Saturday, July 10, 2010

Moving time is almost here...

Saturday night and strange things are afoot.
We moved Blossom's wardrobe and discovered the carpet underneath, and the wall behind, were soaking wet - and mould had begun to grow.
The shower pipes have failed and the water is seaping into her room. I'm so glad we had to move the furniture or it may have been a few days more before we found out. Now we cannot use the shower (and we have no bath here) so we're trotting over to the girl's dorm each night to use theirs. Thankfully the students are all home on school holidays so the dorm is empty. Can't wait until Tuesday night when we'll be in our new home and have both a shower AND a bath to ourselves once more. 
Blossom was at the kitchen sink doing the dishes tonight and a lovely green chap decided to sit outside the window and keep her company...
...we hope we have lots of green tree frogs at the new house. We've grown quite find of the twenty or so that frequent our kitchen window each night.
Blossom has been busy stitching again, filling in time between packing boxes. She has a large sketch book and thought she'd use the rest of her Frolic charm pack, plus some other fabrics from my stash to make a cover...
...and then she used the leftovers to make a little pouch for her sketching pencils.
Once that was done she used some more of my stash to make a mini notebook cover...
Now she's off to watch a James Bond movie with her big brother so I may be able to do some last minute things myself. 
As I was packing my book shelves today I came across this book of Cath Kidston's that I bought last year... came with the fabric, buttons and label, to make the bag on the cover. One hour later I was sewing the last stitch...
...and now I have a new bag!!
I think it will match my new white house perfectly! :-)
I have also been resting from the packing by taking time out to stitch a new design I sketched recently.
Do you remember I started sewing blocks for a vintage style churn-dash quilt last year?? You can see the posts HERE. Well, today as I was cleaning out the sewing room I came across my basket of fabrics for the quilt and I just had to stop for an hour and make some more....
I just love the freshness of the white cotton quilter's muslin against the fabric!
It had been my desire to finish the quilt last year and have it on our bed now, but I really coudn't see it in this house so I packed it away for a while. Looking at the blocks today I was so excited because I *can* see it in the new house. Just a week....that's all I'll need after we settle to make this quilt top. I hope I can have it done before August has ended.
This is my last blog post for a little while. 
Between now and my next post I will have relocated and be enjoying the views from a treetop back verandah at dawn, with my frothy mug of cappucino in hand. 
Whilst we continue to pack and clean and wash I'll swap sewing for reading in my rest times...
Enjoy your week ahead!


Synnove said...

Good luck with the move!!!
I love the picture of the frog, don't ask me why, but I have always loved frogs. Many people find them less attractive, but not me:-)
I love all of you and Blossom's projects, they are all so bright and happy:-)
It will be nice to see how things are going in your new house! I hope you get lots of space for sewing and crafting:-)
Hugs from Norway:-)

Maggey and Jim said...

So happy for you and best wishes in the new place, it looks awesome. You have been cranking our so many things and all of them gorgeous and Blossom right on your heels.She is going to be a good designer..

KaHolly said...

Jenny, I'll be thinking of you, nesting! Blossom's designs are so sweet. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Lastly, I hope you will still have frog visitors at your new place. Looking forward, karen

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

So glad your daughter has caught crafting bug. Sadly, none of my three girls did. Although they appreciate abd love handmade things, they want someone else to make them. One of them will sit down at the sewing machine long enough to repair something but only if she has to. SO happy for your move, new adventures ahead for you! Am going to work on your free BOM project this weekend, can't wait. Cyndi

Rumi said...

Happy thoughts your way as you move into your new home!

Great projects by you and Blossom!

Susan said...

Jenny, I am sure Blossom is just trying to reduce yur stash so you have less to move!! (right??) Probably lucky that you WERE moving otherwise a lot more damage could have happened! Hope you dont get too exhaustd from moving but I am sure it will all be worth it!
PS Green frogs are sort of OK - toads?? ooh yuk!!

FlourishingPalms said...

You are too much! Packing and moving, making a bag, designing a stitchery and stitching it, sewing quilt blocks, reading books and trotting out to take showers, all whilst admiring frogs! I'm very impressed!

Have a smooth move.

Jeannie said...

Love all of Blossoms handy work!
I love your new bag!!!
You all have a safe move.

Catherine said...

How wonderful that you found the perfect home! I stop by here everyday but don`t comment much. I get so much joy from your patterns. We live in the Mohave Desert in Northern Arizona and it is too hot to go outside now. Your stitching is a superb respite.
Thank you.

manda said...

I have a small hole in my ceiling above my bedside table that was caused from water getting into the roof and mold growing and destroying the plaster. I have a bucket on my table now, as every couple of days, especially when it rains, the hole drips. We've had a plumber in and he can't find the reason for it, and it's so annoying! Hopefully we'll get it sorted out soon.
Very cute froggy! Looks like he's woken up from a sleep, as he's quite brown! This time of year, the green tree frogs turn a browny colour, and come the rainy season, they'll turn back into a nice vibrant green! I'm sure you'll get heaps at the new place! We have a frog factory in our backyard, where I can always find at least one! I'll take a pic tomorrow and send it to you. Have you seen any barking marsh frogs yet?
I like the mini notebook cover! Cute! I've had my eye on that book for ages, it's still at our local bookshop. Beautiful bag! The roses will suit your new home!
Is that a bottle tree I spy...?
Have a fun move! Don;t get too stressed!

Maria said...

Lovely projects both Blossom and you have made today.

Lucky you can use the showers in the Dorm. You will really love your shower and bath in your new home.

Gorgeous frog!!

Allie said...

Oh my gosh I'm so glad you discovered that leak - mold is so dangerous! Good thing you can use the dorm showers. Love Blossom's new projects, she really needs her own stash lol, and your new bag! Your new design is GORGEOUS. And I'm glad you found those quilt blocks, I can picture them in the new house too. I honestly can't believe you're getting so much done while packing - you're amazing!

Cattinka said...

You have been so productive again. I am sure the quilt you are working on will look lovely in your new bedroom.
It is also nice to hear that Blossom discovered her love to sewing, it is fun to see what she is making.

Unknown said...

Good luck with the move, hope it goes smoothly!

Wonky Girl said...

Had to comment on your churn dash blocks. I just finished cutting 60 from 30 different fabrics, 30 for me and 30 for my sister. My fabrics are muted so background fabric is a moda muslin unbleached and it is fresh and simple too. I hope to see more picks of your finished blocks when you return to blog land. How nice to be moving into a new house where the pipes don't leak! (((hugs))) I love your blog.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Blessings as you move into your new home. I look forward to reading an update in the near future after you are all settled in.

cottonreel said...

Love the colours blossom chose for her accessories .

The churn dash looks very crisp .

I,m just going back to my blog to put on a pair of pillowcases . I used your bird and leaves pattern to decorate them--cottonreel

Jocelyn said...

Happy packing! I understand how it is, as we are moving in a couple of weeks too! It is amazing what we unearth as we are packing boxes. Can't wait to see what you do at your new place.

Dawn said...

I ams o gald you are able to move... living in a house that has mould is bad for your health.... and no Bath... now you can soak and all the things Blossom has been making.... so adorable... and your sneak peak is gorgeous so far....will be thinking of you as you move and wishing that I could have helped... I will be praying for you all.. enjoy rearranging and all that comes with a new house....
Big Hugs Dawn x x x

Elyte said...

With a shift on the horizon I don't believe how much sewing you and Blossom have done in the last few days!
Please pass on my compliments to Blossom on her fine work. And of course to yourself as well. Good luck with the move and see you when you get back.

Anonymous said...

Oh so wonderful! Your move was meant to be. :o)

(((hugs))) and best wishes for your move. I hope all goes smoothly.

Look forward to your online return and seeing more of that gorgeous churn dash. :o)

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Good luck with your move. Amazing the treasures you find while you're packing. It's nice to pull out books you haven't looked at for a while.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Good luck with the move sweetheart! A new beginning! That deck of yours sounds just gorgeous... when can I come over for a visit?!!!!

Lovely finishes sweetie... Blossom's been creating a storm - lovely projects! Is your stash rapidly dwindling?!!! LOL

Hugs!!! Vikkix oxoxo :-)

Aunty said...

Good luck with the move. I'm sure you will make the house into a beautiful home.
The new quilt when finished will look gorgeous in your new home.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move on tuesday, I hope the temp. won't be too hot .
I'm running a bit behind in reading Google Reader, so I'm a bit late with the reaction, sorry.
It's a wonderfull house, I sooooo love those verandah's.
Dutch hugs
ps I think that bag would look much better in a brown Dutch house LOL.