Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I think it's almost my birthday...

My birthday is only days away, and I wanted to share with you the lovely gifts that have arrived this week from some of my dearest Gum Tree friends, and some of my lovely blogging friends as well.

Jo made me this gorgeous bag! I have seen a couple of these bags that she has made and loved each one, so I emailed and asked her where I could source the pattern - but she made me one! I *love* this bag, Jo - thank you!
Katrin and I are doing a Birthday Swap this year, and her parcel arrived from Germany yesterday. She made me two lovely red ruffled cushions with *J* in the middle, a very pretty handmade card, and she sent me Belgian chocolates and coffee too! I was really spoilt by her!!
I also recieved the prettiest birthday card you have ever seen from Janey in the UK!
Next, my favourite tracing pen arrived with a beautiful appliqued block from Cheryl, a fellow Gum Tree Designer - we Gum Tree girls send each other a block for our birthdays which gets stitched into something of our choice once the birthday has passed - and Judith sent me some lush fabric that is going to be used in whatever I decide to make with the blocks, as well as pretty blue trims and a tatted bookmark.
Fiona sent me presents too, and I think she has been working with the Mission Impossible team because look what is on the packages...
...I decided to wait and not risk injury! ;-)
Monica sent me a gift too - not a birthday gift, but a gift that has made a difference to my tendonitis prone hands and wrist. Bless you Monica! This creme is *wonderful* and worked overnight on my hands! \o/
I am also part of a Birthday Fat 1/4 swap this year - there are 6 of us in our group and we all send each other a couple of fat 1/4's on our birthday. One of my parcels has arrived, but I'll wait until they all arrive before I show the fabrics to you and tell you who the other girls are. 
I'll be back later to show you what a clever crafter has been making with her scrap binding scraps, plus you can see what I made with a charm square pack...



By Hoki Quilts said...

Have a wonderful day and celebrate with gusto sweety.

Jo in TAS said...

Hi Jen,
Glad you lke the bag, if anyone wants to know the pattern is called Ruby Brown's Sewing Caddy by Polly's Keepsakes.
I think you're going to have a very special birthday this year by the look of all those goodies!
Happy Birthday!!

Betsy said...

Great gifts Jenny. Happy Happy Birthday.

Rosa said...

I love your bag,it`s cute and very special un your birthday.

Happy birthday!!,hope you have have a nice day.

Maggi said...

What wonderful gifts but how naughty of you not to wait. I am in a birthday club and I am being very good, everything is in a drawer waiting for Sunday.

Maggey and Jim said...

What wonderful gifts, Jenny.. Have a wonderful, happy birthday and many, many more.. You have a very creative mind and soul,

Vintage Sandy said...

Jenny early Happy birthday wishes...beautiful gifts you received your one special lady♥♥

Cattinka said...

Its not even your birthday jet and you are already getting spoiled with presents. I hope this will continue until sunday! I really like the bag you got, it is very pretty.

manda said...

Hey Jen! I have something for you! I just need your address!
It's bucketing down here too! Remember (I'm sure you know!!) that summer is the wet season up here. The past two years have been fabulous, but before that it was getting quite desperate with only the southeast and Cairns upwards getting any decant rain. Now everything is wonderful and green! I hope it will stay that way for awhile now!
Jo did a wonderful job on that bag!! Soooo sweet! And I love the tag! What do the Belgian chocolates taste like? I love the block Cheryl made you! Perhaps you could use it in your cover for your new sewing machine? It kind of suits the mat you made! What do you think you'll use the fabric that Judith sent you on? It reminds me of the fabric you used in last years BOM! I wonder what Fiona sent you?!
I'm glad you've found something that works on your hands! Thankyou Monica! I know it's Oregon Creme 2, but what's in it, do you know?
I love Miss Jenny Blossom!
I also love your newest Dilly Daisy design! I made a Christmas wreath from buttons and ebroidered "Peace" in the middle and displayed it in a frame (without the glass) over Xmas just gone!
Anyway, e-mail me that addy and I'll send your pressie out to you soon!

manda said...

Why are my comments always the longest?

allsewnup said...

What wonderful goodies you've received. I wouldn't be able to wait to open these lovelies either!


Allie said...

Oh Jenny girl you're having a wonderful birthday already - what lovely treats you've received! That bag is to die for. Enjoy your goodies my friend!

Loralynn said...

What lovely birthday goodies! You are a lucky girl!

Carrie P. said...

Happy Belated Birthday. I am so glad to hear that cream is working for you. I found something at our health food store called Country Comfort with comfrey and some of the same ingredients in it and it is amazing how well it is working for me. I am still icing and do therapy stretches but now I can do a little of my hand work. Just finished catcihng up on all your posts which I so enjoy reading. Lots of sweet stuff to see.

Stina Blomgren said...

Oh my gosh... catching up on blogs and see that I missed your birthday.. so "Grattis på födelsedagen" from Sweden (Happy Birthday) ... and I love all your gifts.. especially Jo´s bag.. so lovely!!! :o)