite Christmas fabrics?
I have some Mary Engelbreit's "The Caroler" sitting here waiting to make it's appearance in a new design. It's so bright and cheery - not sure yet how I'll play with them, though. ;-)

I'm enjoying learning to use my new sewing machine, so in another week or so I will be sitting down and following along with Dawn Ramirez's "Pajama Quilter Reloaded" DVD and workbook. If I can learn even a tiny portion of what she can do I'll be a happy quilter.

Allie has designed the sweetest little rose stitcheries and she's sharing them free from her blog - they are gorgeous! Go and say hi to her, then stitch those cute roses with me.
I wonder how you'll use yours?

For the rest of today I'm going to work on finishing some more projects - don't you love the feeling of accomplishment you get when that final stitch is tied off?!

Happy days stitching,


  1. Jenny the quilt is lovely. I hope I thanked you for the link you sent me for the sewing machine cover. I am going to try to make one tomorrow on my day off. Yipee!

  2. Hi Jenny--love your Christmas Wish cute and how cute are the buttons you added--for some reason I love the traditional Christmas colors--bright red and green-green--and gold---I see so many other colors and shades of the Christmas colors--but i always seem to stand by the red and green!!!!
    have a fun day ---hugs, Di

  3. Oh Jenny, the quilt is beautiful. But I knew it would be - I've been following your progress.

    That little stitchery is adorable!

  4. I love that you didn't use traditional Christmas prints, yet you can clearly see this is meant to be Christmas. You, again, have done a marvelous job of this quilt.

    Enjoy it for years to come!

  5. everything about your Christmas Wish quilt is lovely. and the binding is perfectly sweet.

  6. Your Christmas Wish quilt looks great. I have one quilt top finished and the second one almost finished. I am hoping to make 8 as gifts, but rapidly running out of time. I may get 4 made this year. And give the other four next year.


  7. Oh Jenny, gorgeous, be proud! I would love to have this to bring out every Christmas, New Year,, all the time! Very, very pretty, I love it. Pop over and sign up for my giveaway and help me answer the question on what to do with all my quilt mags! Have a great weekend, enjoy your little store with Blossom, Elaine

  8. Your quilt is lovely! I love your fabrics! They are very classy. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Have a great day.

  9. Your quilt looks lovely Jenny! Nicely done...of course! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  10. Hi Jenny, I love the way you finished Gails Christmas wishes.. it looks great.. you always do something a little different and it always works.. thanks for the link to Allie's rose embroidery.. it's lovely

  11. Hi Jenny-
    Christmas Wishes is gorgeous. The covered buttons are such a nice touch. finishing projects really does feel good--unfortunately starting new ones is fun too. Have a wonderful day! A-

  12. Jenny that quilt came out PERFECT. I love the binding and the buttons, and the quilting by the buttons - and the border fabric is very Jenny! I love that it's not Christmas, yet is so perfect for the season.
    The dvd looks very intriguing....I'll have to look for it. Doing anything in my jammies is ok with me.
    Thanks for the shout-out on my roses - Claudia thought they would look good on an apron, and I do too, I love her idea - a white apron with red rick-rack! If I wasn't so lazy I'd have an apron stitch-along. But then I'd have to make an apron instead of just finding them at the thrift stores, lol!

  13. Gorgeous Christmas Wishes, it's been lovely seeing everyone's interpretations.

    I'm not a big fan of Christmas prints, but love red and green! Though I am enjoying some of the contemporary fabrics Micheal Miller is doing for Christmas, lots of swirly bits in bright lime, green, red, white.

    I haven't even started Christmas wishes, though am hoping to make a start this week, having decided that I'm going to use just red and white prints, and do the entire stitching in red.

  14. Oh wow Jenny, that looks superb... I love the roses fabric and the buttons and stiching coming from them finish it off beautifully... well done on another finish...Hugs
    Dawn x x x

  15. Your christmas wish has turned out lovely. You always astonish me with your choice of fabrics. I used real christmas themed fabrics form my christmas wish. I think I will still like it in a few years for I will only hang it on christmas and you know we have winter here on x-mas and I think it is cute to have snowflakes and so on on my christmas projects.

  16. Hi Jenny, your christmasquilt looks great, I love Christmas in green-white-red! Hugs, Renata.

  17. Hi Jenny, your christmasquilt looks great, I love Christmas in green-white-red! Hugs, Renata.

  18. Christmas wishes is a great quilt. I love the little buttons on it - a super finishing touch.

  19. This christmas quilt is wonderful! I like it very much!

  20. The quilt is lovely well done
    Really like it
    Hugs Janice

  21. The quilt is fantastic!Everything about it is lovely

  22. Lovely finish to your Christmas Wish. Mine are finished and know how I want to finish the quilt but it isn't in straight rows with sashing. So it may take me a while to get to it. I am picky with my Christmas fabric. I don't like large prints and I don't like cutesy. I love plaids so red and green in plaid is probably my favorite look.

  23. What a beautiful quilt. I too have some of Mary Engelbreit's "The Caroler" fabric sitting on my sewing table. I have some designs ready, just need time to sew them. I can't wait to see what you do with your fabric. Jill

  24. That Christmas quilt is beautiful! I love that you didn't use Christmas fabrics, but it looks christmasy!

  25. Your quilt turned out great. Love the touches of stitching and the buttons. Very nice.


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