Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A whole lotta sewing going on!

Life in the Elefantz household has been put on hold for a week or so while I set my fingers to finishing some new designs, preparing more projects for Handmade magazine's Christmas issues, tweaking my new Shabby Roses ~A Christmas Story~ quilt (and preparing the patterns for sale in the USA!), as well as attempting to feed the family some healthy fare so they don't fade away before my eyes. 
(Have I ever mentioned that my beloveds are all skinny minnies???! - they sure didn't inherit that gene from me!)

In the midst of all this activity I have developed a new *issue* with my hand - my finger actually. Trigger Finger. I used to think that meant somone who was too quick to act in a given situation - and it is - but it is also the term given to a medical condition where the finger curls over and does not straighten.
You can read more about it HERE.
For now I am working with natural therapies, and they are helping, just very slowly. The worst thing I can do right now is pound a keyboard because I am not a touch typist - I'm the four-finger self-taught typist, the kind that wishes her fingers could keep up with her brain! ;-)
The finger in question is my middle finger on the right hand, the one I used most of all when I type. If you have any home remedies please share. 

How about I give you a little big photo essay of what's going on here?
~The Mailman Commeth~
Parcel number 1: Cath sent me some brown Cottage Garden thread (she'd run out when I ordered last time) and in the package she popped one of her original sketches! Isn't it gorgeous!?
Cath is running an online Raggedy sewing group, and if you love her Raggies, then you'll love this group. You can find out about it HERE.

Parcel number 2 : From sweet Jill of BLUEBELL in the UK I received this gorgeous bundle of lovelies...
Do you recognise those fabrics? Tilda!! And look at those gorgeous cameo buttons! (Blossom tried to scurry away with them so I'll need to keep them in a very safe place until I use them...)
Jill wanted to thank me for sharing the Shabby Roses BOM quilt last year. There was no need as it was pure joy to share it with you all, but I am so appreciative of her kindness. Thanks so much, Jill!

Parcel number 3: I don't buy quilt patterns very often because I simply don't have enough time to make them, so when I DO buy one it is something that just knocks my socks off! That's how I felt when I saw Cori Blunt's new stunner, Cherry Tweet, and I knew that even if it took me a year I was going to enjoy making this. My lovely pattern arrived from Cori last week....
...and can you see what she popped in the parcel for me? PINcess pins!!
AGAIN, Blossom tried to scurry off with my goodies! I may invest in a good safe...hmmm. ;-)
If you haven't visited Cori's blog (Creativity Among Chaos) then you're in for a treat when you do. You'll find her HERE, and if you'd like some of her pretty PINcess pins you can purchase HERE. Cori also has a *beautiful* free BOM at the moment, "Baby Bracelet". I got all broody when I saw the blocks. They're adorable!

~ People Are Makin' My Stuff~
It's such a creative boost when you see your designs made by other, talented hands.
This week I saw Fiona's version of my Heat Pack... well as Karen's.
So pretty they are!! Have you made one? You can find the pattern on our Gum Tree Designers blog HERE.
I also discovered Jill (from BLUEBELL) has been busy with one of my very first Shabby Roses design - the Shabby Roses Cushion. Beautiful!
Look at Ruth's completed Shabby Roses Quilt! Well done Ruth!!
And last, but not least! Vickie made my Oopsie Daisy Doorstopper! Her hubby thought it looked like an alien - I laughed myself silly over that one! :-) The pattern was published in Country Threads Vol 10. No 8.

~Sneaking You Some Peeks at my new designs~
(no words...but they are all at different stages of being finished)
 ...and have you downloaded my free May design from our Gum Trees blog yet?
It's a cute cover for a collapsible umbrella. :-) Rainy Days anyone?

~Stitchin' others designs~
Plus I'm stitching this gorgeous handkerchief pocket that Judith designed to store all my vintage 'kerchiefs. The fabric behind the stitchery was a gift from Stephanie and as soon as I saw it I knew this was the perfect project for such prettiness.

~On The Home Front~
I do feed the family. Truly. Even when I'm busy. 
Spicy Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Dhal brewing in the pot...with a bowl of fluffy Basmati rice it filled their bellies for two nights! :-)
And look at my happy couple.
Lily Rose and Mr Elefantz. Love 'em to bits!!
Sorry for such a long tome. I'll try not to leave it so long between posts next time. 
Don't forget, Block 5 of ~Bouquet~ will be shared on Friday, and you have until Monday to purchase the pattern for Beauty Is Timeless before it disappears. (see the previous post for details)


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Wow - you have been busy Jenny! Love all your sneak peaks and will look forward to when more is revealed. Sorry to hear of your trigger finger - hope it settles down soon and doesn't slow your stitching down too much. Love all the packages you have been receiving.

Janice said...

You have been busy again. Your new projects look very intriguing. Let's hope your finger doesn't give you too much grief, especially as you now have that lovely new project (and cute pins).
It must be so rewarding seeing your designs made up by others. The versions you shared are lovely.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Wowzer--what mail! Thanks for the PINcess link. I see cute pins in my future. Love the little umbrella stitchery on the umbrella "jacket". Cute.

Maria said...

Geepers, you have been very busy.

Thank you for the photos of all the lovely projects and parcels.

Hope your finger gets better soon.

Lily Rose is growing fast, won't be long and she will not be able to hope up on Mr Elefanze's lap.

Jeannie said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! I love your long blogs.hehehe..e so many pretty things!!
I so hope your finger gets better!

Allie said...

You know Jenny, it's very intriguing when you go all quiet on us - I just know you're busy making LOVELY things - and I was right!
Funny, I'm going all broody over Cori's pattern
Lovely gifts you've received, and true Jenny-style loveliness you're creating! I'm absolutely in love with your new designs!

denise said...

Now I know why I spend so long on the internet.I have been suffering with a very sore clicky thumb for about 10 days but due to circumstances I have yet made it to a doctor.At least now I have a diagnosis I read your blog and it all fitted together.I would be very grateful if you could let me know what herbal treatments you are using.While I am here I would also like to say thank you for all your lovely designs,I am a bit behind but I have just two more habby roses blocks to do.

Joy said...

What a busy Nutter you've been ;o)!! Jen I just love all your pretty sneaky peeks ... and what a t'riffic piccy of Lily and Mr Elefantz too ... you can tell by the look on his face that he just adores her :o).
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jenny,
Gosh, where do I start?
I hope your finger heals quickly and nicely without to many hiccups.
All your parcels look fabulous.
If I was Blossom, I'd be running off with your goodies as well.

Where do you store everything?
I've only been sewing/patchworking for a couple of years and I'm running out of room! lol

Ah, another great Shabby Rose quilt. Your heart must swell with pride seeing how popular your designs are!
Happy creating,

Vicki ♥ said...

I enjoyed reading all that you have got up to Jen and your new projects are divine as always :) You have been busy and very creative. Hugs Vicki xoxoxoxo

Mama Spark said...

My dad has Dupeton's contracture (not sure of the spelling), where his pinky and ring fingers are doing what your middle finger is doing (blame the Vikings). He managed to STOP it by using Natural vitamin E. I will ask him the dosage but it really works! His father had it and it was awful! I'll be in touch.