Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The week ahead

Is it just me or has this year been speeding by faster than Superman?
It felt like I'd just had my birthday (February) but now my beautiful family were spoiling me all over again for Mothers Day!
Look at the paper Blossom wrapped my presents in...
....it seems Dorothy and I both have a penchant for roses. Blossom couldn't resist. 
This is the HUGE mug she bought me for my first cup of tea for the day...
...actually, you can pour the entire contents of my fat bellied red teapot into this mug! I love it.
Blossom also chipped in with her big brother, Slicer, to buy me this -
I have said for a couple of years now, "I never want an iPod! There is no way I'll be walking around with ear phones in my ears listening to music..." Ha! Famous last words! 
I *love* my iPod! Mr Eelfantz sent me off to buy some music to download, and there I was that afternoon walking around with my iPod singing away. 
(I won't tell the Elefantz family this, but it's been fantastic motivation for doing the housework with a huge smile and some crazy dance moves when they're all out of the house! I'm dazzled by how clean my kitchen sink is right now!)
I hope your Mothers Day was special too. {{{hugs}}}
We didn't do much, but that was what I wanted - just a lazy day of pottering about. They took me to the local Chinese resturant for dinner and the food was dreadful - we laughed so hard as we tried to figure out what we were eating. Then we drove up to the World - the hill above our town - and watched the twinkling lights of the houses below as a cool autumn breeze stirred around us. It was perfect. 
Not much sewing has been done because I've been writing the final instructions to my ~Christmas Story~ quilt, tracing the block designs, and printing it all up...
The first parcel of patterns was sent on its way today, all the way to Andrea of The Christmas Goose Quilt Shop in Las Vegas! She should have them by the middle of next week.
I'm also finishing the final pieces to my new *Morning Glory* Breakfast Set. I'm making a number of items in this set, and in two different colourways. One is very bright and cheery...
The other is  more refined...
On Saturday Mr Elefantz is taking Blossom and I off to Ingham for the weekend. It's the Italian Festival, and being that he and Blossom are of Italian heritage it will be wonderful to join in the celebrations. We've never been to Ingham before, so hoped Slicer would come too, but he has to work. Our lovely lad will play babysitter to Lily Rose and Bob-the-dog while we're gone - on the condition I leave behind a huge tray of Lasagne for him. His Italian blood insists on having pasta 6 out of 7 days per week! 
We'll have about 7 hours of driving all up, so I'm going to sketch some designs to stitch in the car. I thought I'd work with these lovely Glace honey buns and turnovers that I bought last year. 
Maybe a new quilt will be birthed? I'll let you know when we get back next week. 
If my hands need a break from stitching during the drive I have a new book to absorb...
I loved the idea behind this book! As a recycling *nut* I am excited to see the projects Kelly has made as she takes you through a seasonal year of ideas. I just have to hide it from myself until Saturday!
In anticipation of what I'll be making from her examples I rescued these lovely linens from the op-shop today. $3 was all it cost to bring them home with me. 
Before we leave I'm hoping to finish another of my Ului table runners, but this time with a mix of Rural Jardin and Rouenneries. I've done the blocks, just need to cut the fabrics for piecing...
I can honestly say that French General fabrics are the most exquisite I have even handled. There is a silkiness to them that makes you want to hold them to your cheek and sigh. Sublime.
News! Blossom has swapped from Chemistry to Home Ec!! \o/  She has finally given in to her God given  talent and will join me in the Grade 11 sewing classes. She's designing her first major project right now - something for her Glory Box (Hope Chest). 
Guess what?
It's only taken me 8 months. 
I have hung my Shabby Roses Quilt in our bedroom.
She's in her rightful place and all is well in my world. 
Another Shabby Roses has been hung this week too! Susan from Kingston in Canada sent me this photo of her completed Shabby Roses quilt...
Gorgeous, Susan! Thanks for showing us. :-)
Dear friends, don't forget that you can enter the giveaway for a kit to make my 'Beauty Is Timeless' cushion by simply buying the $4 pattern (all proceeds to raise funds for the UN Refugee Agency's drive to supply Clean Delivery Kits to the women of Somalia) HERE.
If you blog about it you will gain a 2nd entry. The winner will be drawn on Monday May 17th.
Tuesday is also the day I will be launching my ~Christmas Story~ quilt pattern, and with that will be another great giveaway!! 
Time to have my nightly cuppa with Mr Elefantz.
Have a lovely evening (or day if your upside of me!),


KaHolly said...

