Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's been happening the last few days?

The final days of summer holidays have wound down. Blossom's head cold lasted 24 hours and disappeared (thank you for your thoughts and prayers), my migraine still lingers, climbing to heights and dipping to lows but not chooisng to leave just yet, and Mr Elefantz is back behind his desk planning the year ahead for his students in the Manual Arts Department.

I thought I'd give you a photo journey of the last few days, so let's start with the double fun of both mother and daughter being published in different magazines.
Blossom's sweet "Garden Angel" stitchery in Patchwork & Stitching...don't they photograph beautifully for the magazine?

My "Just Nesting" wallhanging in Creating Country Threads...

...and here it is hanging above the kitchen shelf Mr Elefantz built me earlier this month.

I'll be sharing this project next week as a pdf pattern for those overseas who cannot purchase the magazine.
I've spent my stitching hours working on another design for my new "Dilly Dally Daisy" range of stitcheries...

 ...and stitched a new design for something sweet and simple I'll use in a future project for you on my blog.

In the kitchen, Bob-the-Dog is being given special treatment with a renewed decision to make all his food myself. I used to do this before we moved here last July, but Fiona's wonderful frugal-living blog posts spurred me back to what I know to be best for our four-legged-friend. It's such a simple and nutritious one-pot cook-up and I can make a week's worth at a time.

I've also been making more of Blossom's favourite bread - Sultana & Carrot Loaf. A few of you have asked for the recipe so I will upload it later today and add it to my right-hand sidebar in the 'Cook With Me' section.The recipe is from an out of print book, but I have altered it slightly over time and I think my updated recipe is tastier. ;-)

On Friday a parcel arrived from the lovely Kaari Meng of French General. She sent me a box of the sweetest fabric scraps...

...wrapped in exquisitely French toile paper...

...and inside were these beautiful pieces of Kaari's 'Rural Jardin' fabric range.

Now you're wondering what I'm going to do with them, aren't you?
Well, Kaari sent them to me to use in a special giveaway that you can enter in February.
February is my birthday month, and I will have another Challenge for you to participate in - but you'll have to wait until February 1st to find out what it is. The prize will be some of these lovely Rural Jardin pieces, plus a handmade item from me, made using some of these fresh French inspired fabrics!
Keep dropping by to find out more as February approaches.
How are you going with your January Tea Towel Challenge? What have you made? 
Barb made this beautiful library bag! She even designed the stitchery on the front herself - I love it, Barb!!

Another follower, Rian, (she does not have a blog) sent me a photo of her daughter Dianne's Challenge entry - a binder cover! Isn't it great?!

 You see, there are so many wonderful ways to make use of a tea towel....when are you going to show me your tea towel project? There is only a week left to enter the Challenge and be in the running for the giveaway prize!

Remember to pray for Haiti, and give what you can to help this incredibly devastated country. One world, one global family under God...let's reach out a hand to these hurting people in any way we are able.
Hug your own family close today, and thank God you can.


Allie said...

Awww - I'm sorry your summer holidays are over - holidays are lovely, aren't they? I'm glad Blossom's cold is gone but I'm re-doubling my prayers for your migraine.
Mum and daughter published at the same time - how amazing is that! Both projects are darling! I LOVE your birds, dear Jenny. Your new designs look awesome too.
I don't think I'll be making dog food anytime soon - it's hard enough to make people food. *G*

Lovely parcel you received - can't wait to see what you do with it!

jugglingpaynes said...

Published again? And your daughter too? You're making me feel like such a slacker! :o)

I'm so glad your daughter is feeling better and I hope you feel better soon too. I've been getting some nasty migraines lately too. I figured out they tended to be in the sinuses and I've been using a neti pot for it. I hope your migraine goes away soon.

Peace and Laughter,

FlourishingPalms said...

Jenny, you are an inspiration with your generosity! How you can raise a family, cook for a dog, and find time to stitch too, is incredible!

