Thursday, October 1, 2009

Winner of the September Sewing Mat Challenge

It's certainly been a big day on my blog for giving things away! First there was the Gum Tree Designers launch giveaway that Denise won, then there was the sharing of block 10 of my Shabby Roses BOM, and now to draw the winner from the September Sewing Machine Mat Challenge!

Thank you to the 17 lovely ladies who accepted the challenge and made their mats! But who will be the winner of my giveaway???

17 names thrown into my box....

...Blossom is chosen to draw the lucky name...

...and it's CAROL!

Congratulations Carol!!!
I'm sure you're going to LOVE your prize! :-)

Carol does not have a blog, but she emailed me a photo - now, I'm sorry but I can't show it to you because it's a surprise present she has made for someone special, but believe me it was really lovely and she also made the matching sewing machine cover!

Today I used my Wild Thing for the first time...what a beautiful machine it is! I did some straight stitching and then some quilting, nothing fancy yet. Maybe I'll do a little bit each day until I get my confidence up.

So I guess you'd like a challenge for November? Or maybe not? I have an idea for one but if will all depend on how many people would like to join in.
Think about the challenge, and let me know. I'll give you a hint on what it would be shall I?
It has NOTHING to do with sewing machines, although you'd still need to use one probably, and it uses something that many of us have lying around after buying fabrics...can you guess?



Vickie said...

Congrats Carol....lovely prize eh?
Oh the Beastie will be your best friend before you know it Miss jenny of that I am sure....hmm a new challenge you say eh, wonder what it could be ...something to do with----ummm selvages...ummm scraps..cheers Vickie

Narelle said...

Congratulations to Carol!
Could your next challenge be a something to put scraps in perhaps?
I have a scrap bucket on my to do list to finish off my red set.

marina said...

Well done Carol.
Your challenge sounds inviting...
Tell me more?

Maria said...

Congrats Carol.

OH!!!!!!! I agree with the other ladies sounds like the new challenge could be scraps. I am sure we all have many.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Carol, and such a beautiful prize.
I am sure you and "wild Thing" will get on just fantastically, when you get to know each others little ways! I am quite envious of wild thing really. lol. Oh yes, please do a challenge for November, I too have a lot of scraps waiting to be made into something useful!
Hugs xxx

Sew Useful Designs said...

Wild Thing.. I think I love you! I really really do.... please someone stop me from kissing my pc monitor!!!!!

Ahem... excuse me, I don't know what came over me! Umm Jenny - yes up for a challenge sweetie! I reckon it could have something to do with selvedges, also!

Hugs in abundance!
Vikki xoxo

Wendyb said...

ooooooo, scrappy, scrappy, scrappy????....can't wait!!
congratulations Carol....I'm sure your friend will love her gift...I'm going to make another one as a pressie easy and quick!!!
I think you'd better hold on tight to Wild Thing.....Vikki seems to want 'him' for herself!!!!! hehehe
thanks again for the challenge and looking forward to many more!
'o) Wendy B xx

Country Mom said...

Congrats Carol. You lucky girl!
I do hope the Nov. challenge is using scraps because I have sooooo many.I wanna Wild Thing too! Looks like so much fun. Dee

Micki said...

Congrats Carol and I am looking forward to hearing more of the challenge!

paulette said...

It might have to do with the plastic bag that the fabric came in....hmmmm..There was this elderly lady who made all her furniture out of plastic bags....just a thought....Paulette

Unknown said...

Congratulations Carol! beautiful bag! Now, Jenny...I need to post here that I received my mug swap from Jane...I cannot locate the info I had on her...I'm having computer problems right now and this is the path of least resistence..thank you for forwarding the info! I love it and will blog about it and post a picture when I can! Thanks for hosting the swap! What's next? LOL

Allie said...

Congratulations Carol!!! I never did get the chance to make one, *sob* So glad you got to fire up the Wild Thing, Jenny....and yes, I'm up for a challenge in November, I should have my obligations out of the way by then!

What Comes Next? said...

Congrats to Carol! and way to go to you you've been so busy, how do you get any sewing done??? hmmmm next challenge - could it possibly be a bag holder?

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jenny,
Thank you for the latest gorgeous BOM design.

Oh, your new machine is wonderful, I know because that's what I have.
Works a treat.

Have a great weekend.

Lauren Colless said...

You lucky girl Carol!!! Enjoy your new book!!!
Hmmm a new challenge... I'm thinking its either scraps or selvedges... I don't have many selvedges at all so I'm hoping it is scraps! But sounds exciting anyway - can't wait to see it!

Sharon said...

Hi Jenny,

My first thought was that after buying fabric I have an empty wallet, receipts and loads of anticipation...not to mention a lovely hedonistic feel. Ahhhh (LOL)
I don't think thats what you mean I guess its selvedges or left-over bits of fabric.
Sharon (Stitches on Mars)

PS I usually use my blogger account, but not playing in this alien machine

Isabella said...

Congrats on your new machine you are going to love it it's the same as mine what are you going to call her ? remember she will be your very bestest freind I call my girl princess :0)
My thinking is selvages but then after reading the other comments I did start to think like Vickie scrapes :)

Anne said...

Another challenge......count me in. I should be over current dreaded lurgy by then and back in the world of vitality, health and creativity. Well done to Carol!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Oh yes, I'm interested in a November challenge - is it using scraps?

Teresa said...

Congratulations Carol!! Hi Jenny, yes I am up for a challenge... hope it's something with scraps too.. my scrap bag is growing...

Cheryl said...

Hmmm... What I have left over is a bunch of receipts that need a secret hiding place. Clever girl! You've designed a secret hiding place!! I do hope it has butterflies and flowers ....
Cheryl :-)

chook said...

I would love to find out more about the November challenge but what about October ????
hugs Beth

The Patch Craft said...

Thank you everybody. I can't show the finished project in case my sister sees it on the blog. It is one of her Christmas presents. I can tell you it was the pattern from Tazzie Quilts in autumn colours, with a matching machine cover.

manda said...

I would love to see what your wild thing has in her clutches! It looks fantastic!

Pam Marshall said...


tracy said...

Hi Carol, glad to see you are using your new Janome machine!!