Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vintage beauty, and a new Shabby Roses design...

Have you ever come across a bargain and had to pinch yourself because it was too good to be true? You have!? Oh, good, then you'll know how I felt with when I came across a vintage treasure at the local church charity store yesterday.
It was $2 ...
It was completely hand pieced and quilted...
It made me think about every piece of fabric used. Was that from a mother's favourite dress? Did the quilter use pieces of worn summer skirts and dresses that her little girls once twirled in? What memories are hidden amongst the pastel and white of the carefully pieced heirloom? 
I wondered how long ago the last stitch was fastened off.
Sadly, someone had decided to cut this quilt in half, remove some, then sew the two remaining pieces together...
It had many stains scattered across the top, but today I soaked them before gently washing and drying in the hot summer sun. Whether it was stain remover or the bleaching of the sun's rays, I do not know, but most of the stains are gone and as I held it close to my cheek tonight I fell in love.
Now to decide how best to treat my new best friend and whether she is best left 'as is' or should I try and do something to make her whole once more.
While my vintage quilt was drying on the line I finished off one of the many UFO's that Blossom gave me when she decluttered her room last week. She had stitched about 80% of this Bronwyn Hayes design (a gift from our sewing group back in Esperance for Christmas 2008)... I completed the embroidery, added backing and binding,  and hung it on a mini hanger my dear friend Dawn sent me for my birthday! 
One of Blossom's UFO's done, only 132 left! LOL!
In this month's 'Patchwork & Stitching ' magazine I have a new Shabby Roses project published.
"Pretty In Pink"
I used a lot of scrap fabrics from previous projects to make this bedside table runner for my room...
Now that it has arrived home from the publisher's I can finally display it where it was designed to be - next to my bed!
For those who are unable to acquire this Australian magazine, but would like the pattern for 'Pretty In Pink', you can purchase the PDF pattern HERE in my Etsy Shop for $5 US - and for the month of March only, if you purchase 'Pretty In Pink' I will also email you the pattern for 'Family'...
(Family is available also as a single purchase in my Etsy Shop for $4 US)
Our March 5" charm square challenge is now underway, and the first entrant is last month's winner, Jeannie!
She made this lovely wallet to kick start the month.
Due to the great popularity of my monthly challenges, I have now set up a Flickr group HERE for you to join and upload all your photos of challenge entries!
This will be a great resource for everyone as you can go the one place to see ALL the challenge items instead of scrolling endlessly through my blog looking for a particular challenge project or idea. Having the Flickr group will be like a visual library of quick and fun sewing projects that can be made for home or gifts in the future.
Please join if you have already made a project in a previous challenge and upload your photos, and for those who are making projects for the March 5" charm square challenge I hope you also will join and share photos of your challenge entries. I'll have fun checking each day to see what has been made! :-)
May your day be blessed with the wonderful presence of God, and be filled with peace.
(off to see what project of Blossom's I'll finish next!)


karenshopes said...

You are very busy as usual,some lovely items and I love the finished stitchery.

Dawn said...

Oh Jenny, that old quilt is so sweet... imagine that someone had to cut out the middle... so sad, but now you have it and it's going to be loved once more....
Love Blossoms and your stitchery... great joint effort.
Hugs Dawn x x x

loulee said...

It's amazing what can be found in op shops, and even more amazing what people will do!!
Blossoms UFO looks very pretty.

Maria said...

You did find a treasure.I am sure it will be loved now.

Love Blossom's and your stitchery. I wonder if any of the Esperance ladies will see it.

Looking forward to my mag in the mail to check out you lovely bedside runner.

manda said...

What a wonderful op shop find!! I think you should leave her as is - such history behind her, especially since someone cut her up and sewed her back together.
Love the way you've fniished Blossoms wall hanging!
Love the new shabby roses mag project!
And what a cute little purse, very smart!
This is the day that the Lord has made, we shall rejoice and be glad in it!

Anonymous said...

That quilt is so sweet. I wish you could know the story behind it. Maybe you will make your own story!
Love your bedside scarf, looks perfect there.

Abby and Stephanie said...

What a deal and a great find. It certainly found the right new home. Beautiful finish to the stitchery. Lots of prettiness here today.

Dolores said...

You did a wonderful job on finishing Blossoms UFO. That red sets it off perfectly.
As for the quilt, I wonder if it were a much loved bed-sized quilt that someone wanted to make into a baby quilt.
Your bedside tabel runner is so pretty and I had to chuckle at the stack of books. Have a great day.

Allie said...

Two dollars??!! I found a beauty once for five dollars...I have a couple that I've found, and it always feels like treasure, and like I'm rescuing the quilt. Jenny it's beautiful. I would love to know the story behind these old quilts - be sure to label and date everything you make!!!

Blossom's stitchery is so darling, I'm glad you finished it! Love your shabby roses in the magazine, I recognize some of that fabric - it's in my little Peace design you sent me! Jeannie's little wallet is darling.

Maggey and Jim said...

What a great find. I am sure you will give it a good home..The stitchery is very nice..

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Hi Jenny! This was posted today on a blog I read. I thought it might interest you. Sorry to post to the blog but my email doesn't want to connect! sigh

Cattinka said...

You really got a vintage quilt for 2 $? I can´t believe it. I think you should try to complete it again, but it will be hard to find matching fabrics. I love your new bedside table table topper, I need one too!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jenny,
Well done on finding the great Vintage beauty.
Congrat's on the Shabby Roses being published-I'm stilllll working on mine. Oh, if only I had more day light hours and more hours in each day,lol
Have a great weekend,

Sandy said...

Love the vintage quilt and how it looks all fresh now. I would leave it like it is with its story intact which includes the cutting apart!

Carrie P. said...

Just caught up with all the posts I have missed. So much fun stuff going on over your way. I always enjoy your blog so much.

Joy said...

Oh Jen what a fabulous treasure you found, and SO CHEAP .... wow, so lucky ;o)!! I'd love to know the history behind it too, I wonder why it was cut in half, what a shame. Maybe it was worn in the middle and they cut away the frayed bits??? Who knows. Either way, it's just gawjus!!!
Joy :o)

marina said...

How precious is that quilt. That's wonderful that you have restored some value and care in it.

Jennifer said...

Jenny - what a lovely idea for your side table, may have to add that to my UFO list :-). I have finished an item for your 5" challenge - my star fruit cushion made from 5" squares - I'll add a photo to your flickr group.

Jude said...

The vintage quilt is lovely even if someone has hacked it in half, I wonder why perhaps they had to share it after the demise of someone they loved... we will never know. the stitchery you finished for blossom is great, well done.

Cath Ü said...

Lucky find with the little quilt....
Half a quilt to be loved for longer is still good.....

I have been as busy as the past couple of weeks.. but will get onto your March challenge soon....

Love the finished little stitchery.. and remember the offer still stands... when you need more UFO's just let me know...

Caths Blog

Cath Ü

trish said...

I would really love to get this magazine, do you have a point of contact that I may make to subscribe? I don't know if they will even ship to the US. You are such an amazing artist and I love seeing all of your creations. :o)

*I am hosting a give a way tomorrow.*

Please drop by.
It will be fun! :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia