Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Surprise Giveaway - to celebrate 900 followers!

I wish there were words enought to express how blessed you all have made me feel!
900 followers clicked over the other day and all I could do was think of every sweet person behind those numbers, bloggers who take time from their busy days to visit Elefantz and read about my often crazy and madcap world. 
{{{{{{{{{{{{thank you}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
As a small token of thanks I popped all the names of those who have left comments on my last 4 blog posts (since Blossom's birthday giveaway winners were announced), and drew one special name to win a copy of Tone Finnanger's latest Tilda book, 'Tilda's Summer Ideas'....
Fleur from Fleur's Place was the lucky winner! She left a comment on June 6th about my doily soap sachet tutorial. 
Fleur, I will email you for your address, and have Book Depository post off this lovely Tilda book all the way to you in South Africa as soon as it is released on June 16th!



  1. Wow 900 followers is amazing, wasn't long ago you celebrated 500! Well done Jenny and congrats to Fluer :-)

  2. 900 followers is truly a tribute to what you do! Congrats to the winner of the new Tilda book - they are beautiful books!

  3. I think you know how much we love ya!!! Congrats to the winner, and congrats to you!! Hugs!!


  4. Oh how wonderful! I'm not the least bit surprised to see you have so many "followers". It's a pleasure and blessing to all of us that love to read of your "madcap" adventures. (smile)

    Big congratulations to Fleur. How sweet!

  5. well done to both you and Fleur....900 followers is truly an awesome number...congrats...
    Cheers Michelle

  6. way to go Jenny-that's a lot of people you have shared your creative ideas with and set them off all inspired , congrats to Fluer,cheers Vickie

  7. Wow, what a number ... 900 ...

    Congratulations, your Blog is so wonderfull

    Many greats from germany


  8. Jenny, you are always amazing and so kind and generous. 900 followers-wahoo.
    Congrats Fleur.
    hugs Deb

  9. Your are so generous again, she will love this book!

  10. Congrats Jen and its no wonder you have 900 followers...your blog is a lovely place to visit :) Hugs Vicki xoxoxoxox

  11. Congratulations WOW 903 followers. Won't be long and you will reach 1000.

    Also congrates to the winner of the Tilda book.

  12. Congratulations Jenny but I am not surprised, you have so much to offer. I'll start following today to get you closer to 1000!

  13. Congrats Jenny, I'm blowen away. I like t know what u do, when tou reach the 1000 followers *lol*
    Congrats also to Fleuer, such a great book. Hope you enjoy it Fleuer

  14. Congratulations to the winner. 900 followers! Wow!

  15. Wow!!!! 900 followers is just amazing! But it's no wonder, you have a fantastic blog! Congratulations to the winner. Tilda books are just wonderful!

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  17. HI JENNY !!!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS FOR MANY FOLLOWERS, what happens is you have a wonderful blog, and you have to visit him always hehehe
    congratulations the winner also and continues to create beautiful things
    please !!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hello Jenny ;o)
    Happy to see so many follow your blog. And also a little pressent are on its way to you. Now it's something you like very much... ;o)

    But you have forgotten to tell all your fellow Australians that they can bye all sorts of TILDA stuff directly from England... Remember the Link I sent to you some time ago. Hope you publish it to all your readers, so they can enjoy the TILDA "madness" like wee do here in Scandinavia..
    Big hugs to you
    From Lone - In Denmark

  19. I love your blogs and so enjoy all your posts. Congrats!

  20. What a generous and fun thing to do. Congrats to Fleur and congrats to you for 900!

  21. Wow! what a wonderful surprise! thank you so much Jenny and congratulations on 904 followers.

  22. Congratulations on your 900 blog, that's amazing.

  23. Complimenti per il meraviglioso traguardo....te lo meriti tutto perchè le tue creazioni sono splendide.
    Partecipo volentieri
    Un caro saluto

  24. Congrats to both Fleur and yourself... WOW 905 followers now.. I have just joined as well... way to go Jenny.... lovely prize... Fleur I am jealous.....LOL
    Cath's Blog
    Cath Ü

  25. I am not surprised you have so many followers. YOU are a lovely lady to follow!

  26. You go girl! I just wanted to say congratulations - you are wonderful!

  27. You are so sweet Jenny!!

    Congrats to the winner :)


  28. What a lovely thing to do Jenny- it was such a sweet thing. I am sure your winner will love to receive the beautiful book.
    900 followers is an amazing number- It just says what a terrific blog you write - Congratulations.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  29. What a lovely surprise for your regular commentors! Lucky Fleur!
    I miss a week or two and have pages of reading to catch up on your blog; but it is lovely browsing and reading. Thanks for being so inspiring to so many people Jenny!

  30. Congratulations for many followers. You are a big Woman. Y te lo mereces. ( como se dice en Ingles?)How did say in english?. Kisses

  31. 900 followers is a great goal! And the special giveaway says you're a special person. Take care, Clara.

  32. 900 followers and a surprise giveaway. How good is this?!?! Great way to celebrate. Great blog, well done. Thank you for sharing your talents. And a big Congratulations to the winner.

    Have a great day.

  33. Congrats to both of you!

  34. Congrats on your 900 followers Jenny!! And congrats to the winner!!

  35. Jenny,
    I see you now have 914 followers. That is a lot of people to keep up with. Are most of them women? I find that men are starting to quilt more and more.
    Bless you for all you do. I love your website. And I love the Shabby patterns

  36. Wow, that's an amazing number of admirers, congrats! What a great prize for your giveaway, I love anything Tilda :-)


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