Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some time out to stitch....

With the flurry of blog posts over the last week of the January Tea Towel Challenge I realised I needed a break from blogging for a few days, so I'll be a bit quiet over the next week - but I will be back to share Block 2 of my ~Bouquet~ BOM on February 7th.
To let you know what is keeping me busy while I'm off the computer here are some photos.

Stitching a very special gift for a friend's wedding day...
Putting together a companion project to something lovely I'm having published in the next issue of Homespun due out in a couple of weeks...
Putting all my finished blocks from Stina's Valentine designs into a runner for my bedroom...
...and finding a great use for binding strips!
Remember, February is my Binding Strips Challenge month, so I hope you'll be letting me know when you make something from your strips - sharing all our ideas is exciting because between the 700+ followers of my blog (and all of you who aren't followers but read me in Bloglines or similar) and myself we are sure to discover a wide range of uses for those cast-off scraps we accumulate after binding a quilt!
Today I used some binding pieces to add to to the edges of my *Merry Heart* embroidery before I framed it. They were perfect for what I had in mind! 
Once in the frame I was able to stitch across the back firmly to secure the embroidered block and border in place with no concern for future fraying.
If you'd like to stitch *Merry Heart* it is available for purchase HERE in my Etsy Store as a pdf download. 
A long while ago Blossom and I signed on to Myra's Pay It Forward, and yesterday her parcel arrived from Winnipeg, Canada! Myra made us beautiful gifts!! Thank you dear friend - we love them!!
She made me a gorgeous table topper, the sweetest pin cushion, and added a fabulous book of quilt blocks!
Blossom received a lovely pink bag, and it's the perfect size for her to carry school books on her light days. She added the pin Myra sent her to the handle. She's a very happy girl - thanks again, Myra!!

I'll finish the giveaway prize for the February Challenge'll love it! 



Janice said...

Gorgeous stitching as usual...but go easy on your wrists. (I'm sounding like a bossy mother!) I love the gifts you both received from Canada. Very spoilt!

Silvia D said...

wow your blog is very nice, you're very good in stitching and creating!!!!
bye silvia

Bec said...

What beautiful PIF gifts! Myra is just lovely.....I read her blog often.
Yes, I second Janice - do go easy on your wrists. Enjoy the break from blogland; and the extra time to work on your projects.
Bec xxx

Maggey and Jim said...

Yes, we understand completely. You need some personal time. Those gifts were lovely and Blossom, that bag is the colors.. The new things you are working on look delicious too. Have a peaceful week

Jenny said...

Enjoy your stitching, I've posted some pics of cushions made with your daisies patterns over on my blog!

alice said...

Time for stitching beautiful things and lovely gifts too. I hope you had the cuppa and chocolate because it sounds like the perfect day.

Myra said...

Such a busy stitcher/designer you are there Jenny! Good for you! 8-)

I am glad you and Blossom like your PIF gifts! 8-)

Happy stitchings!

Country Nanny said...

We are waiting for you... Enjoy this break.

Allie said...

Jenny your projects look stunning as usual - love what you did with the Merry Heart design. Love your PIF gifts! Enjoy your break sweetie, looking forward to the next Bouquet block!

luverlie said...

Love the wedding stitchery. I see rings, a heart and shabby roses. The 'wishing and hoping' is beautiful. So sorry we don't get homespun here. Miss all the pretty patterns they have. And I too have made Stina's hearts. So very pretty. Looking forward to Block 2.

Annie Bee said...

Beautiful stitching. I will look out for the next Homespun. Lovely presents from Myra.

Unknown said...

Du hast ein schönen Blog ,ich habe Dich in meinem Blog verlinkt .
Ich werde dich öfter mal Besuchen .
Liebe Grüße aus Germany

Jules said...

Have a lovely time stitching Jenny.