Saturday, May 22, 2010

You never know what you'll find when you're not looking!

This week I eagerly awaited my copy of the June/July issue of Quilters Newsletter to arrive from America. Why? Because I was chosen to participate in an article about Australian stitchers, and the lovely Joli at Quilters Newsletter had emailed to say she'd express posted my small quilt (photographed in the article) and 2 copies of the magazine back to me!
I can't believe my mini-quilt has travelled from Charters Towers in Australia to Colorado in the USA then all the way back home again! But here is the evidence...
And inside the pages you will find a wonderful article (I spoke about it HERE last week), and photos of my 'baby' quilt.
Here is a close-up of the centre stitchery, a tribute to a well known Australian poem.
Thank you so much to Linda (who wrote the article), Angie (editor of QN) and Joli! They are such professionals, but full of warmth. A perfect combination. 
The other Aussies involved were Gail, Vicki, Di, Jan, Cheryl, and Julie. What a special group of ladies!
Now to the heading of my post!
This morning I went for a stroll through the Salvation Army op-shop in the main street, and as I rummaged through a tall pile of craft magazines I found these...
12 old copies of Quilters Newsletter!! ( just 40c each!) 
How blessed was I!? It looks as though my Saturday afternoon may include a big pot of tea, some scones with jam and cream, AND a lovely pile of QN magazines to peruse. 
Another blessing as I rummaged the craft area of the op-shop was a plastic bag full of vintage sewing items. Zippers that were made of cotton and steel, brass safety pins (they ar so sturdy and strong!), wide cotton bias, machine needles, and more for just $3.
Handling them took me back to my childhood as I remembered the quality of items manufactured locally - the days before 'made in China' conditioned us to accept flimsy products - I miss knowing that when I buy something it will last.
Do you?
 I have finished the applique on my Morning Glory tablecloth, so if I can add the backing and the binding this week I will have the complete breakfast set almost done. I just have one more item I'd like to add...
Recently I purchased this sweet pattern for making vintage style Hexagon Pinnies from Amanda Browning, but as I haven't ever in my life made a hexie (I call Vicki the Hexie Queen because she makes wonderful hexies!) I decided to purchase some hexie templates to help me in my quest to learn this technique.
My good friend Joy sent me over to Possum Blossom to find some, and the lovely Joanne filled my order.
The hexie templates arrived yesterday and now I can finally make Amanda's 'Hexagon Pinnies'! Yay!
(Amanda's pattern can be purchased HERE.)

When I emailed Joanne at Possum Blossom to thank her for the swift delivery of my order she made this very generous offer to followers of my blog -

"How about a free pack of 100 paper or card pieces - any shape, any size - with any order from my website. People just need to send me an email after ordering, telling me it's the "elefantz offer"  and telling me what size/shape they want for their free pack. (Existing customers welcome to take advantage of this offer too.)"

So if you would like to take advantage of Joanne's offer just visit Possum Blossom HERE

Maybe we should have a Hexie Challenge in June?? What do you think?

Have a lovely weekend!

PS: Want to know a secret? I will be having a fabulous giveaway next week.... :-)


Val said...

Wow. You are very talented. I loved your great finds at the thrift store and you are so right. Things aren't made like they used to be. I hope you share how to make the hexies. That would be fun.

Margaret said...

Your work deserves the International attention that it will receive, how could anyone resist such a lovely quilt.

Jude said...

Good pickup at the thrift shop and as you said a good quality. Ialso like to brouse in thrift shops as you never know just what you will find. A hexie swap, I might like to try that.

Allie said...

SERENDIPITY! Those mags were just waiting for you - love it! I love your little quilt for QN. Nice thrift find - I remember when things were well made! And I miss it.

Lovely offer from Joanne! Your Morning Glory set is looking glorious, as usual!

Orcsmom said...

I read the article, we received the magazine a couple of weeks ago at my favorite quite store, and it was very well written. I was so proud to say that I read you blog so much, I feel almost like a part of your lovely family! Well done!



Amanda said...

Why don't I find things like that in our charity shops here in the UK? You confused me thoroughly when you wrote about hexagon pinnies, and I looked for the pattern. I thought you were talking about aprons, which we sometimes call pinnies (short for pinafore).

barb's creations said...

What lovely op-shop finds,makes me want to go and forage our ones.Congratulations on your international publication,you so deserve it!! :) Barb.

KaHolly said...

Jenny, a hexie challenge would be lots of fun. While I didn't participate in your string challenge, I was motivated by it and have made lots of wonderful things. Congratulations on your article in the Quilter's Newsletter. If I see it on the shelves up here in no man's land, I'll certainly pick up a copy! At the very least, it will show up sooner or later at my library. ~karen

Fee said...

My wonderful Grannie made quilt tops for the single beds in my room when I was a youngster. She hand pieced them all and then had fabric stitched around the sides which fell to the floor (proper bedspreads!). My Mum still has the quilt tops and I keep thinking I should get them and make them into quilts for the boys - except I'm not sure if they would like the colours. She had a mustard fabric on the sides and I think that features quite heavily in the hexies?! I might just get Mum to pop them in her suitcase when she visits us in September.
Love your Op Shop finds.
Hugs, Fee x

Nancy-Rose said...

Nice finds at the Sally Ann! Well done

Jeannie said...

You are truly having a wonderful weekend!!!

FlourishingPalms said...

You've shared so many great things, I can't comment on ALL of them!

So glad you received your quilt and QN magazine, though. Amazing that your quilt could travel so far - and without you along! - isn't it? I'm blessed to have "met" you through writing this story, Jenny. Thank YOU!

Now about those older QNMs....

Heckety said...

Congratulations on having your Quilt featured in the magazine- that is some achievement! And what a lovely haul from the op-shop! I agree with you on the durability of older items...especially as I HATE having to replace broken zips in garments!