Hi Jenny, What a delightful, newsy post! You made out like a bandit for Mother's Day! I would love an Ipod so I could download stories to listen to while I work. Can't wait to see your Christmas Story quilt! I have so much fun with your designs. ~karen

By Hoki Quilts said...

You 'hip' wee thing *wink*. Now all we need is a video of some of your dance moves - do you think Blossom could handle the camera for us - LOL. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas quilt.

Annie said...

What a lot of lovely news and goodness there to see. I just LOVE that enormous cup.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Love the morning glory set. You're a busy beaver. Have fun at the festival.

Sue said...

You have been busy and so productive. Great to read about all your news and to see the gorgeous projects.

Maria said...

Enjoyed reading your newsy post.
Pleased you had a nice Mothers Day.
Can't wait to see your Christmas Quilt.

Fee said...

You are the second person in a week who has mentioned wearing an iPod to do their housework! I had never thought about doing that - so I'm off to dig out my little MP3 player to shimmy and bop around the house next time some cleaning is required!

I'm glad you had a lovely Mother's Day. Mine was different as we were away at Church Camp - it was kind of nice to have distractions to take my mind off the fact that I have to orchestrate my own Mother's Day present and spoiling. At least I get something I like though, and the kids made beautiful little plant presents at the Camp AND gave me yummy biscuits and chocolates - so all was not lost!

Love and hugs,
Fee x

Fiber Babble said...

Holy smokes! What a lot is happening in your world right now!

Congrats on the iPod... I got a Touch at Christmas; I had no idea how dependent on it I would become! If it's your "thing", do check out the world of audiobooks. There are those you can download and you can also 'burn' them from cd's that you might find at your local library.

Have a safe and delicious trip - is there any other reason to be Italian (or married to one) except the food???

Jeannie said...

In my house I am the gadget queen and I see you are soon to follow.e.heh.eh.e.ee.
Everything is looking awesome!
I also hope you have a wonderful time away and maybe even relax :)
It will be fun to see what Blossom does!

Jeni said...

I really enjoyed your blog.... its lovely....
and what lovely way to have road trip.... stitching & reading a new book...........
before you know it.... you will be at your destination ...cant wait to hear all about it

Allie said...

Cute paper, lol - LOVE that mug! I'd fill it with coffee though -can't have tea til I've woken up.

Ah an IPod....get thee some audiobooks to put on it! Lovely to sew to. Sounds like Mother's Day was perfectly wonderful Jenny, I'm so glad!

You breakfast set is perfectly lovely any way you slice it! I hope you have a wonderful, fabulous, relaxing and filling weekend, dear Jenny - you deserve some time off, you've been SO busy creating!

Vicki ♥ said...

You certainly are one busy lady Jen and lots of yummy things happening for you. Love your fabric and the new book. Looks like some good things to look forward to later on. Hugs Vicki

bingo~bonnie said...

I never thought I wanted an Ipod either - but after recently cleaning out the TV/Entertainment center and having to find a place to store all of my old CD's and cases... it came to me that I could save them to the computer's big storage drive and get an ipod and they'd all be there and I could then get rid of all the 300+ CDs and donate them...

my birthday is in July - and I'm asking for one. I know nothing about them... there seems to be so many different types. I hope that they are not hard to learn to use.

Happy Belated Mother's Day!
Love from Texas! ~bonnie