Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Mother is a Mother anywhere in the world....

In Australia, and other developed countries we expect to deliver our babies in a clean, safe, supportive environment. We are blessed to be able to do so.
When we deliver our baby we rejoice in that fragile life - only moments old, but loved beyond measure, and almost certainly assured of a healthy start to the rest of their lives. If a health problem arises we have doctors and nurses on hand to walk us through medical attention and procedures...we have help. We have knowledge, we are not alone. But there are mothers just like you and I elsewhere in the world who have no such safety net.

From the UN Refugee Agency we learn this:
A woman in Somalia today is 155 times more likely to die in childbirth than a woman in Australia. In fact, over the course of her childbearing years, a Somali mother has a staggering one in 12 chance of dying of complications during pregnancy and birth. Read more HERE...
 (Photo taken from the UNHCR website)
This information was heart ached for those mothers who would lose their babies, and the babies who would lose their mothers. I wanted to help - we all do, it's part of the nurturing heart God has given all mothers - but how? If only we were rich and could give a huge amount of money, if only we had skills to go help in Somalia, if only we had power to change the political system and protect these people, if only enough people could do something to give these Somalian mothers and children the basic necessities of a safe and sanitary pregnancy and delivery, if only...

The I read this on a perpetual calendar my friend, Joy, sent me last year.
In those words I realised that God was speaking to my heart, and His answer was - use the gifts you have to help. Many small gifts make a difference.

The UNHCR's Safe Mother and Baby Program has some practical solutions. They have put together a Clean Delivery Kit – a small sealed bag containing a plastic sheet for the mother to lie on during labour, a clean blade, string to tie the cord, a swaddling cloth, soap and clear pictorial instructions.
Right now the UNHCR is running this program -
....and for $29 you can purchase 10 of these life saving kits for Somalian mothers and babies. Read about this event HERE.

So how can I (we) help?

Between now and May 9th (Mothers Day) I am going to donate 100% of all sales from my latest Shabby Roses pattern.
This is my gorgeous new 15 inch square Shabby Roses cushion cover, 
~Beauty Is Timeless~.
It has lovely draping ties on top, pearl seed beads, applique and embroidery. 

I will not list the pattern in my Etsy Shop, as fees are attached to that, and that means less money raised. By only selling using the Paypal button below we can give 100% of the money raised to buying as many Clean Delivery Kits as possible!
The pattern is $4 US ($4.14 Australia). 
As soon as your payment is received through Paypal I will email the complete pattern to you within 24 hours.
Will you join with me in doing our little bit to help these mothers and babies this Mothers Day?
(Pattern no longer available for purchase - total amount raised for the UN Refugee Agency's appeal was $286! :-)
I will not be selling this pattern after May 9th, but the cushion itself will be put up for sale in my Etsy Shop on May 10th and the proceeds from that sale will be added to the total amount raised for purchasing the Clean Delivery Kits.

If you are able to donate more, or would like to purchase a $29 bundle of 10 Clean Delivery Kits yourself for the women of Somalia go HERE to the UNHCR Mothers Day Relief Package site.

From tomorrow I will keep a running tally on my sidebar each day of total sales and money raised so you can see how many lives we together can help.



Fee said...

You are one beautiful generous lady. I have just been and purchased mine and will also buy 10 kits - I had no idea !! Thnaks so much for enlightening me to the perils they face. Hugs and Kisses to you sweet girl.

Hugs - Fee XXXX

Sue said...

I just want to add that World Vision do a similar thing, we as a small Baptist church in south west Sydney raised $5000 toward Maternal and Child health in Laos. What was particularly pleasing was the Federal government chipped in another $15000 towards the project as part of their support for the developing 3rd world

Teresa said...

This is such a wonderful idea Jenny. Thanks for letting us know and helping us to help them. Your cushion is beautiful and I hope you raise heaps of money for such a worthy cause. Thank you for the links xx

Abby and Stephanie said...

I find bloggers to me most generous. So many ways to help others less fortunate. Gorgeous design and pillow.

Jeannie said...

A lot of times we are overwhelmed with the magnitude of something but you have taken the right approach. If everyone gives a little and not feel like they can't do anything because it's so big, guess what! you reach your goal :)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a worthwhile cause Jenny - thanks for alerting us to the good work done by UNHCR - they always do such practical things to help those in need. I am off to check it out - what a fantastic cause to support for mothers day.Hope you raise a lot of money.

Allie said...

Brilliant, dear Jenny!!!!

Joy said...

You're such a sweety to be doing this dear Jen ... I'm off to buy your pattern now!!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

marylin & poussy said...

Good morning I discover your blog of FRANCE, j 'y discover a woman full of talent and heart, your blog is a marvel
best regards

Dawn said...

Just gorgeous and great cause... I think I will be making a couple of these... and my friend Veronica will love one too....
Hugs Dawn x x x

Gabriela said...

Jenny you are a generous lady, A hug for you

Jo in TAS said...

You're one in a million Jenny! Lovely cushion for a great cause, I've been and made my purchase.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw this, I just had to rush over and buy the pattern. You are one of my favourite designers and I so love your sweet generosity.
Thank you!

Wendyb said...

You never stop thinking about how to help others, do you Jenny??? are such a wonderful person and I'm very thankful to know you!....I've just been to buy my pattern to do my little bit.
big sugary hugs
XX Wendy :O)