Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This New World of having an iPod stuck in my ear when the family are away at work and school is proving invaluable to my endeavours to stay on top of the housework. I even forget about eating! Well, until my stomach rumbles louder than the music on the iPod. That happens about 10:45. 
With my favourite music becoming the catalyst for gyrating hips and seemingly endless energy, I decided this morning was going to be my designated time to *deep clean* the main bedroom. I'm not sure why it's not as easy to clean the house without music, but it appears a cleaning obsession is building within me.

It's very dusty here at the school, so the vacuum cleaner and I did double duty this morning. As I dusted and wiped down all the pretty things that I love scattered throughout the room, I reflected on my 'favourites'.

My favourite brooch, a gift from Mr Elefantz in 2005 as we wandered through Sunday markets in Coffs Harbour whilst on a weekend holiday...
My favourite "going out" perfume (even 'going' to the clothesline with the washing basket works for me), 'Pleasures Delight'...
My favourite fun scent, the one I wear to the market or my Home Ec classes...
My favourite toy, the cutest hand painted yo-yo...
My favourite pin cushion. It's the one I made to teach myself French Knots when I first learned to stitch in 2005...
My favourite craft books and magazines...
And the books beside my bedside table...all only partially read, but all favourites at the moment, offering something that nourishes my soul depending on the mood or the time of day I reach for them.
Do you surround yourself with favourites in your bedroom?

Mr Elefantz is calling me for our nightly walk. Another favourite.
Then I'll come home to play with some Christmas projects guessed it, more favourites.

PS: The silent auction for my *Beauty Is Timeless* cushion cover is sitting at a fantastic $100!! If you would like to offer a higher bid please email me. The bidding will close on Monday (Australian time)!
See HERE for details about the fundraiser.


  1. My favorites are your yo-yo and beautiful pincushion. Wow, you've surely become quite accomplished and in only five years!!!

  2. I think housework would be much easier with an i-pod to listen to! Maybe I can convince hubby we'd have a cleaner house if he bought me one? LOL

  3. Love the pincushion and yo-yo Jenny! And I'm pleased to see someone with as big a pile of books beside their bed as me!!

  4. I LOVE your brooch. I am having a major clean out too. I read a feng shui book on de-cluttering and have been inspired to clean it all out. Big job! And I've managed to find some of my favourites too :)

  5. I LOVE your brooch. I am having a major clean out too. I read a feng shui book on de-cluttering and have been inspired to clean it all out. Big job! And I've managed to find some of my favourites too :)

  6. It's wonderful you have adorable things to clean :) Makes for all the more fun. Music is a must when you clean, keeps a rythem going so to speak!

  7. I find it hard to clean with everyone HOME all the time - music or no! Geez Jenny, your room is so pretty I wouldn't mind cleaning it. Love that pincushion!

  8. Thanks for sharing your favorite things. It's nice to know a little more about what interests you. I'm an iPod book-listener, so that means I'm "reading" nearly all the time! It's a great distraction from the tedium of housework or ironing.

    I'm trying to pare down - simplify - in my home, so the more stark look is "in" right now. It's very restful, as only my bestest, favoritest things are out.

  9. love the photos of your favorites... the perfumes are nice, but I especially love the photo of the Blessed Mother and child in the background. So pretty.

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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