Monday, May 10, 2010

~Beauty Is Timeless~ cushion auction, and a giveaway!!

Thank you to all the lovely people who purchased one of my *Beauty Is Timeless* patterns over the last 10 days! We together have raised $160 so far, which will pay for 50 Clean Delivery Kits for mothers in Somalia! \o/\o/
But we're not finished yet - there is still $15 left over, which I will add to the amount I receive from the sale of the actual cushion, to purchase as many Clean Delivery Kits as possible!
From today, I am beginning a silent auction for the purchase of my *Beauty Is Timeless* cushion.
If you would like to own this cushion, handmade and designed by me, and sewn using the lovely Aster Manor fabrics from 3 Sisters, then all you need do is email me with your bid.
The bidding will be open until Monday, 17th May (Australian time), so go to my profile page HERE and click on the 'email me' link to send me your highest bid. 
If you are the winning bidder you will need to pay me by Paypal (or direct bank deposit if you live in Australia) on Tuesday 18th May, and I will pay the postage to you anywhere in the world!

Would you spread the word on your blogs, please!?
I have decided to keep the BUY NOW link open HERE for the $4 pdf pattern purchase, until the bidding for the cushion is closed. The more funds we raise, the more mothers in Somalia will be given basic health and medical necessities with which to deliver their babies, thus increasing the survival rate for both mother and child. 
(The pattern will no longer be available to purchase after Monday 17th.)

Everyone who has purchased a pattern already, and those who purchase before the close of the silent auction on May 17th, will be given 1 entry in the draw for a kit to make the cushion, and if you blog about it (with a link to this post) leave a comment here to tell me and you will have 2 entries! I will be checking your blogs so please tell your readers about this before you leave your comment. :-)
The kit contains all the fabrics, threads, and pearl beeds to make the cushion!

I will draw the winner of the kit on Monday 17th May. 



Jo in TAS said...

Great idea Jenny, my post is up. I hope your silent auction and last minute pattern sales raise lots more money!

Bluebell said...

Hi Jenny, I just purchased the cushion pattern and now I will go back and post on my blog. Good luck hope you sell lots ans lots.
Love Jillxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, I just love your work and jumped in quick smart to buy this pattern. I can't wait to get a few things finished up so I can create this lovely cushion. I have mentioned it on my blog and hope you will have a few extra people buy as a result. Best wishes.

PS: I also made your Mother's Day offerings for my mother. I'll be sure to post a photo on my blog in the next day or so. ;o) Thank you!

Bluebell said...

O.K Jenny everything is on my blog and I have tried the link and it works.
Good Luck

Anonymous said...

A beautiful pattern for a great cause. Wishing you success in your endeavor to help others......

jugglingpaynes said...

I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day, my friend!

Peace and Laughter,

Allie said...

Great idea Jenny and I hope you sell lots!

rote-herzen said...

What for a wonderful giveaway.
BEst wishes Heike from Germany

Jeannie said...

What a wonderful thing to do!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Well done on inspiring others and achieving such a great result for those less fortunate!