Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spicy recycling...

Tuesday morning, grade 9/10 Home Economics class. Today the girls were allowed to cook a recipe of their own choosing so it was very busy and very hot in the kitchen. We have 8 groups of 3, so 8 different recipes were made today and they were all YUM! How do I know? The sweet loves all gave me a plate of their finished meal - mediterranean tuna pizza, cottage pie, aussie meat pie, tofu patties...and more!  
(So much for the March diet....LOL!)
Before the class I cleaned out the Home Ec pantry and threw out a number of 'out of date' items. A whole shelf of spices needed to be discarded but instead of tossing the jars I emptied just the spices themselves into the trash, then brought the jars home to clean. 

I'm slowly working my way through the house with an eye to bringing order into every area, and I had a number of spices sitting in open packets that looked messy and in the way on my own pantry shelves.
So, I cleaned and sterilised the jars...
...pulled my French General labels & stickers book off the shelf...
....chose some pretty labels and wrote spice names on them...
...emptied all the spice packs into the waiting jars, then gently chided the filled and dressed spices to stand still so I could take their photo for you.
They were so excited in their new jars that they were strutting up and down the kitchen bench as though they were super models! I clapped my hands and gave them praise on their new attire, before christening them - The Spice Girls!
So without further ado, here they are. 
Recycling is fun!
What have you been recycling?


  1. You are fun, too! I love the post about the "Spice Girls".

  2. LOve the Spice girls Jen. They look fabulous. I love doing things like that, its so simple but makes you feel so good.
    hugs Deb
    P.S Where did you get your French General Labels, they are gawgus as Joy says.

  3. Wow You're a very Fly lady!!!

  4. I use an old spice jar as my sharps disposal. Bent and broken pins and needles get popped in through the holes then I snap the lid closed. No danger on anything poking/falling out of the bin.

  5. Don't they all look fabulous!!
    And Deb's right, those labels are GAWJUS!!!! You must tell us where you got them Jen :o).
    Love n hugs,
    Joy :o)

  6. I can just imagine them 'strutting their stuff'!...especially the 'Ginger' spice girl and the 'Carda-mom' (hehehe) We have bees so I've been recycling all our glass jars to store our honey...now we have a few more hives, they're going to keep us busy!
    sugary sweet hugs :O} XX Wendy

  7. What a cute story. You do bring a smile to my face! The spice girls! LOL!

  8. Wow, come here for stitchy inspiration and I get a comedian!!!! LOL...you had me laughing out loud this morning Jenny!!! I love those French General labels...have never seen anything like that over here in Canada!!

  9. Love it--the spice girls! Great re-use of the jars. Makes me want to go organize my pantry. :o)

  10. I think I need to come to your Home Ec class - yummmmmm! Jenny your Spice Girls look fabulous all dressed up, I can see why they were dancing on the shelf!

  11. Very fun! I love you can see and read what you have.

  12. Very cute!


  13. Wow, they just look great! I love labels!

  14. Love your "spice girls"! They "sound" funny. And love the labels. I need to re-organize my little spice ... nest. Bye, Clara.

  15. I love spices and those look awesome.. Keep up the good work..

  16. I am not sure if I feel admiration or envy...I know I have a drawer with small Moccona coffee jars with spices in them....and some....in fact most I fear need to go in the bin.
    The trouble is ....I do not really want to not use the jars....but the new small McCormack's containers are so much better in terms of size and freshness.....so I am avoiding the issue...and it is not solving itself
    Good on you.

  17. Love you new spice containers! Very adorable and creative.

  18. Great idea to recycle the jars and your girls look good in their new dresses

  19. I love this idea!!! So cute and useful.

  20. The Spice Girls look terrific...

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