Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back to *that* shop, more presents, more of your finished projects!

It's been a busy Saturday. The clouds have given us cover from the hot sun, and there have been a few rain showers beating upon the roof - all which makes the house quite comfortable and pleasant to stitch in. I spent the morning doing next week's grocery shopping for the Home Ec Dept here at the boarding school, then headed back to the supermarket for a second grocery shop for our own household.
In between supermarket visits I dropped into *that* shop to see what little lovelies they may have this week and discovered these...
...I had to buy both, of course! They are ceramic and almost 6 inches from beak to tail, perfect to sit in front of the pot plant atop the tv unit in the living room. I think I'll need to sew a new runner first though.
This afternoon I rested my weary feet and began the stitching on something new I am making for the 'Down On The Farm' issue of Creating Country Threads later in the year. I wonder if you can guess what it might be?
I'm using a mix of French General's "Rouenneries" and "Rural Jardin". They blend beautifully together! 
I am in a Birthday Fat Quarter Swap each year and this year I received some gorgeous fabrics from my swap partners! 
They also included extra gifts of threads and lace and other lovelies - thank you ladies, everything was loved and appreciated (especially the chocolate). Barb even made me a penny pocket and added more of my favourite DMC 99 threads!
 Other gifts received last week were a bag from Jeannie in Florida (which Blossom and I had a good giggle over because on the back of the lovely bag it refers to Florida as 'The Sunshine State', and we live in Queensland, Australia, which is also called 'The Sunshine State'!)...
...and Jeannie added this gorgeous brooch! (She didn't realise I collect brooches!)
Manda down in Rockhampton must have had a little birdie whisper in her ear as well because she also sent me a brooch! She made this button brooch herself, and she made one for Blossom too. It's so cute and joyful!
One of my oldest friends, Pam, does not sew herself (though she would love to but she has her hands full with two very exuberant little girls), but she sent me this, all stitched in wool by someone else. Isn't it beautiful, and so soft to touch! I love it.
I have another completed Shabby Roses Quilt to show you! This one was made by Anne-Lise and once again it is so exciting to see how all of you have made my design your very own! You can visit her blog HERE for more photos...
Have you had a go at making THESE baskets yet? 
Amanda emailed yesterday asking for ideas on how to make a 'man-basket', as all the ones I'd made were very feminine. Well, we put our heads together over a few emails and look what she made for her husband!
 Isn't that clever!!?
She used shirting fabric, and as a bonus she managed to use up some scrap binding so now she can enter the February Binding Challenge as well! You can read about her basket HERE on her blog.
(it finishes tomorrow so if you have made something with binding this month be sure and leave a comment with your blog address so I can see a photo) 
 Another basket maker is Barb and if you visit her blog HERE you can see how addicted she has become to making them! She's way ahead on her Christmas presents! 
Blossom has been having a clean out of all her craft things, and the pile of UFO's she's dumped in my sewing room needs to be seen to be I have a quilt to finish, stitcheries to complete, finished stitcheries to turn into things, cross-stitches all ready to be framed or added to other projects, beads by the thousand, and this rag rug she began a few years back and is 'allowing' me to finish. 
It's not that she's finished with crafting, but she's almost 16 and has matured in the things she wants to put her creativity into. Her new designs are very different and hopefully I'll be able to show you some peeks during the coming months if she says it's ok. 

Don't forget there is only one day left to sign up for the UGLY FAT 1/4 swap (Australians only), and only one day left to enter the February Binding Challenge!
My challenge for March will be another goodie, but I can't tell you any more than that today. 



By Hoki Quilts said...

Oh Jenny, you naughty lady LOL, the liddle birds are just gorgeous. I wish we had one of 'those' shops over here.
hugs - Miche'le

Deb said...

Hi sweetie, you are sounding much brighter in this post and I am hoping that this means your migraine has disappeared? Maybe the cooler weather is helping you out. I love those wee birds, so sweet and so you.
Loving the "man" basket, what a great idea.
Hugs Deb

loulee said...

Your migraine must be gone. That's good to know. I just realised that I used up some binding scraps from a few quilts in my latest offering, you can see it here.

Jo in TAS said...

There's going to be nothing left in that shop soon! I bet the owners love it everytime you walk in. The birdies are very cute!

Marilia Baunilha e Patch said...

It`s so amazing! When you wrote this post, Saturday was coming to an end.
When I read it, Saturday is just beginning in Brazil.
I love you blog, your photos, your ideas, you work.

Clara said...