Thank you for mentioning Haiti. Across the world from you, we are praying for them too. Thousands of us in Iowa will be gathering to prepare packaged meals (a nutritious meal in a bag that feeds a family of four) through a generous program called "Meals from the Heartland." Our goal is to prepare 2.5 million meals beginning in Lent, and over the next months. Monetary donations are being accepted to buy the stuff that goes into a meal pouch. Eight CENTS is what one meal costs. Pretty amazing stuff, with the help of God.

Annie Bee said...

I feel for you with your migraine still hanging on. Beautiful projects from both of you. Lovely box of fabrics.

Deb said...

Hi Jenny, those fabrics are to die for aren't they. Loving the stripes, I feel a gorgeous seaside theme. How wonderful for you and Blossom both being published , you must be so so proud, I know I am proud of you both-WAHOO! Apparently I had my Leanne's House Winter stitchery shown in Homespun this month but that was just a pic nothing special like our two girls!!
big hugs Deb

Simo said...

Che meravigliosi lavori, il tuo blog รจ sempre bellissimo e ricco di cose belle!

Dawn said...

I have plans to make Blossoms sweet 'Garden Angel' stitchery into a dolly cot coverlet.... and the girls love the idea... so I now I must make two...he he.
Your 'Just Nesting' wall hanging is so neat.... just great for a bag pocket too.... umm or a tea towel bag...Lol...
Sultana & carrot Loaf... yum yum... anyone for tea?

manda said...

How did you start getting your projects published? I'd love to know! I'm so glad that Blossom is better, you need to stay in a cold dark room until your migrane leaves! Do you guys go back to school on Wednesday like here?
How's Mr.E's motorbike reconstruction going? Is he sad to be leaving it and going back to school?
Blossoms sewing cover looks fabulous in the magazine! She'll be able to say that she's a published crafter now!
I love your just nesting project, it's so well done, especially the nest! Love the coffee cozy next to it also!
The lavender stitcheries look great!
We make all our own dog food too. It's quite hard living with two enormoud dogs with apptites to match! Our main base is rice.
After you've finished making the Feb challenge with those fabrics, what scraps are left over would look great quilted together into a book cover for Blossom!
Barbs bag is just fabulous! I've managed to make something, but it's not very crafty. It's used contantly now though, by the recipient! Reply me via email and I'll attach a pic and forward on to you!
Did you get much rain from the "cyclone?"
Wow that's a long comment! lol hugs,

Cattinka said...

Blossoms and your projects in the magazines look very nice, they really did take beautiful pictures of your things. But the picture you took of your kitchen shelve is nice also.

Kim D. said...

Hi Jenny,

So sorry you're having migraines. I've had headaches over the years and even though I think they're bad, but I know they don't compare to migraines.
Congratulations on your patterns hitting the magazines. Woo Hoo!! Love the "Just nesting" and look forward to the PDF file. You are so generous. Maybe you will someday be published in an American Magazine, we can hope right??
Boy you are ambitious with making dog food. Back when the dog food got contaminated here in the US , I made my dogs chicken and rice for awhile.
I hope you're feeling better today!!

edyB said...
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edyB said...

"Just Nesting" is so sweet ~ I love birds! Blossom must be shining (and Mom,too) because of the publication showing her pretty needlework.
Keep stitching
Feel better ...

Jossie said...

How wonderful that both your projects are published. They look great. Lovely fabrics you received. Can't wait to see the project.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hello Jenny sweets! :-)

Gosh, you've been a busy gal! First off, Blossom's stitchery looks absolutely beautiful all staged in the magazine; as does your nesting wallhanging. Great stuff!

Less than one week left of school holidays hey? Where does the time go?!! I'm glad that both you and Blossom are on the mend... and I am looking forward to what you do with those yummy French General fabrics!!

Loadsa love!
Vikki xoxo

Cath รœ said...

I love the red t towel bag too.....
well done Barb..
Cath รœ