Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some redwork, a gift, and some gorgeous Cath Kidston!

Have you been to visit our Gum Tree Designers blog today!? 
I won't tell you why, but you should....over HERE. We're partying hard this month!!
Today the postie arrived with two parcels...and I just *love* parcels! The bigger the parcel, the less chance it's a bill. ;-)
The first one arrived from my friend Michelle, from The Raspberry Rabbits. It was so finely dressed I actually hesitated opening it...
I adore toile paper, so I've saved it for my own enjoyment...
Michelle has been using Valdani threads for her BOM this year (go HERE - it's gorgeous!), and she sent me the sweetest bundle of them! They are so tiny...I am treating them as fragile because they are so exquisitely small....about the size of an Australian 10c piece.
Also in the parcel I found some divine white guesses what threads I'll be using on it! And chocolate...lovely, dark, raspberry filled chocolate. Mmmmmm...
How spoiled was I!? Thanks Michelle. :-)
(Michelle has a giveaway on her blog at the moment!!)

I sent Michelle a wee parcel too, but I won't show you what was in it until it arrives. 
The other package was very exciting too! I had bought an item off ebay in the UK a couple of weeks ago, and when it arrived I was gobsmacked by the postal pack!!
A Cath Kidston post pack!!
How gorgeous is that!!?
And what was inside?
A Cath Kidston felted tea cosy! Isn't it gorgeous!?
I haven't dressed the tea pot with it yet, because Blossom hasn't arrived home from work and I want to share that moment with her. 
I just love Cath Kidston...rooly trooly. 
My week has been very busy with uploading lots of wonderful things in my Ebay Australia Store, but in the quiet moments when I can take a break I have been stitching more blocks from Helen Stubbings 'Life Is Beautiful' quilt...
Five blocks finished, only 27 to go! 
I've also drawn up most of the blocks for my next Shabby Roses quilt...but I'll keep that sneak peek for another time. 
 I can hear Blossom coming through the gate so I need to brew that pot of tea!
Have a lovely evening,

PS: Forgot to tell you about another free bird pattern download! Tracy sent me the link for a Partridge HERE. Thanks Tracy! This was so funny because I was going to make a Partridge in a Pear Tree for the Sew-In!


Oh Sew Addicted said...

Beautiful tea cozy! Lucky you! I hope that you really enjoyed that pot of tea with Blossom. Thanks for sharing! I love getting packages in the mail too! Take care :)
carla louise

Amanda said...

What a lovely tea cosy. I'd love to use a tea cosy, but need to find/make a really small one. We both drink different sorts of teas, and DH can't be bothered with a teapot, so I make mine (with real leaves, not tea bags) in a small pot-for-one. And since I drink it without milk it gets poured pretty quickly, so I probably don't need a tea cosy. I still like the idea though.

Vicki ♥ said...

No wonder you love the tea cosy is really lovely and the threads look divine :) Happy sewing with them I am sure :) hugs Vicki xoxoxox

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

The tea cost is divine! And what appropriate packaging!!

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Sorry for my terrible spelling, of course I ment tea cosy...

Abby and Stephanie said...

Life really Is Beautiful! :o) Gorgeous blocks and I'm tickled over the tea cozy! Tea must have tasted especially delicious.

Miriam said...

Looove the tea cosy!!! Beautiful!! Sooo Kath Kidston!

Your LIB blocks are great!

chris, milatos said...

Your teapot will look posh, what a lovely gift. The threads are devine love the colours.

Allie said...

Oh don't you love parcels - Michelle treated you royally! How lovely are those threads! And Jenny, that tea cozy is just perfect for your home - can't wait to hear Blossom's reaction, lol. I love Cath too, like you she makes the world a happier, more colorful place!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jenny,
Oh how lucky are you-two pretty parcels in one day. I love pretty parcels and that paper would look great in my art journal. lol
Have a great weekend,
Live Joyfully,

manda said...

Oooh, noice!! love that wrapping! 10c pieces, that small, really? Oh wow! Love the tea cozy!
that redwork owl is a sweetie! You really love your shabby roses huh? :D
I was thinking, could I get away with making some clay birdies for the sew in? I can always make both though!! lol

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Hello sweet friend! So glad you liked your parcel (I love how you Aussie folks say that and postie..makes me giggle).
I know you will have fun with the beautiful threads. They are colorfast, so they are truly safe to use on white linen. :)
Love your tea cozy too! How sweet. Wish I was there to enjoy a pot of tea with you and blossom.
xx, shell and sugie bunny

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I think I would start drinking tea if I had such a beautiful tea cosy!! It's so pretty.

Carrie P. said...

I am so glad to see that you are getting some stitching done. They are lovely.
Oh, I like the Valdani thread. And oh, that tea cozy is so beautiful. Hope you and Blossom enjoyed some tea together. How does she like her job?