Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Daisy-Do Block 3...and something extra!

How are you going with your Daisy-Do BOM blocks so far?
Thank you for all the photos you've sent me - it's wonderful to see how you are making this BOM your very own, with your special style and trims!
Today I'm sharing block 3, 'Bowl of Daisies'...
You can download the pattern for block 3 HERE.
If you follow our Gum Tree Designers blog you'll also find that today is my turn to offer a free design! 
You loved the orange bag I made for the August Challenge (HERE), so I thought I'd make something similar for my September Gum Trees freebie!
It's a cute market bag, *Fresh as a Daisy*, with a sweet ruffle topped front pocket and happy spring daisies to  make you smile!
Visit our Gum Tree Designers blog HERE to download the pattern.
Have a wonderful first day of Spring (or Autumn if you're up top of the globe!)
PS: For those of you in Australia and NZ I have some wonderful fabric in my Ebay Store at the moment. I'll be adding more things today, so come have a look! You can visit my Ebay shop HERE.


Penny said...

Thanks for the Daisy it ! and thanks too for the 'Fresh As A Daisy'. My to-do list is growing longer!

Allie said...

Jenny-girl it's darling - love it - oh how am I going to get caught up on all the cuteness! I love the bag too, and I'm going to make one to take to the Sewing Expo, and I think I'll make one for my friend that goes with me too. Of course mum will want one....I'd better get busy! Thank you darlin' girl! said...

Your timing is so perfect. Just finished stitching the buttons and beads on two sets of block 2. Can't wait to see this all together....thanks, Jenny.


Cyndi loves to stitch said...

Oh this is such a cute addtion to what we already have, I am going to re really busy the next few days with Dawn's, yours and now Fiona's!! But I have the last side of quilt binding to hem first! Thanks for sharing your Daisy DO!!!!! I love it

Pam said...

Jenny, you're spoiling us, all these lovely patterns. Thank you!

Vicki ♥ said...

Another fabulous design Jen...thanks heaps :) They are so pretty :)and your little bag is fabulous too. hugs Vicki xoxox

Jytte R said...

Hi Jenny
Two very lovely thing from your hand in one day. You are really spoiling us and you keep me busy.
Thank you.

jednoiglec said...

I love the bag! Great idea of using this fabric, applique is fantastic!

Janice said...

Thanks for your lovely patterns Jenny. I didn't realise you sell fabric in your little shop. I've just had a nice browse and was delighted to see that you had some Verna. I can't wait to play with it.

Joanna @ ShapeMoth said...

I find the 'Freash as a daisy' flowers adoring :) I have the same flower fabric lying in my wardrobe and waiting for inspiration... now I got one. Thanks :)

manda said...

Thankyou Jenny!!

babesmygirl said...

Thank you some much for all your inspiration :)
I've only just discovered your blog, but will be following it closely from now on

BubzRugz said...

Hi Jenny, My Daisy-Do #3 is done.... pretty little pattern (as they all are!) Thanks
here is the link for a pop in to see......