Sunday, October 4, 2009

Some gorgeous things I came across on other blogs...

When people see how many followers I have they often wonder if I ever get the time to visit other blogs...well, the truth is I don't have a lot of free time, so I try to give myself one hour, twice a week, where I just blog hop. I make myself a nice frothy cappuccino, grab some lovely fruity biscuits, make sure the family are all occupied - and I browse blogs.
Just as some of you tell me that my blog inspires you, I also am inspired by your blogs, so tonight I thought I'd share with you all a few things that inspired me this week.

Nina Morelli's blog is eye candy to me - and these beautiful pouches (below) are just sublime. Be ready to ooh and aaah when you visit her as all her bags have a touch of beauty, quirkiness, charm and fun.

Visiting Jodie's Blog (Ric-Rac) is fun all the time! The other day I saw that she'd done a tutorial on these one-hour felt softies - aren't they gorgeous!? If you have young children, or you just love soft toys, you'll find lots of inspiration in her blog.

Janice was my swap partner earlier this year and made a gorgeous redwork cushion for me. Over the months I've seen her turn her hand to various sewing items, but I just *loved* this one! Janice went to a workshop and made this felted pincushion - it's such a bright and interesting piece that I can look at it for ages and still find it captivating! I'm going to play around with making one of these for myself. When you visit her blog click on the photo and you'll get a better view of all it's different stitches.

Inspiration can come from so many places, but I really enjoy seeing the talents of others because they so often inspire, amaze, and gratify the lover of beauty within me. Thank you to all of you with blogs - for sharing your photos and stories, and for sharing inspiration! You make my browsing time such a joy!

What inspires you about a particular blog?


PS: Only a few hours now until the 1st of nine free Christmas designs are shared at Among The Gum Trees! \o/


Crispy said...

It's interesting to see what catches your eye. An appliqued quilt always stops me in my tracks.


Maggey and Jim said...

Hi Jenny,
I am so inspired by the many blogs that I visit..So much talent out there to get one motivated. It is almost overwhelming and I have to choose my special ones or else I would never get any projects finished. You are truly one of those special ones.

Allie said...

A couple of hours a week? That must be what I'm doing wrong, lol, and why I can't get anything done. I'm browsing too much inspiration! I wish someone would pay me for blog surfing. But you're still my favorite, dear Jenny.

Micki said...

There are so many inspiring blogs...i agree with you!

Loralynn said...

Really neat projects! Thanks for the links, these are all new blogs to me!

manda said...

Hey Jen! Come and enter my giveaway! You're always having them, it's about time you entered one!

Searchfamilies said...

There is some very lovely items you are showing us.
I was reading about your swap partner & looked & thought no it wasn't me so it must be another Janice well we do have one of the best names lol
Hugs Janice

Janice said...

Jenny, that was so nice of you to refer to my blog. I feel quite honoured. I too like to find new blogs to see what creative things everyone is up to.