Monday, February 1, 2010

January Tea Towel Challenge Winner (s), and the February Challenge revealed!

Using the very unbiased Random Generator, our winner of the January Tea Towel Challenge is......

Congratulations Vickie!! Your prize will be on its way to you this week...
...200 gorgeous Cath Kidston labels and stickers, and a set of 40 die-cut Shabby Roses heart, ready to applique! Have fun with them, Vickie!

Now, you know that Blossom has the sweetest and kindest heart, don't you?
As soon as she saw Jennifer's little 5yo daughter Ruth's tea towel challenge entry she declared we *must*  encourage the next generation of sewing prodigies! So, with love from Blossom, Ruth is the winner of the *junior* section of the Challenge, and will be receiving some cute girlie fabrics to use with her new sewing machine!
Congratulations Ruth! Could you ask mummy to email me with your address please, sweetheart?
Are you ready for the February Challenge??
Have you worked out yet that all my Challenges are aimed at using something you already have, or can be purchases *very* cheaply? Well, this next Challenge is going to clear you of some surplus fabric offcuts - binding strips!
  I have been gradually building up a bag of leftover binding strips. Part of my personality is to 'be prepared' (and no, I was never a Girl Scout, but I admire their motto!), so when I make binding strips for quilts, runners, bags etc. I always make extra just in case.
This habit has left me with a lot of unused binding, and I thought it would be a good challenge to myself to find a use for it all - and of course, I figured you would all like to join in. 

I asked Cath the other day if she'd like to join me in 'whipping up' an idea for using the strips, and today she sent me a photo of her binding bag - I was drooling with envy when I saw it!!
This is such a gorgeous bag! And I love the little flower, too...
My own effort at giving you an idea on using the strips is not as lovely as Cath's, but Blossom just loved it and thought she should model it for you. I decided to challenge myself even further with this one by incorporating the items used in the last two challenges as well - so I have used a tea towel, Moda cotton twill tape, and of course, binding strips!

I began with a large tea towel ($1.50 at the after Christmas sale), and cut off the corners...
...and using leftover binding strips from sets of Christmas placemats I made last year, I made an apron!
I used the corner pieces I'd cut off as mock pocket flaps, and added the funky dotty buttons I won from Stephanie last year, and put three rows of the binding along the waist - the top strip became the apron ties...
...then I ruffled some of the binding along the bib top, and added the final piece of binding around the top edge of the apron. The Moda cotton twill tape has been used as the neck strap. 
So without further ado, here is my Blossom in her mum's new Christmas apron!
(She had just come home from school sports, so would like me to assure you that her hair is not usually that messy!)
So my dear friends, it's time to make use of all that binding you have lurking in the craft cupboard!
If you haven't got any binding you can still join in the challenge because binding is just a 2 1/2 inch strip of fabric folded lengthwise...if you have spare 2 1/2 inch strips floating around (left over from a jelly roll perhaps?) you can turn them into binding strips and start creating!
As always there is a giveaway at the end, and I'll show you the prize in a few days because I am still making it - yes, the prize this month is something handmade by me. It's my birthday month you see, so I thought it would be nice to give something special in February. 

Now, off you go, you have binding to work with!


  1. Way to go Vickie... you lucky duck... woo hoo..

    I love your apron.. and that idea of using the little corner bits is terrific.....

    Cath Ü

  2. Congratulations to the winners!
    Mmmm binding strips I have a box full of them!Now to get the old brain working and see what I can come up with :) barb.

  3. Congratulations to the winners!
    WOW, binding strips, what to make with them..... we shall just have to see!

  4. Congrats Vicki. What a gorgeous bag - unbelievable what you can turn you scraps into.

  5. Congrats to the winners!! what a cute little bag and the it.



  6. Congrats Vickie and Ruth! Enjoy your prizes :)
    Love the bag and the apron - you can never have enough of either :)

  7. Congratulations to the winners! February contest looks interesting too, though i am not participating lol.

    And, haan Blossom is such a natural!! Her name is so appropriate, Jenny.

  8. Congratulations to Vickie and Ruth. Your work was beautiful.

    You've got me thinking with the February Challenge. I don't have much in the way of binding scraps, but plenty of fabric that could be used. I have already worked out what I will make...another thing that has been cooking away in the deep dark recesses.

  9. Love the tea towel apron with Moda ribbon and my personal favorite--POLKA DOT BUTTONS!!! I need to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hello,congratulations Vickie hope the postie manages to get the lovely prize to you. Love the idea of the next challenge Jenny. Congratulations to the junior winner as well. Happy days.

  11. Congrats..and that apron is darling.. Blossom looks so cute in it. Have a marvey Monday

  12. congratulations to Vickie. teatowel ideas. and now binding cutoffs. thank you Jenny for stirring the pot!

  13. Congratulation you 2 lucky ducks!!
    Good job.
    Your challenges look like alot of fun, I'll have a peek in my leftovers box and join the fun.


  14. Humpty Doo to Vickie! Well done girl!
    And isn't that soooo sweet of Blossom to offer up some beautiful fabrics to Ruth? Your girl is so sweet Jenny!
    I do not have any binding. Must get some fabric remnants and make some...
    Cath's bag is just scrumptious! She could very easily sell a pattern for that, she could!

  15. congratulations to the winners! Blossom is such a sweetie herself to offer a prize to Ruth - just like her mum! And your February challenge apron is gorgeous - I have made aprons from tea towels before, but not as stylish as yours. Must go check my left over binding and start looking at it in a different light!

  16. Congrats to Vickie and Ruth - woohoo! Love the new challenge Jenny, that bag is gorgeous and so is your apron - I always make way extra binding too. When is your birthday?

  17. Congratulations to both Vickie and Ruth! I applaud Blossom and her astuteness at seeing the need to recognize the juniors! Bravo. Your next challenge looks like fun, too. I look forward to following along! ~karen

  18. Congrats Vickie and Ruth! I just loved all the entries :)
    I LOVE Cath's bag, can't wait to get going with this challenge, hopefully will get some inspiration earlier than the day before closing date this time!!

  19. Congratulations to the winners!!!! Look at Blossom, so adorable in that fabulous apron .... you make me smile hon' :o) *mwah*!!!
    Cath's bag is GAWJUS!!!!!! What a great idea for a challenge Jen ... now I need to go hunting for my leftover bindings ;o)!!!
    Joy :o)

  20. Congratulations winners!!
    Love that apron too! The binding strips sound like fun.

  21. Congratulations Vickie and Little Ruth. Wel done.
    An interesting challenge. Not sure about this one. Feb is very busy for me.
    Once again another cute apron.


  22. Thanks for the ideas and congratulations on your crations, they alla are wonderful. I'd like to be able to take part to the contest, but I'm not at the moment. Take care and keep in sewing. Hugs, Clara.

  23. Congratulations to the winners!!! How sweet is Blossom. You are truly blessed. Now I missed the last challenge so I must get busy on this one. Think, think, think!

  24. Cogratulations to Vicky and little Ruth.
    Your apron is gorgeous. I am not the apron kind of girl but I really would not mind wearing this one.

  25. Great idea for using up binding bits.... the little faux pockets are too cute!
    Guess what I do with mine? Bind quilts!! Scrappy charity quilts...
    Hmmm, I'll put my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with :-)
    Cheryl xx

  26. Hi Jenny, I not long ago found your fantastic blog. I never thought of using binding strips for anything but binding although I have a little box of saved strips just waiting. Thank you for a fantastic idea. You are now on my favourite list. Chris.


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