Nice to see you're feelin' good, dear Jenny. Maybe the cloudy weather is giving a sort of relief to you and your head. My migraine has gone, thanks God, and I'll spend this weekend in a farm (with a Spa) with my husband. The children will stay with my parents. It sounds like a small honeymoon, doesn't it? Take care and thank you for your shared creativity. manu hugs, Clara.

Joy said...

Oh dear ... I've got a 1/2 finished rag rug too he he, wanna finish mine as well??? Please lol???
I just love those birdies ... they are so cute. One day, when I can come up to visit, we must go to "that shop" ;o).

Anonymous said...

I love your "at that shop" find cute.
Love all your gifts, isn't it fun to see what other people make!
Love the man basket!

Maggey and Jim said...

What lovely things you have received.. I am so happy for you and that bag is just delicious..Aren't quilter just the best?? I love the birds they are sweet and good luck to Blossom with her new venue..I am sure she will do well..Like Mother,like Daughter..

a-tutto-zigzago said...

Hi Jenny, today I linked you here:, thank you once again! I love the "man-basket" of Amanda and this week I shall make my baskets folowing your tutorial! I'll let you know when I publish them! Hugs, and have a nice Sunday, Renata.

Denise :) said...

What a lot of *happies*! The birthday fat quarter swap sounds like lots of fun! Love the little basket, too. Perfect wrapping for a Father's Day gift, non?!

Thanks for sharing the cheer! :)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jenny,
Gosh, where do you find the time to acheive all that you do????????
I think you have more day light hours up the top! lol
Lovely to see all your work and I'm glad you were spoilt.

KaHolly said...

Great post today, Jenny. It was fun to read and to explore your links. You bounced back nicely from your migraine, and look at all you accomplished. Lovely gifts to treasure as well. My, my.

Julia said...

Glad your feeling better, migraines are not good..
Love the little birdies..gorgeous bag and brooch...lots of lovely happy for you Jenny.
wish we had "that shop" down here..i would help keep it in business!!
Julia ♥

allsewnup said...

One more ditty for your challenge. Please pop on over for a peek ;)


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Hi Jenny,
I have used some binding up and some scraps in a bag I made for my son.

Love those cute birds too!

Allie said...

Oh how I hate grocery shopping - and you had to go twice!!! Love your little birds, they are darling - but girl, WHAT kind of plant do you have on your tv???

Love the gifties you got!!! That bag is darling. I'd forgotten you collect

I can't wait to see what you're making, whatever it is it will be fabulous!

Anne-Lise's quilt is so lovely, and I'm in awe of Amanda's basket - how clever! I'm laughing about Blossom giving you all her UFO's, I used to do that to my mom all the time. I have a hooked rug that John did when he was very small, I've been promising to finish it for him for an embarrassing number of years.

Stay cool, sweets!

Wendyb said...

I'm coming to 'that' shop....those birdies are gorgeous!!!!
XX sugary hugs :O)

Hanna said...

Here are my two table runners for the binding challenge.

I also had help sewing:

manda said...

Aren't they just the cutest little birdies!! I wish I could somehow make these, huh? Maybe with clay and then decopage..?
Are you making a cow? Or is he a bull? You know in Rocky, the council had to attach steel poles to the bull statues testicles, to stop people from stealing them! Isn't that funny?! I mean, honestly!
Love the penny pocket! I've looked for your for DMC 99 but we've run out here too. So sad.
I met someone from Florida via blogging who created a stamp to put on your envelopes that said "From the Sunshine State!" and I told her that I live in QLD, and she's sending me my very own stamp to use!! Isn't that wonderful and generous?!?
I didn't know you collect brooches!! I do too! We should both photograph our collections and blog about them! I will if you do! I'm glad you like your button brooch! Maybe you can make some yourself now that you can see how they're done!
I love finding things made by other crafters in op shops and garage sales and that! Your new needle book is gorgeous! Notice the binding...?
Another fabulous roses quilt! I love the basket you and Amanda made for her husband!! Ingenious!
Oh my! I can't wait to see what that rag rug will turn out like! Another use for left over binding! lol
So now your mountain of UFO's and doubled and tripled! However will you find the time?!?
Another long comment, I know...

Cath Ü said...

You will have your hands full with all the UFO's that have appeared for you to finish... Good one Blossom... I will send some to you so you can pass them onto your Mum... but don't let her know.. our secret OK..????
Caths Blog
Cath Ü

Sew Useful Designs said...

Oh wow Jen! I've just caught up on all the posts I've missed over the past couple of weeks!!! You've been so busy! I love Missy Moo, and all your home-cooking pics have had my mouth watering! I'm glad that Mr E. is home safe and sound! Lots of love darling! Thanks for the read! I'm off to visit our 'sisters' now!!! :-)
Loves ya! Vikki xoxo