Sunday, March 21, 2010

It has passed...

It's passed.
Cyclone Ului crossed the coast in the early hours of Sunday morning as a category 3 cyclone (hurricane). It caused less damage than predicted, but there is still a lot of damage to be cleared in the coastal towns affected, as well as devastation for farmers who had 'bumper' crops ready for harvest. 
My prayers go out to them. Our farmers have had too many lean years.

To all of you who emailed to say you had family members in the Ului path, I pray they did not suffer damage to self or property.

It did not pass through our town, just the very edge swept over us about lunchtime bringing wind and rain. The end of our street has flooded (up to my knees), but the rain now is just a soft trickle. 
Thank you for your messages of concern, your prayers, and your enthusiasm for my Ului Table Runner project. I'm so glad I had it to keep me busy while we waited for the cyclone to land and pass. 

Here is mine, all finished and on the dining table.
How did you go with yours?
Please email me a photo of your Ului Table Runner, or leave a comment with a link to your blog if you've put a photo there. I'd love to see it. 
Right now I am ready for a shower (it's very sticky here with the warm rain), a big mug of cocoa, some toast and Vegemite, and a magazine to browse before I fall asleep. 
Sweet dreams dear friends,


  1. Glad you are all safe and that nasty weather system has passed you by. I lived in Texas for several years, and I remember what it was like!! Your table runner came out beautiful! It was the perfect project for you to worry the storm away!! ~karen

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you've survived unscathed. The table runner seems like a perfect way to keep your mind occupied. I spent the day sewing, but didn't get round to your table runner, as I was determined to finish my Angels Story quilt - which I did.

  3. So glad you are safe - I missed your previous post, somehow (sometimes it's hard to keep up). Sending prayers for all you "neighbors" that weren't so lucky.

    Love your table runner!

  4. Glad to hear you are safe & sound Jenny. I wanted to do the tablerunner but as i was on the laptop couldn't print it until the house computer was seen by the "Dr". Maybe this week i'll get one made. :) Hugs, Jeanette

  5. So glad that is over, I cannot imagine what it is like to be in a hurricane,our weather maybe a bit hit and miss but we do not get too many extreme's for which I am very grateful. Love the tablerunner such lovely colours.
    Love Jillxx

  6. Glad all is well. Your table runner is beautiful.

  7. Nice to hear you all are safe! I love your table runner!
    I'm making a doll quilt :)

  8. So pleased you and yours are safe. My BIL and family are ok too.

    Yes it is sad that the farmers are not going to harvast again. It must be a hard life .

    Your table runner is lovely.

  9. Glad you are all ok. The table runner is beautiful! Love the colors.

  10. Thank goodness. I'm praying for all those affected by this storm.

    Jenny your table runner is beautiful. I'll put up pics of mine after it's bound.

  11. So gald to hear you and your family are ok. I will keep everyone that was touched by the storm in my prayers. Love your table runner - so cute. I can't believe how quickly you get things done!

  12. Jenny, so glad you didn't get the worst of it, I have lived through several here in the states, even though I live in the western mountains of North Carolina, where we don't usually get anything from one. Best thing about it was no lives were lost. Thank you Lord. Barbara

  13. I'm so glad you made it through your cyclone! I'm sorry I haven't been commenting as much, I've been crazed, but you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

    We had a windstorm last weekend and lost power for 46 hours, but luckily no worse. Many in our neighborhood had trees uprooted.

    Take care! Always love to see your work!

    Peace and Laughter,

  14. So pleased you are all safe and the table runner...keep safe Jen....Peg

  15. Glad all is welland your safe. Your table runner is beautiful.
    Julia ♥

  16. Hi Jenny,

    Glad to hear you are safe. What a great distraction the table runner is. Lovely.

    Hugs, Sharon

  17. Oh happy day--it went around you!!!
    I did work on mine--but mine is alittle different--i did show what I have done so far on my blog site tonight--I am having my own "cyclone" of life as I wait for a very dear friend to die--she has been in sooo much pain for 3 years now--but I still don't want to let her go--so your challenge helped me think about something else--thanks--hugs, Di

  18. What a weekend huh?! I saw the warnings on the tv and heard "CT" anounced and thought of you! Lots of prayers were headed your way on Sat night! Did you get much wind and rain? We actually got heaps for being 350kms away! It's still raining (of course) but on Sat and Sun we had really bad wind and lightning and thunder. A plam tree in our front garden was pulled up by the roots! and we had heaps of fronds fall down. Mackay is such a great place, the people are fabulous, I love going there on holidays. I'm sure they are well on their way to being back to normal already! This is the cyclone you WANT to have cross the coast! We've had worse. I can remember Larry, now THAT was bad! I hope the rain hasn't caused a migrane for you. Love the table runner!

  19. Wow! that table runner is Fantastic. I have just discovered your blog and Love it!


  20. I love the colours of your new table runner, you really have a feel for colours.

  21. I am so glad to hear you and your family are safe. I have been in hurricanes myself and they are very scary.

  22. Your table runner is pretty. A nice "momento" for stormy weather :) I've been housesitting so did not participate in the stitchalong but I have printed out the daisy pattern to use in my daisy wall hanging (when I get to it).

  23. Hi Jenny, I'm happy to hear you're all okay and the storm settled down before it hit your town. My thoughts and prayers are with all those who have been affected.

    Your table runner is adorable. I'm glad you had some sewing to keep you occupied during the storm. I hope your week is better.

  24. IT IS A VERY NICE SUGGESTION, THANK YOU LOTS! ........................................

  25. Good to hear you were saved serious storm damage... love those fabrics...

    Cath's Blog

    Cath Ü

  26. Blush is such a pretty range...lovely tablerunner.


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